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Weekend Vegetable Blogging – The End of the Tomatoes

In the food blog world, where I’ve been slowly settling in over the last five months, people spend weekends talking about their pets. There is weekend cat blogging, and weekend dog blogging, and possibly weekend some other kind of animal I don’t even know about blogging.

I can’t blog about my pets because I don’t have a pet, never wanted one, and am 100% sure I never will have one. Not that I have anything against people who like pets. All my neighbors have pets and they love them to pieces. I am perfectly happy with plants. That means flowers and a vegetable garden in the summer.

In Utah where I live, nearly everyone who lives in a house has some kind of backyard garden. People grow the ever prolific zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers, corn, beans, herbs, and of course, tomatoes. This year in Utah we had a very wet spring and lots of gardeners got a fungus in their tomatoes. The beautiful specimens you see in this photo were grown by a teacher I work with. My own tomatoes were not great this year, although I had some good Brandywines and Lemon Boys. My other tomatoes all must have had fungus because the vines turned brown and shriveled up and a couple of plants died completely. The others produced a few good tasting tomatoes, but not much of a crop.

I guess I’m feeling a tiny bit sad because tomorrow I’m thinking it might be time to tear out the remaining garden plants and just surrender to winter, which will come whether or not I decide to surrender. Some years I try to keep the garden going as long as possible, but the last few years when I’ve done that there has been a surprise snow and then all the dead plants, tomato cages and vines are left there all winter and it’s a pain getting rid of them in the spring. Last spring I vowed I would not do that this year, so tomorrow I am going to start the job of pulling out the vegetable garden. It usually takes me at least two weekends to pull out the veggies, trim the flowers, and mow the lawn one last time, so it’s probably a good time to get started. Sigh.
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    3 Comments on “Weekend Vegetable Blogging – The End of the Tomatoes”

  1. Yes, it is pretty sad. I actually only got about 1/4 of my garden cleared out and then I ran out of room in the trash can. I guess that means it might take me 3 weekends.

  2. That’s sad.
    And yet — that’s life!
    (I’m foolishly still watering and fertilizing my tomato plants, even though there’s only one month left of sunshine before the deluge.)

  3. Okay–I’m now officially bummed:-(
    Can’t wait til Spring!