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Visiting Lark Restaurant in Seattle

The welcoming front door at Lark, 936 12th Avenue, Seattle.  (Photo by Kelly from Sass and Veracity.)

I spent last weekend at BlogHerFood in Seattle, where I had an amazing time soaking up knowledge, seeing some of my favorite people in the world, and spending a little time exploring the Seattle food scene.  I’ve been attending Blogher conferences since 2006, and it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the BlogHer media empire and all the amazing people associated with it.  And in the food blogging world, I know (and adore) so many food bloggers that it feels like an impossible task to write the kind of wrap-up post that mentions all the bloggers I saw or met for the first time.  So let me just say that I felt nurtured and inspired every minute of BlogHerFood by the wonderful people I was surrounded by.  Meeting amazing people really is one of the best parts of food blogging!

I had (far too many!) delicious food experiences in Seattle, but one of the highlights of the trip for me was learning more about Lark Restaurant, which is owned by an amazing chef and lovely guy who just happens to be the son of one of my neighbors in Salt Lake!  I don’t usually attend a lot of the special events associated with a conference like this, but when I learned that WindowsPhone was sponsoring a blogger event at Lark on Thursday I couldn’t pass it up, and then I returned to Lark for a small dinner with blogging friends Kelly, Jeanette, Laurie, Anne, and Donna on Friday.   Our dinner was a food photographers challenge (especially since I hadn’t taken my big camera with me to Seattle) but Kelly kindly allowed me use some of her photos along with mine for this post.  (Visit Sass and Veracity to see more of Kelly’s beautiful photos!)  And if you’re someone who visits this blog mainly for the South Beach Diet friendly food, you may need to avert your eyes for most of these photos.

Photo of the outside of Lark, by Kelly from Sass and Veracity.

Lark is a small intimate restaurant, which you might miss if you’re not looking for it.

Photo of Lark table and menu, by Kelly from Sass and Veracity.
I’m not a fan of overly pretentious places, and for me Lark had just the right degree of elegance for a special meal.  It’s a small plates type restaurant where each diner orders two or three dishes and then everyone shares, which was especially fun for a food blogger dinner.  We were happy they had candles on the tables because we ended up improvising with them as lights for our food photos!
Photo of Yellowtail Carpaccio by Kelly from Sass and Veracity.
With six food bloggers all wanting to try everything on the menu, ordering was a challenge, but Kelly, Jeanette, and I had sampled the Carpaccio of Yellowtail with Preserved Lemon and Green Olives at the WindowsPhone event, and we had to have more!
I was using my beloved travel camera, which really does take pretty good photos for a little point-and-shoot (and easy to carry in your purse!)  This was Spanish Mackerel with Mizuna, Honshimeijis (mushrooms), and Dashi Mayonnaise.  I’d have a hard time picking my favorite dish, but this might be it.  
We also loved the Soft Shelled Crab Salad which was a special that night, and by now I had enlisted Jeanette to be my photo assistant, so she’s holding up a white napkin in the back to bounce the candlelight onto the food!  (Blogger photo tricks being put to good use!)
Photo of Mussels by Kelly from Sass and Veracity
Also amazing were the Penn Cove Mussels with Chorizo, Piquillo Pepper Broth, and Garlic Croutons.

This was Warm Asparagus Provencal with Garlic, Olive Oil, Rosemary, and Black Olives.  It was a wonderful accompaniment to some of the richer dishes we tried.

We had also sampled this Mishima Ranch Wagyi Steak Tartare with Raw Quail Egg and Onion Crackers at the WindowsPhone event, and couldn’t pass up having it again.  (Notice the photo set-up here with two candles and Jeanette holding the bounce napkin!)
And it although this dish of Bluebird Grain Farms Farro with Nettles, Morel Mushrooms, and Mascarpone was one I didn’t get a great photo of, I was crazy about this (and was sad that by the time it came I was too full to eat much of it!)

Other dishes we enjoyed but didn’t manage to photograph well enough to share the photos:
–Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Garlic, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt
–Ricotta Gnudi with Favas, Green Garlic, Pine Nuts, and Parmigiano Reggiano Broco
–Anderson Ranch Lamb Sweetbreads with Artichoke Hearts and Black Garlic
–Jones Farm Pork Belly with Peas, Spring Onions, and Grain Mustard Sauce

Lark Restaurant
926 12th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 323-5275
Open Tuesday through Sunday
5:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.

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Blogger Disclosures:

I had a lovely time at the event at Lark that was sponsored by WindowsPhone and did receive some blogger freebies associated it, but they have no idea I am writing this post and I would never accept compensation for mentioning a company.

Although I know John Sundstrom and his mother Joye, we paid for our meal at Lark and neither of them have any idea I’m writing about his lovely restaurant unless they see it on my blog!

If anyone follows the link to my beloved travel camera and buys a camera, Kalyn’s Kitchen does earn a few cents on the dollar, so thanks!

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    10 Comments on “Visiting Lark Restaurant in Seattle”

  1. Laurie, it was a wonderful time, wasn't it? And so fun to finally meet you in person!

  2. Kalyn, I really loved our dinner at Lark. The food was truly delicious, but I'm still voting for the company as the highlight. I had so much fun meeting everyone, and am so grateful you invited me along!

  3. Shirley, we all loved it. Hope you get to go someday; I think a lot of these things would be gluten-free!

  4. I'm glad that you all had such a grand time at the conference and at this dinner, Kalyn! I love reading restaurant experience write-ups like yours. Lark definitely sounds like a place I'd enjoy visiting. 🙂


  5. Sam, we had such a lovely dinner there. I highly recommend it if you ever make it to Seattle.

  6. How did I miss the steak tartare the first time? It's one of our favorites and that is such a beautiful way to present it.

    You gals did a fantastic job with the candles and the white napkins for photos.

  7. Uum, my favorite is the Provencal asparagus. Love that it's served with arugula – green on green is pretty. Now that one is on our diet for sure. Pair that with the yellowtail carpaccio and I would indeed be in heaven.

  8. Jeanette and Kelly, wasn't it such a fun conference? And our dinner was definitely one of the highlights for me!

  9. Kalyn, what a great write up of Lark! It truly is a wonderful restaurant. I enjoyed the small plate concept and healthy dishes we enjoyed both nights there. Thanks so much for the invitation and your company! I had so much fun this year at BlogHer Food. Thanks for the photo credit 🙂

  10. Kalyn, I really enjoyed our dinner at Lark – everything was so good, and it was great fun trying to take pictures of all the food (next time I'll have to do a better job of keeping the napkins out of the photos!). So good to see you in Seattle!