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Weekend Herb Blogging #22 Recap (And the Oscar Goes To . . .)

I’m having a really great Sunday today, helped out by a lot of people saying nice things about my photo which appeared in Woman’s World Magazine as part of an article on the South Beach Diet, and getting some outstanding links for Weekend Herb Blogging from some wonderful bloggers out there. Tonight is the Academy Awards, and I have to confess, besides being something of a movie buff, I’m also a great fan of the awards telecast. I know it’s hopelessly corny to admit it, but I’m rather dazzled by the stars, the dresses, and the whole ceremony. For that reason I’m busy writing most of the WHB recap this afternoon instead of procrastinating until late evening like I sometimes do. I hope you’ve been having a great weekend as well.

(If you’re a new reader to my blog who came here from Woman’s World Magazine, Weekend Herb Blogging is a food blogging event that actually started as a joke and has lasted now through 22 weeks, with people participating from all over the world. You can check the Weekend Herb Blogging Archives for more information about what it’s all about. If you’re just looking for South Beach Diet recipes, those will resume tomorrow.) Now, let’s check out who’s been herb blogging this week.

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Sweetnicks has been forced to take it a little easy this week while she recovers from surgery, but that didn’t stop her from dishing up a fabulous looking plate of fresh tomatoes, mozarella and basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and seasoned with cracked salt and pepper. Sweetnicks says she is “beckoning summer” with this salad, and that sounds like a great idea to me!

Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Over at the Unemployed Cook, Marianne is creating a kitchen garden which looks like it is going to be wonderful, judging from her great photos. (Hard to believe she’s only been blogging a month!) She’s planted lettuce, rosemary, lavender and strawberries so far, with more to come when the weather cooperates.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was very excited to get a Weekend Herb Blogging link from Dan at Salt Shaker, not only because I’ve been a lurker on his blog, but also because he’s new to Weekend Herb Blogging, and our very first herb blogger from South America. His wonderful post is about two herbs I’ve never heard of: the Peruvian herb huacatay (which some say is a form of Epazote) and the Bolivian herb quirquina (also called Bolivian Coriander). Dan combines them both in a delightful sounding recipe for Llajwa, the Bolivian National Hot Sauce.

Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Ilva from Lucullian Delights is back from her trip home to Sweden and shares a beautiful photo of a blossoming almond tree. She also used almonds in her fantastic sounding dish of Cavolfioer con Mandorle, Semi di Sesamo e Capperi, or Cauliflower with Almonds, Sesame Seeds and Capers (and another great photo of this too.)

Davis, California, U.S.A.

A fantastic looking Vietnamese Chicken Salad was on the menu at the home of Sher from What Did You Eat. The salad included chicken, bean sprouts, and lots of fresh mint, one of my favorite herbs, which Sher substituted for the hard-to-find Vietnamese Coriander.

Istanbul, Turkey

Next up is another fantastic sounding salad from Isil of Veggie Way. Her Mushroom Salad combines Mediterannean greens, mushrooms, red peppers, spring onion, and capers in a recipe that sounds great to me.

Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

There was snow at the home of Ulrike from Kuchenlatein, but she didn’t care because she was happily sprouting seeds again, this time Mung beans. She used three kinds of sprouts to make a delicious sounding Mega-Vital Sourdough Bread With Sprouts.

Forest Falls, California, U.S.A.

At Cookin’ with Cyndi, Cyndi is back from Hawaii and this week she gives us a great lesson on the history and geography of okra. She also has a recipe and great-looking photo of Fried Okra with Cornmeal.

San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country, U.S.A.

Keffir Lime leaves are what is on the mind of B’gina from Stalking the Waiter. She describes how they are used in the wonderful Thai soup Thom Kai Gai, then offers a recipe for Thai Fusion Risotto that sounds fantastic.

Delhi, India

Sukanya from The Timid Cook joins us again with a delightful post about Radhuni, or celery seed, which she says is essential in a few Bengali dishes. She uses the Radhuni in Radhuni Dal, which she serves with Aloo Posto and rice.

Melbourne, Australia

Ed Charles from Tomato is writing about the joy of heritage veggies, with a delightful photo of an organic heritage aubergine. Ed gets his heritage vegetables at the St. Kilda Farmer’s Market, where he reports that people line up three deep to get to the wonderful veggies.

Melbourne, Australia

What are the odds of two Melbourne food bloggers sending me their links one right after the other, but that’s exactly what happened when I got the e-mail from Plum of My Favorite Plum, new to Weekend Herb Blogging this week! She writes about parsley and features delightful photos of Parsley dancing in the wind, and also tells how she uses flat-leaf parsley to flavor chicken stock.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Another new herb blogger is ejm from etherwork.net/blog from our kitchen, who is grateful for her well seasoned stovetop waffle iron. With it she cooks up some delicious looking waffles which she serves with wonderful sounding rosemary honey.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

First two Australians from the same city, and now two Canadians from the same city; the planets must be aligned or something. When I didn’t hear from Ruth From Once Upon a Feast last weekend, I knew she must be busy working on her cookbook, but this week she has been cooking like crazy, creating a variety of orange foods and using mint and thyme to season some of them. Check out her recipes for Roasted Carrots with Orange, Garlic and Thyme, Butternut Squash, Tropical Fruit Salsa, and Orange Endive Salad with Maple Chipotle Vinaigrette.

Sandy Hook, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Another new herb blogger and a new state is Sarah from Cucina Bella, who writes all about basil, including tips for growing it, the uses of basil and even legends about basil. She also shares a recipe for Pasta Fresca which uses fresh basil and sounds mighty tasty.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Jennifer from Weekly Dish is another new participant at Weekend Herb Blogging, but she must have been channeling me when she decided to have an Oscar night theme to her post. She writes about a creative collection of Oscar themed dishes, including a Chocolate Mint Crash Martini that sounds interesting.

New York City, New York, U.S.A.
The Chocolate Lady at In Mol Araan is thinking about bay leaves, an herb she didn’t have much use for until recently. This week she used them in an interesting sounding dish she calls Lost and Found Tsimes, which includes carrots, prunes, onion, bay leaves, chiles, and lemon.

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

My own post this week was about broccolini, a naturally occuring hybrid which is a cross between broccoli and Chinese Kale. I used my broccolini to make Stir-Fried Broccolini with Oyster Sauce and Garlic, which was a delicous change of pace.
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  2. The recipes posted for WHB are from other blogs, so they may or may not be suitable for the South Beach Diet.

    My recipes are all suitable for the diet unless it says otherwise, but you need to consult the South Beach book to get the list of foods for phase 1,2 or 3. You could also visit the South Beach web site, which has a link in my sidebar.

  3. Kalyn, can I use these recipes
    in the first two weeks of the
    South Beach diet?

  4. Kalyn,

    Your photo is beautiful and you are a true inspiration!

  5. Great job, Kalyn! Congrats on the photo and story as well! You look fantastic. Sorry I missed the blog for a couple of weeks. John and I traveled to your neck of the woods — his parents are in Sandy. We also visited Sevier County, Tenn. Gorgeous. If you haven’t seen the great Smoky Mountains, I highly recommend it.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks for the round-up Kalyn! I watched the Oscars too. Always do.

  7. Looks like a great round of links to explore – thank you! [I’m an Academy Award watcher, too. It was a fun show I thought! ;-)]

  8. Great round up Kalyn – and so many really new herb recipes to try.

    Congrats on all the new Herb Bloggers!

  9. Thanks for the nice round up Kalyn, I was amazed by how many we are getting!!

  10. mmmmm, what to try first? this week, The caper recipes (Ilva’s and Isil’s) are grabbing my attention.
    elegantly rounded-up, kalyn.