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Weekend Herb Blogging #11 Recap (Herb Blogging Through the Holidays)ays

Here it is the weekend before Christmas, so I wondered if any herb bloggers would still find time to participate in Weekend Herb Blogging. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people participated, and once again our herb bloggers came from all over the world.

TORONTO, CANADA First to send her link this week was Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, creator of the hugely popular “You Are What You Eat” meme which has traveled far and wide around the food blogosphere, enticing bloggers to tell about their top ten favorite foods. This weekend, Ruth has appetizers on her mind, more specifically appetizers using herbs. All the photos of the different appetizers look absolutely delicious. Ruth, I’d like to put in my order for a package with some of those asparagus roll ups and seafood tortilla pinwheels!
MALAYSIA The next post came from Rokh, from the fascinating blog Tham Jiak. Rokh always sends something interesting, and this week was no different with her post featuring information about lemongrass and a recipe for Spicy Fish in Tamarind (Ikan Assam). Rokh also shares some interesting background information about the Nonya culture, a blend of Chinese and Malay, as well as interesting comments about galangal and tamarind used in her recipe. (Hard to believe that Rokh is fairly new to blogging, her posts are so well researched and well written.)
CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM Back from Prague, and whipping up great things in the kitchen again, Squeezeweasel from the blog Gastronomy Domine was next to report about her herb blogging post, which featured an amazing looking Gnocchi alla Romana in a Herbed Butter. The gnocchi was made from semolina, a coarse ground durum wheat, and was flavored with butter infused with parsley, basil, and tarragon. Squeezeweasel also gives suggestions for other herbs that can be used. (Warning: if you’re a low carb reader, serious carb temptation here.)
NEW YORK CITY, U.S.A Paz, from The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz, is getting ready for Christmas. However she manages to sneak in a little time for some herb blogging about red cabbage and a red cabbage salad with a lemony dressing. Paz tells us that red cabbage is also called Red Kraut or Blue Kraut after it is prepared, and that the color of the cabbage is determined by the ph of the soil. I love the way I am always learning new things from my herb blogging friends. I’m a great fan of cabbage and this recipe sounds really interesting.
SANTA VENETIA, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. From I’m Mad and I Eat, the blog where food and politics always go well together, Cookiecrumb was next to report in. She had recently returned from the garden center where she purchased a small Greek Laurel tree, so now she has laurels resting on her patio. (Some might call it a laurel bush, but Cookiecrumb has vowed not to utter the B word.) The leaves of the laurel tree (or bush, if you’re a republican) are commonly called bay leaves. Despite reports that the bay leaves smell heavenly, Bean Sprout, the herb blogging dog was not interesting in posing with them for the camera this week.
FRIDAY HARBOR, SAN JUAN ISLAND, WASHINGTON, U.S.A. Next up was Mrs. D. from the always well-written blog Belly-Timber. She reports on how her gathering of rose hips has been seriously delayed due to late night reading of Harry Potter. This post includes stunning photos of frosty roses and interesting information about rose hips which are apparently better when gathered after the first frost has concentrated the sugars. If you miss the first frost (due to previously mentioned Harry Potter reading), you can still gather some after second frost, which Mrs. D. did (with no assistance from Tall Guy, who was in the kitchen cooking kippers and eggs.)
PISTOIA, TUSCANY, ITALY From the blog Lucullian Delights – An Italian Experience, Ilva reports in next with another one of her beautiful photos. Interestingly, she continues the rose theme with a photo of a rose she has named Old Blush. This rose continues to survive when the others in Ilva’s garden have long departed, and Old Blush makes Ilva look forward to a glorious future when all of the roses will return, something I am also looking forward to. What a great thought for the end of the year.
Now this post is ready to go into the newly created Weekend Herb Blogging Archives, and I must get back to Christmas preparations. Speaking of Christmas, I don’t know how many herb bloggers will report in over the next two weekends, since Christmas is on one weekend and New Year’s Eve the other. However, if I get herb postings to report on, I will publish the recap on Monday night for the next two weeks, which will give you an extra day to write something if you’re so inclined. When you finish reading all these fascinating herb posts, be sure to check out Weekend Cat Blogging and Weekend Dog Blogging too.

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    9 Comments on “Weekend Herb Blogging #11 Recap (Herb Blogging Through the Holidays)ays”

  1. WoW! I love the new look of your blog…Congratulations! Hugs from Panama 🙂

  2. SW and anyone who is wondering, I am not taking a break from herb blogging for Christmas, although I am guessing there will be fewer posts. Whatever people send me, I will do the recap on Monday for the next two weeks, since both those Sundays are holidays. Besides, on New Year’s Day I’m having a party!

    Doing the recap on Monday will give people a little more time too. Just send it to me by midday on Monday (kalynskitchen *at* comcast *dot* net).

  3. Kalyn – I forgot to ask. Are you taking a break from herb blogging next weekend (what with it being Christmas and all), or are you going ahead as usual? I only ask because I’ve just planted a couple of medieval fruit trees, and although they’re a bit ugly at the moment, I thought they’d make a good post at the weekend…

  4. Great roundup as usual Kalyn. Missed this one. Maybe i can find a herb to post soon. Seems we’re running out.

  5. Missed this one 🙂 Love your blog Kalyn, so much inspiration. WIll for sure check in again. And let me know when another blogging event is on, so Belgium can contribute as well. Hi hi. Meery Christmas to you all!

  6. Thanks Kalyn! And a very merry Christmas to all those herb bloggers out there.

  7. I love reading your round-ups! Thanks for all the work you put into this!

  8. Cookiecrumb, I am amazed how WHB has been a hit. But I absolutely love reading what everyone writes, so I guess other people like reading it too.

    You are too funny, naming your new tree after the first lady.

  9. Nice work, Kalyn! I finally figured out that starting a Nother Blog might be a good trick for archiving on Blogger. And so did you.
    Anyway: We love the publicity you give us. Aren’t you amazed how this has taken off? And to think that because of you (and Mae), I now have a new herb. Laurel Bushel. The preznit’s wife. Heh.