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Welcome to the New-and-Improved Kalyn’s Kitchen!

Kalyn's Kitchen has had a facelift!

If you’re reading this post, you’re seeing the new-and-improved Kalyn’s Kitchen on my WordPress site, and I’m so excited with the increased functionality that switching WordPress is going to give to my readers. Lindsay from Purr Design did a beautiful job on the site; thanks Lindsay!

As I mentioned, moving a huge site like Kalyn’s Kitchen involves a lot of little details to be straightened out, so if you find a link that doesn’t go to what you’re expecting, leave a comment on that post (or here) and let me know, we’ll get it straightened out as soon as we can.

Over the weekend I realized that I was going to have an amazing new Recipe Index, but most of my 2,000+ recipes on the site only had the Diet-Type tags, so lots of the recipe index pages wouldn’t have much for you to see. So I spent a long weekend in front of the computer tagging recipes (definitely a humbling experience when I got back to the earliest years!) I got about 10 years worth of recipes done in two very long days, so I hope you’ll visit the recipe index and check it out. And I will finish that job and refine the current tags when I catch my breath.

While you’re in the Recipe Index, click on a recipe and notice how every recipe will have orange Diet-Type tags at the top to show what types of diets that recipe is suitable for. If you’re following a particular type of diet, you can click that tag to see more recipes for that way of eating!

Eventually the site will have beautifully-formatted recipe (see an example in this recipe) but every recipe has to be switched to that manually, so even if I hire someone to do it, that will take a long time. Meanwhile, the previous recipes with a printer-friendly link will continue to work until they are replaced with the new format.

I hope you love the new site as much as I do. Thanks to my wonderful readers for all the support; this site wouldn’t exist without all of you! There’s still a lot of work to do, but I am hoping to have a new recipe posted here within a few more days!

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    76 Comments on “Welcome to the New-and-Improved Kalyn’s Kitchen!”

  1. Looks amazing!!! A great way to showcase your recipes and photography. 

  2. WOW! Excellent! Kalyn, you are always my #1 go-to site . . . & have been for many years. Cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to give your followers detailed recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Meg

  3. I know what it’s like to move to a different platform, how many bugs there are to fix and how much work it is. So congratulations on a job well done. Love your site and look forward to your newsletter in my inbox!

  4. It looks great, congratulations!

  5. Well done! I’ll bet you are glad that project is over. 🙂

  6. Great job Kalyn!! Love the new site. 👌

  7. Wow Kalyn, look a you!!!!
    Love the new site! All the great options – so easy to navigate – you’ve done a wonderful job!
    I’ve been a follower for years because of your great healthy recipes – congrats Kalyn!!

  8. CONGRATS KALYN!! The new site is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. It looks totally fabulous Kalyn! Very sleek and very true to your old design. I love it!

  10. Looking very good. I like how clean it is. xo

  11. Your new site layout is awesome, Kalyn. Love it very much.
    I’m still very afraid of moving my blogger blog to WordPress. Your passion and effort putting into blogging are very inspring to me. 

  12. The site is a thing of beauty! And more than that, there is so much here for recipe seekers. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Looks fantastic! Love it! I can only imagine the hours and hours and hours it has taken.

  14. Love the new site! Thanks for working on the index. As a long time visitor, your site remains a reliable source for great recipes. Thanks Kalyn!

  15. I LOVE IT!!

  16. Wonderful, Kalyn!

    love the new site, and of course will be following you again and again!

    • Thanks Sally, not only for that but for all your support through the years! Hope SOMEDAY we can meet in person. If you ever want to come to Salt Lake, you always have a place to stay.

  17. Love your new web page

  18. Gorgeous!!! I love it Kalyn!

  19. Hi Kalyn, the site looks WONDERFUL! How proud and happy you must be. It really is lovely. So easy to use, and easy to find your fabulous recipes. YAY!

  20. I’m so excited for you! We use your site all the time, and I love the new layout. Thanks for all your work on this – looks fabulous!