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Weekend Herb Blogging #15 Is Here and Voting for Best of Blogs

Surprise! A new icon for Weekend Herb Blogging. Designed by my uber-talented brother Rand, of course. When you see this icon you’ll know that it’s time to photograph and blog about any herb, plant, veggie, or flower, link to Kalyn’s Kitchen with the words Weekend Herb Blogging, and then send me the link (send to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net). I need your link by mid-afternoon on Sunday, Utah time, so I can include you in the recap on Sunday night. All food bloggers are invited to participate. It’s fun to hear from people from all over the world so everyone can learn about new herbs or plants that they aren’t familiar with.

Also on the weekend, don’t forget Weekend Cat Blogging at EatStuff and Weekend Dog Blogging at Sweetnicks. Another special weekend happening this weekend only is Some Pig Blogging Weekend. This is one of the most innovative food blogging events I’ve seen, timed to create a “virtual blessing of the pig” and ending on January 17 which is a feast day in France for San Antonio Abate, the patron saint of barnyard animals. The Pig Blogging Weekend is hosted by Kate Hill.
Kalyn’s Kitchen is a finalist in The Best of Blogs Awards – Best Cooking/Recipe Blog. Here is the link for The Best of Blogs Voting.  I’ve heard from people who wanted to vote for Kalyn’s Kitchen in the Best of Blogs, but who had trouble. I’ve discovered a few things that might help you if you haven’t voted yet.

First, the site doesn’t seem to display correctly on Internet Explorer. If you’re using that browser, you’ll have to click on text that says *vote here* to get to the voting page. It may take a little time for the page to load, depending on your internet connection. Then scroll down quite a ways to get to the category for food blogs; it’s the tenth one down. Last, if you end up here or on some other food blog, you have not voted! If you vote correctly by clicking in the circle next to the blog, and then clicking *vote*, you should get a bar graph showing the voting results. It might be confusing if you’re not used to internet voting procedures.

Thank you so much to people who have sent e-mails saying you voted for me. It’s nice to discover that so many people like and appreciate what I’m doing.

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