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Things I’m Thinking About in February 2016

Here’s a quick run-down of some things I’m thinking about this month!

My house has lots of snow, so last week I escaped for a quick get-away to Palm Springs, where I enjoyed the sunshine, learned about desert plants at Moorten Botanical Gardens, toured the gardens at Sunnylands, sat by the pool, shopped, and definitely got a hankering to live somewhere warm during the winter! (You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see photos from trips like this.) I want to visit Palm Springs again, so if anyone has recommendations of places to eat or visit there, please share in the comments. 

In last month’s Things I’m Thinking About, I shared the news about the new option to choose a weekly e-mail digest for Kalyn’s Kitchen. Now I’m excited to announce a weekly e-mail digest option for Slow Cooker from Scratch as well. For either site, when you subscribe by e-mail and choose the weekly option, you’ll get an e-mail on Sunday morning with links to all the recipes featured that week. Hope that’s helpful for people who want to follow the sites but don’t want lots of e-mails!

I Love this tip for a way to unclog drains with natural ingredients from my friend Cheryl at Tidy Mom. Has anyone tried this?

Thanks to my friend Stephanie from CopyKat Recipes for a tip for people who want nutritional information for a recipe online. Besides entering the recipe into Calorie Count (which I have recommended for years), Stephanie clued me in that you can also get nutritional info by joining Yummly and then using the orange Yum button to save the recipe to Yummly. When you look at that recipe in your Yummly Recipe Box you’ll see the nutritional information. (That Yum button appears at the top of every post on Kalyn’s Kitchen and on many other recipe sites.) 

After seeing all the fun recipes videos on Facebook, I got my creative genius brother Rand to start making some for me. Above is my first video, and here’s my You Tube Channel where all the videos will be stored; thanks Rand! We’re figuring this out as we go, so let me know if there are issues. (And if you follow me on Facebook, all the videos will be shared there.)

Are you a fan of the new Crock-Pot Casserole Crock Slow Cooker, a slow cooker that’s made in the shape of a casserole dish? If you are you might want to check out Casserole Crock Saturdays. We’re sharing a casserole crock recipe (or a casserole that could be made in the casserole crock) every Saturday on Slow Cooker from Scratch. I love my casserole crock!

Here’s an interesting post about foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps. This would be a fun activity to try with kids.

And here’s a thought-provoking and science-based piece from Georgie Fear about New Data on How Artificial Sweeteners can Impact Metabolism. (I believe everyone gets to make up their own mind about diet choices, but I like having as much information as possible to help make those choices.)

And if you’re tired of the high prices on Cauliflower, you might agree with Mellissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry, who wrote An Open Letter to Cauliflower.

And that about covers it for what I’ve been thinking about for the last month. Let me know in the comments if any of these give you something new to think about! You can use the label Things I’m Thinking About if you’d like to see more posts like this one.
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    6 Comments on “Things I’m Thinking About in February 2016”

  1. Hi Kalyn, I stumbled across your site 3-4 years ago while looking for SB recipes. I'm hooked. I appreciate that you give sensible (and tasty) advice and keep the site fresh. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  2. Go to Thermal (South of Palm Springs)to see where dates are grown. Check out Oasis Dates. They have samples and you must buy a date shake! Delicious! Also, you must take the tram up to Mt San Jacinto State Park. It is gorgeous! We had a wonderful dinner at Pacifica Seafood in Palm Dessert. Sit outside and there is a beautiful view on mountain. We also saw a celebrity which was fun!

  3. Living Desert Zoo and Gardens! It's in Palm Desert, an adjacent community. Spring is beautiful there. Go early to avoid most of the heat. (I've never been there in the summer.) It's a lovely walk about with a lot to see. The Palm Springs Air Museum is great, too.