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Weekend Herb Blogging #57 Recap: Look What We’re Cooking

It’s time for me to host Weekend Herb Blogging again, and it’s hard to believe it’s been four weeks since I posted the favorite herb recipes from around the world. Time marches on, and a lot of people are cooking delicious food and blogging each weekend about interesting plants, herbs, veggies, and flowers.

Don’t forget I’m only hosting on the first Sunday of each month now, and so it doesn’t get confusing you can check Who’s Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging in the right sidebar of Kalyn’s Kitchen. That’s the best place to look for the host’s e-mail address; a few people got inadvertently skipped last week because they were sent to the wrong place. My apologies for the confusion, but no worries, I’m just including them this week.

I’m very excited by all the great blogs signed up for a turn to host (some more than once!) Here’s a little clue about next week’s host. If you’d like to give it a try, send me an e-mail at kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net.

One more piece of business before we get down to recipes. I’m thinking that since Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve both fall on a Sunday, we may want to skip those two weeks and have WHB go on hiatus the last two weeks in December. I’m guessing a lot of people won’t be blogging much during that time. In the comments, let me know what you think about that idea.

Longview, Washington, U.S.A.
Chrispy from Experimentation of Taste wrote about one of my favorite veggies. Last week she posted The How-to of Winter Squash, complete with lots of information about varieties of squash, the history of its use, and of course, recipes. Then this week Chrispy shows us some more interesting ways to incorporate squash into your diet. Don’t miss this; I’m trying one of these ideas right away.

Weimar, Germany
Meeta from What’s For Lunch Honey was also inadvertently skipped last week, so I’m adding that link here to be sure you got to see her delicious Baked Potato with Ricotta and Chanterelle Mushrooms. Meeta also has a very spiffy looking new blog header, so check it out!

New Jersey, U.S.A.
Over at Sweetnicks, Cate is always busy, but she finds time to whip up a delicious sounding Chicken Piccata, with a little parsley adding a touch of herby goodness..

Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy
Ilva from Lucullian Delights is checking in early this week, with a recipe for Rosemary Scented Apple Jellies that sounds quite fabulous, and her photos are equally wow-inducing, as usual. (If she lived by me, I’d love to go to her house for food-styling lessons!)

The Triangle, North Carolina, U.S.A.
The topic is capers for Pookah from What’s Cooking in Carolina, and she shares two fabulous sounding recipes for Olive Tapenade and Chicken Picatta, both featuring those yummy little morsels.

Toronto, Canada
Two fabulous sounding recipes featuring fresh herbs come next from Ruth of Once Upon a Feast, first Griddled Eggplant Roll-Ups with fresh mint, paired with Salmon Coulibiac with fresh dill.

Melbourne, Australia
Lots of fruits are used as vegetables, but what vegetable is used as a fruit? That’s the interesting question posed by Anh of Food Lover’s Journey, who answers with Rhubard, and a great recipe for Rhubarb Streusel Loaf.

Southwestern Virginia, U.S.A.

Coffeepot from Coffee and Cornbread has just gotten some exciting news about upcoming grandchildren, and life has been hectic lately, so she takes time out by creating a simple, but delicious sounding dinner of Pesto Fettucine and Broiled Tomatoes.

Trinidad, California, U.S.A.
The cupboards are bare at the home of Christine from Christine Cooks, but she proves what an innovative cook she is by whipping up an amazing sounding Red Curry Soup with Chicken, Edamame and Cilantro. (Did I mention how jealous I am that Christine is growing cilantro?)

New Jersey, U.S.A.
At Malabar Spices, Shaheen’s blog is looking great and she’s cooking from one of my favorite cookbooks to create Gobi Chole or Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas, improved by Shaheen’s own garam masala blend, which she also gives the recipe for.

New Mexico, U.S.A.
From her New Mexico paradise, Karina the Gluten Free Goddess checks in with a fabulous sounding Black Bean and Red Chile Soup, plus a post full of red and green chile information and cookbook recommendations.

New Jersey, U.S.A.
Rosemary Sandwich Crackers with Bacon Cheese are this week’s creative offering from the always creative cook Gattina, and don’t miss the mouth-watering photo. (I want some right now.)

Davis, California, U.S.A.
I love the way that people who do Weekend Herb Blogging end up becoming blog friends, and I notice that another herb blogger has already tried the recipe for Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Chip Chili with Cardomom, posted this week by Sher from What Did You Eat? Sher gives great step-by-step photos, making me hanker to try it myself.

Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein is making a dreamy looking soup this week, but it’s the parsley pesto that puts her Potato Soup with Parsley Pesto over the top, and the photo is fabulous.

North Carolina, U.S.A.
I love the photo header on the blog of JMom from In Our Kitchen, who sends a recipe for Herbed Potato Crab Cakes with Basil Aoili this week. The crab cakes sound just fantastic.

South of France, near the border of Spain
It’s great to welcome back Riana of Garlic Breath who’s been thinking of ways to use up an endless supply of cabbage. She has some creative suggestions, including one of my favorites, fish tacos, and a great recipe for Hot and Sour Soup with Cabbage.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to a new Herb Blogger, Becky from Key Lime and Coconut, who starts off with a great entry loaded with information about cranberries. Becky makes a savory Cranberry Rice, which sounds interesting, but she warns, beware of the exploding cramberries!

Mill Valley, California, U.S.A.
Anna from Anna’s Cool Finds has a problem I can relate to, using up those big pantry items from Costco! Anna is very innovative though, coming up with Dilled Corn and Potato Salad and Salmon Cakes, both of which sound delightful.

Melbourne, Australia
A very interesting looking Asparagus Polonaise comes next, in which Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once tops pefectly cooked asparagus with a sauce featuring butter, breadcrumbs, eggs, and parsley. How could you go wrong with those ingredients?

Heart of the Vendee, France
Kate from Thyme for Cooking has a great new pan, which inspires her to create Braised Chicken with Tarragon Cream, a dish that sounds fabulous. If you want to see more fabulous sounding food, check out the weekly menu in the sidebar.

Sydney, Australia
Anna from Morsels and Musings has been having computer problems and entertaining visitors, but she’s back with a fabulous sounding Colombian Clam Soup or Sopa de Amenjas. (Anna also has some exciting news which I better not share because I’m not sure she’s announced it on her blog, but stay tuned!)

Bloomington, U.S.A.
You must read this next entry which comes from Burcu at Almost Turkish Recipes. She tells about Pogacas (missing several diacritical marks, which I don’t know how to make, sorry!) a type of savory pastry or bread eaten in Turkey, and the recipe for Dill-Feta Pogaca (Dereotlu Peynirli Pogaca) sounds just fantastic.

Nantes, France
Whenever I visit the blog of Virginie of Absolutely Green, I love to try to read a bit of the French before I click the English translation button. If your French is non-existent, just click right to English to read where carob comes from and how Virginie makes a delightful carob drink with marshmallow.

New York City, New York, U.S.A.
The Chocolate Lady at In Mol Araan is a big herb enthusiast, and she shared previously when she acquired a book from the 16th century called Gerald’s Herball. Now she has a great new find, A New Herbal, or Historie of Plants, a facsimile edition of Henry Lyte’s 1619 translation of Rembert Dodoens’ 1554 Cruyde Boeck.

Southern California, U.S.A.
I keep telling Surfindaave, The Serendipitious Chef, that he should be writing a narrative cookbook, and this entry shows why I think so. Dave has written about Amaranth, the grain, the greens, the puffed version of the grain, and a delightful dish that combines them all into Chicken in Amaranth Sauce on Cheesy Amaranth Grits. There’s also a bit of the history of this interesting plant thrown in to read with dinner.

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
My own post this week was the first of my series on Thanksgiving on the South Beach Diet, and I featured rosemary as my herb of choice. It was a delightful flavor addition to a dish that I absolutely loved, Roasted Butternut Squash with Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar.

If you followed my link above you already know it, but next week’s host will be Meeta of What’s For Lunch Honey? If you’re blogging about any type of herb, plant, veggie, or flower, include a link to What’s for Lunch Honey and the words Weekend Herb Blogging, and then send the link in an e-mail to blogmeeta AT gmail DOT com.


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  1. So many recipes this weekend; overwhelming but great! Thanks for the great round-up, Kalyn.

  2. Wow, Kalyn! What a fabulous international multi-cultural and multi-taste round-up!

  3. WHB always amases me every weekend with so many new ingredients or cooking styles that I never heard of! It’s another great week, thanks Kalyn!

  4. Awesome round-up Kalyn. Thank you so much. The recipes are amazing and I have been bookmarking so many of them. I just hope I live that long to try them all LOL! Thank you also for allowing me to host next week.


  5. Thanks for this round up. WHB’s roundup are becoming my glossaries for Herb cooking…
    The idea of whblogging at the end of december would be very nice as we would post feast herb recipes, but I think it wouldn’t be fair for the one who hosts, as he/she would surely have other things to do than sitting in front of his/her computer. So if someone would like to host during these dates, it would be ok for me, but I’m not sure there will be… Anyway, we can keep this kind of recipes in our notebooks and blog them at the beginning of january, if we like to of course.

  6. Once again you’ve written up a great round up, Kalyn. Thanks so much for all your support of us bloggers!