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Weekend Herb Blogging #31 Recap

I’m home from a whirlwind trip to D.C., where I had some amazing dinners which I’ll be blogging about over the next few weeks. D.C. is really such a restaurant town, and this trip I went to my all-time favorite spot and tried out a few new ones. The weather was delightful, and I visited the Museum of the American Indian, where I tried their legendary wild rice salad. It’s fun to get away, but it’s always nice to be home.

Thanks to my brother Rand, who was blog-sitting for me while I was gone. I left a few things for Rand to post, but he also had fun putting on his chef’s apron and trying his hand at being a food blogger. Rand writes a gadget blog, and noted in his post Gadget Bloggers Don’t Have to Garnish, that writing a food blog takes a whole new set of skills. Of course, if you’re a food blogger yourself, you already know that, but Rand’s great post proves how multi-talented he is. Now on to the Recap for Weekend Herb Blogging, where you can see some skillful food bloggers share about about different herbs, plants, veggies, or flowers they’ve written about on their blogs over this week.

Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.

I’m not the only one who has been on vacation. Last week Strata from My Bay Area Garden was going out of town, and she carefully prepared her garden to survive while she was gone. You’ll enjoy reading how Strata manages her well-planned garden and what’s ready to harvest.

Toronto, Canada
At Once Upon a Feast, Ruth is excited that warm weather has finally come to Toronto, and she’s featured a great Spring to Summer Menu. Featured dishes include Grilled Asparagus, Cedar Plank Salmon, Quinoa Tabbouli, Chickpea Couscous Salad and Blueberry Mint Granita. Yum.

Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
At Tony’s Food Chronicles, Tony is sharing some Gardening Inspiration which was provided by an Italian grandmother in the Philadelphia neighborhood where Tony grew up. There’s a photo of Tony’s healthy looking tomato cuttings and a tomato planting tip.

New Jersey, U.S.A.
At Sweetnicks, Cate is doing her monthly recipe roundup and spotlights two recipes for WHB, Parmesan Parsley Bread and Da Silvano’s Sugo di Pomodoro. I’m going to try this pasta sauce recipe if I ever get my fresh basil going this year!

The Beach, California, U.S.A.
A new herb blogger this week is Gabriella from the delightfully named blog My Life as a Reluctant Housewife. Gabriella posts a delicious recipe for Lavendar Lemon Chicken, featuring lavendar and thyme, and also a beautiful photo of her lavendar plant.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
This week Nandita from Saffron Trail is blogging about mint and sharing a recipe for Minty Cucumber Raita. Raita is a dish made with cucumbers, yogurt, and spices and it’s eaten as a salad or as an accompaniment with rice and hot dishes. This recipe sounds great.

Milan, Italy
When Piperita from The Kitchen Pantry titled her post Orchiette con Pesto di Rucola e Burrata, I was quite proud that I could read some of the Italian, but she stumped me on the Burrata, a type of fresh Italian cheese that sounds wonderful. In English, this delightful sounding recipe would be fresh pasta with pesto of arugula and fresh cheese.

Istanbul, Turkey
Isil from Veggie Way has a lovely new header for her blog. This week she’s writing about Snow Pea Salad which features olive oil, lemon and dill, and she’s also sharing memories of shelling peas as a child.

Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Ulrike from Kuchenlatein has been visiting the farmers market, where she got some lovely looking herb plants. She used some of her newly-acquired tarragon in a White Asparagus (aspiration) Salad with Ham from Parma. (Parma ham is one of those foodie things I’m dying to taste, but I’ve never seen it here.)

Davis, California, U.S.A.
Sher from What Did You Eat is once again featuring cilantro in her dish, which is fine for me since it’s my very favorite herb! Sher uses the Cilantro in Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos, featuring homemade corn tortillas. (Yes, we are impressed!)

Nantes, France
I’m always wowed by the bilingual bloggers who submit things for Weekend Herb Blogging, and this week we have a new herb blogger writing in French! For this delightful post by Virginie of Absolutely Green I’m giving you the permalink to the French version for Dandelion Marmalade, but click on the English translation if your French isn’t any better than mine. The process does sound quite amazing for turning this common weed into jam!

Astoria, New York, U.S.A.
Stacey from Just Braise reports that the term Coke is commonly used for all types of soda in some parts of the U.S., but nevertheless, it was the real thing that she used for her Soda Braised Beef. Stacey used rosemary, parsley, and thyme to flavor her beef, but she also mentions other herbs that could be used.

Barcelona, Spain
It’s amazing how good recipes get passed around the world! This week Kel from Green Olive Tree shares a recipe she calls Easy Broccoli Salad, which is something my family has been eating for years. Kel reports this is a good way to get some ARF veggies into children, and her photos to accompany this are fantastic.

Salt Lake City, Utah. U.S.A.
My own herb of choice this week was sage, the first time I’ve repeated an ingredient, but the sage in my garden was calling me. I used my sage to make Sausage and Lentils with Wild Sage from The Silver Spoon, a cookbook I’m exploring when I’m not out traveling around the country.

That’s all the herb posts for this week, but don’t forget to check out Weekend Cat Blogging at Eat Stuff and Weekend Dog Blogging at Sweetnicks.

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    5 Comments on “Weekend Herb Blogging #31 Recap”

  1. Welcome back Kalyn.Sure did enjoy your brother’s turn at your blog. He did his job well and it’s easy to see that you two are related. “See” you at the next round-up.

  2. Welcome back–I’m so glad you had a good time.

  3. Thanks a million! what a fun thing to be involved in. I can’t wait to try a few of these recipes!

  4. As always, a great collection!

    Great to see you back, Kalyn. Thanks for sending a bloggiesitter. I think we all enjoyed Rand’s humor

  5. Hi Kalyn, you’re back! Rand was so funny. He definitely was a great sitter.

    It’s fun to see that WHB contributers have grown in numbers. More herbs to explore…

    Glad you had a brilliant time in DC.