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Weekend Herb Blogging: Still No Dog or Cat, but Here’s a Photo of My Oregano

It’s the weekend again, the time when food bloggers love to show off their pets. I believe Eat Stuff is the blog that started this trend, with Weekend Cat Blogging. Then Sweetnicks got the ball rolling for the dog lovers with Weekend Dog Blogging. As I mentioned last weekend, I don’t have a dog or a cat. That’s why I decided to show off my herbs on the weekend, at least until they are buried in snow. Here is a photo of the oregano which is still holding on in my garden, even though it’s October.

Even though I live right smack in the middle of Salt Lake City, I do have a pretty big vegetable garden. Along two sides of my garden I have herbs of many kinds. I love the perennial herbs like this oregano most, because these perennial herbs poking up are one of the earliest signs of spring in my garden. Oregano makes me think of Greek food, like Souvlakia or Greek Lemon Chicken. If you’re in a Greek food kind of mood, I have recipes for both those dishes in my recipe box.
P.S. Mahanandi is joining the plant blogging fun this weekend with a surprise plant blogging ingredient. Check it out. And while you are at it, scroll down and see some amazing photos of delectable looking Indian food on this beautiful blog.
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    5 Comments on “Weekend Herb Blogging: Still No Dog or Cat, but Here’s a Photo of My Oregano”

  1. Cookiecrumb, I wish you lived closer and I would give you some oregano. Plus, we could do lunch. I know, I know, you aren’t planning to move to Utah any time soon.

  2. Aw, man…
    Did you see what I did to my oregano? Dang.
    The SPCA would arrest me if that was a doggie.

  3. Kalyn, we would be in same boat as you are, if Kittaya(our cat)didn’t choose our home as his residence.He came to our house during last winter, very ill with half of his tail severely injured. We enquired neighbours etc., and couldn’t find the owners of this baby kittie and why he was abandoned. In nutshell, he adopted us as his caregivers. Eventhough we are not sure how long we are going to stay here in US, we decided to take care of him as long we are here.Just wanted to share that with you.
    I will definitely blog about veggie/food ingredient every weekend along with you.And thanks for the link.

  4. I like the smell of oregano, but I don’t use it in my cooking as much as other herbs.

  5. No offense to the pet lovers, but I would much rather have a big healthy oregano plant than a pet any day.