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Weekend Herb Blogging #37 Recap
Happy Father’s Day!

It’s time for Weekend Herb Blogging #37 and in the U.S. the day to honor fathers. I’m blessed to have a wonderful father, a dad who writes poetry, someone to talk to when others don’t understand, and someone who always gives me better advice than anyone else.

I’m very grateful he’s my father, and thankful for the influence he’s been to me all my life. I hope he knows how much I love him. (Dad, are you reading this?

If I’m a little late getting this posted tonight, it’s because I just got home from seeing An Inconvenient Truth, the powerful movie featuring former presidential candidate Al Gore, talking about global warming. If you have any chance to see this movie, I urge you to do so. If you can’t possibly see the movie, but want to know what you can do, here are some ways every human can help fight global warming. This topic is important for everyone, no matter where you live.

I thought there might be fewer participants in WHB today, due to Father’s Day, but plenty of people have been writing about herbs, plants, veggies, and flowers, and there’s definitely a recurring theme. Be sure to read to the end to see the exciting location the Weekend Herb Blogging Recap will be coming from weekend.

I’m amazed at how many people have signed up to be WHB hosts! If you’d like to try your hand at hosting on one of the weekends the event is out traveling around the world, send me an e-mail at kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net. Right now there are people signed up for several months in advance, so if you’re not a regular you’ve got plenty of time to practice your herb blogging before taking over as host! Now, let’s see what people have been writing about this week.

Weimar, Germany

The first herb blogger this week was a brand new participant, Meeta from What’s For Lunch Honey? Meeta used to live in Qatar, and she was reminiscing about it when she created 1000 Kisses for My Couscous, flavored with rosewater, oregano, coriander, and chives.

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
Next comes Alanna from A Veggie Venture, who is introducing us to a brand new vegetable; at least it was completely new to me. Alanna used parsley root in her dish of Mashed Parsley Root and Sweet Potato, and although she gave the parsley root a mixed review, finding it rather woody, she reports it had a wonderful flavor.

Jersey, Channel Islands, U.K.
Grilled Pork Belly with Aubergine Salsa is the temptation offered next by Mae from the beautiful blog Rice and Noodles. Mae’s photos are just getting better and better, so be sure to take a look at this.

Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

We travel back to Germany to visit Ulrike of Kuchenlatein, who is dreaming of roses this week. Although she has some lovely looking roses of her own, she has to collect extra rose petals from a neighbor to get enough to make Rose Petal Champagne Jelly, which sounds like it turned out to be very flavorful.

Brussels, Belgium
Andreea of Glorious Food and Wine has been living in Brussels for ten years now, and one way she’s learned to combat the summer heat is to prepare a cooling Tzatziki Sauce. She puts a new twist on this traditional Greek sauce, by creating Tzatziki Sauce with Fresh Coriander, an idea that sounds fantastic to me.

New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Last week The Chocolate Lady from In Mol Araan introduced me to garlic scapes, and this week she is having more great scapes. Don’t miss the photo of the gorgeous purple kohlrabi she used to make Kohlrabi Greens with Garlic Scapes. TCL didn’t know what a trend she was starting with her garlic scapes, but read on to see how the idea caught on!

New Jersey, U.S.A.
One of the most inventive recipes I’ve seen submitted for Weekend Herb Blogging is this next one submitted by Gattina from a blog with the same name. She used potato to make “buns” and then put balsamic onions between them to create Nutty Potato and Onion Mini-Burgers garnished with fried sage. Be sure to take a look.

New Delhi, India
Another new plant ingredient is blogged this week in a very touching post by Sury of (Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t who talks about memories of her maternal grandmother and how she made fritters from flowers of the Amaltas tree. Sury shares the photos of Titti’s Amaltas Fritters, and tells us how her grandmother made them.

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
More garlic scapes are popping up in the garden of Christa from Calendula and Concrete, causing her to ponder what to do with them besides her usual stir-fry. Christa shares her idea for a pasta dish, with links to lots of other ideas for using garlic scapes.

Melbourne, Australia
Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once writes about one of my favorite tastes this week, the Kaffir Lime leaves which are one of the flavors that define Thai cooking, at least for me. Haalo has lovely photos of the leaves, and she uses them to create a unique dish of Pork Dumplings in Kaffir Lime Leaf Broth.

Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy
Another stunning photo comes next from Ilva of Lucullian Delights who has been photographing lavender and making Lavender Honey. The lavender infused honey looks beautiful with the flowers left in, as Ilva prefers to do it.

The Beach, California, U.S.A.
Gabriella, Paper Chef winner and baby blogger from My Life as a Reluctant Housewife, has been taking a break from photographing her adorable twins to make some mint pesto. She uses the pesto as a flavoring for a delicious sounding Orzo Pasta Salad with Mint Pesto.

South of France Near the Border of Spain
Talented cook Riana from Garlic Breath checks in next with a post that is all about figs. Riana serves her fresh figs in a medley of flavors that includes smoked ham, parmesan cheese, olives and anchovies. Yum.

New York City, New York, U.S.A.
In New York, Paz has been collecting healthy breakfast ideas, but for WHB she tried a new and flavorful sounding way to prepare potatoes. Paz used Yukon Gold potatoes, lemon, and oregano to spice up her Lemon Roasted Potatoes, which sound wonderful.

Sydney, Australia
Having a vegetarian boyfriend can sometimes limit the cooking options of Anna from Morsels and Musings, but when he is working late Anna can indulge her passion for meat. This time she made Pork Belly with Honey and Rosemary which sounded like it would taste wonderful.

Kansas, U.S.A.
A new participant this week is Heather from Eating for One. She is trying her hand at growing herbs in the windowsill, and shows us how they’re doing.

Farmgirl’s Farm, Missouri, U.S.A.
Over at Farmgirl Susan’s garden blog In My Kitchen Garden, she gives us a wonderful post with garlic scapes mentioned again, and lots of tips about growing your own garlic. Also huge congratulations to Susan for the selection of her main blog, Farmgirl Fare, by Blogger as a Blog of Note recently. Well deserved, in my opinion!

New Jersey, U.S.A.
This week is the last time Ramya from Cascading Flavours will be able to participate in WHB for a while, as she will be leaving soon for a two month holiday in her native India. We wish her a great trip. Her submission this time is a delightful sounding Lemongrass Tea, flavored with lemon, lemongrass and ginger.

Apple Valley, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Another new participant, and another person writing about garlic scapes! (See that garlic scapes theme I mentioned earlier?) This time Crystal from Cafe Cyan is using her scapes to make Spinach and Garlic Scapes Pizza, which I think is a great idea!

Milan, Italy
I always love visiting the blog of Piperita from The Kitchen Pantry, so I can see if I remember any of the Italian I once tried to learn in anticipation of a trip to Italy. Luckily Piperita published the recipe for Basil Bread in English, and it does sound delicious!

Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.
Genie, The Inadvertent Gardener has been learning to make salsa from a friend. Genie had never thought of using canned tomatoes in salsa, but when she didn’t have enough fresh ones, she invented Season Straddler Salsa, (using my favorite Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes) and it does sound delicious.

Nantes, France
This week Virginie of Absolutely Green is telling us about a new ingredient, Cetraria Islandice or Mountain Grass, from Iceland but also found in France. Virginie uses the grass to make Mountain Grass Tea, a drink with many beneficial qualities. More below about Virginie, so don’t stop reading!

Toronto, Canada
A little jaunt to visit Niagra-on-the-Lake was in order today for Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, and she barely made it home in time to post some photos of the many varieties of fruit trees she saw on the trip. But Ruth promises she will write more about this tomorrow, so check to see if she has done it!

Southern California, U.S.A.
I never did get a link for his post from Surfindaave from The Serendipitous Chef, but I found it on Technorati and figured I could surprise him for Father’s Day. After all he’s father to Teen Boy and Teen Girl, so I’m guessing there were some festivities keeping him away from the computer. Dave posted about his Farmers Market bounty, including huge blackberries, fresh shallots, beautiful purple basil, and a plant called kelites, and he’s promised to come back later and tell us what he cooked with this produce.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Apparently EJM from Blog From Our Kitchen was also busy and forgot to send her link, but when she left me a comment I decided that since it’s summer I could make time to add her to the recap. She blogged about a type of Indian sweet called Srikund (she was hoping for Mishti Doi, but it wasn’t.) Elizabeth uses ginger mint and also violas in this interesting sounding treat. I would so love to go to dinner at her house!

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
My own post this week was about garlic scapes, following the crowd I guess. (That Chocolate Lady, what a trendsetter.) I used my scapes to make Garlic Scape Pesto, which got a good review from my nephew Jake when I tried the leftovers out on him. I noticed that my pesto also inspired Linda of Kayak Soup to create her own version of garlic scape pesto, which prevented her from becoming seriously cranky, so that’s a good thing.

Now that I’m through talking about herb blogging for this week, I want to let you know that next weekend Weekend Herb Blogging will be travling to France! Talented bi-lingual blogger Virginie from Absolutely Green will be doing the recap from Nantes, France, and I believe she is planning to do it in English and French. I must apologize to Virginie because I realized that I’ve been calling her blog Absolute Green instead of Absolutely Green (although in my own defense I have to say that’s what her URL and e-mail address both say!) Anyway, for next weekend send your links to absolutegreen AT free DOT fr by midafternoon on Sunday, U.S. time, and Virginie will post the Recap sometime on Monday. Don’t forget to link to Virginie with the words Weekend Herb Blogging. I’ll actually be in California visiting Rand and Bradley most of next week, barely making it home by Sunday but hopefully I can manage to do some herb blogging myself.

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    12 Comments on “Weekend Herb Blogging #37 Recap
    Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Hi Kalyn, thanks for mentioning me in your roundup! I had to laugh when I saw the garlic scape trend. Tis the season, I guess.

  2. Kalyn, Great WHB recap! Thanks for ‘finding’ my post! The weekend really did get away from us, and I forgot to send you an e-mail (again!). There are a lot of new fathers in our family over the last few years, so this once simple day has grown a lot. Plus – do ya think we could find some corn that looked edible? Didn’t happen, despite a lot of time and effort.

  3. Thank you for editing me in, Kalyn!


  4. Anonymous, thanks for the comment. When you have a recipe like that which is such a family tradition, you always wonder if others will like it too, but I’ve always had good results making this for people.

  5. Tried your “creamed” zuchinni last night with my father’s day celebration. Everyone loved it and so surprised when I told them what was in it. Easy and delicious. Thanks

  6. Paz, yes it was a tie for last week with 26 entries. My father is so wonderful. We had a great time. You must see the movie.

    Gabriella, ditto on the movie.

    Indigoshirl, Mae, Genie, and EJM, thanks for visiting. Elizabeth, I’ll add it in for you.

  7. Great roundup, as always, Kalyn!


    P.S. I cannot believe that I forgot to send you my link for this WHB#37!

  8. Kalyn,

    Terrific round-up — thanks for pulling this all together on what I know was a really busy weekend for you! Have a great week.

    🙂 Genie
    The Inadvertent Gardener

  9. This is a great round-up Kalyn and the Father’s day message is really touching.

    Got to go, WHB places to visit…

  10. What a fantastic blog! Such superb food photography too.

    I’ll be coming back here often…:~)

    Best Wishes


  11. Oh I want to see that movie so badly. Hubbie and I even discussed indulging in a babysitter to go see it.

    Great big round up! I can’t wait to go through them all but it is past midnight and the pillow is calling. Tomorrow then.

  12. Wow! What a line up! That’s a lot of entries! It’s going to take me the whole we to check them out. And I will, with pleasure.

    Your dad sounds wonderful. I trust you had a nice Father’s Day celebration with him.

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Inconvenient Truth.