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Ten Grilling and Salad Recipe Ideas for Labor Day Weekend 2009

Grilled Salmon and Grilling ideasI’m not sure whether Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day is the top grilling holiday in the U.S., but I’m guessing plenty of people will be grilling this weekend. If you want grilling ideas, definitely check the Holiday Recipes in the archives where I’ve already done a few collections of recipes for summer holidays. For Labor Day I thought it might be fun to spotlight my ten favorite new grilling and summer salad ideas from Summer 2009. You might remember that I didn’t have my grill for much of the summer this year, so when I finally got it back I wanted to make up for lost time! I’d have to say the Grilled Salmon Packets with Tomatoes, Olive, Garlic, Thyme, and Saffron were probably my favorite new thing to cook on the grill this summer; I made these twice for guests and a few more times just for myself!

This Bulgur Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Parsley, Mint, and Lemon would be perfect to take to a summer party. There’s nothing here that would spoil quickly and it’s meant to be served at room temperature.

This Marinated Flank Steak is a classic recipe that I cooked this summer and updated with a new photo. If you have beef-lovers in your house, this will definitely be a hit. As you can see, I like my steak on the rare side, but please don’t cook this more than medium for best flavor.

When I fell in love with the fresh mozzarella pearls at Costco, I created this Tomato, Olive, and Fresh Mozzarella Salad, a version of Caprese salad where the basil is mixed into the dressing, and more basil is included in the salad.

I actually cooked these Greek-Seasoned Grilled Pork Chops on a stove-top grill pan early in the summer when my house wasn’t done yet and the grill was packed away. Now I’m thrilled with my new natural gas grill, and I’m going to be cooking these again for friends this coming week.

A reader named Robin sent me this recipe for Strawberry Spinach Salad with Almonds and Dill, and wow, did I ever love this salad! If you made this to take to a party, I would prep the ingredients and mix the dressing at home, and then toss it together once you got there. I promise you, this will be a hit!

It hasn’t been that long since I posted this recipe for Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Yogurt Sauce, but I’ve already heard from two food bloggers and a neighbor who’ve given this recipe a big thumbs up. When I made these, I liked them so much I ate leftovers for breakfast and again for lunch the next day!
This Tomato, Cucumber, and Radish Salad with Yogurt-Tahini Dressing was inspired by a salad I ate in Chicago when I was attending the BlogHer Conference in July. I loved both the original and my version of this salad, which would be perfect with the turkey burgers above.
If you don’t feel like fussing in the kitchen much on a holiday, nothing could be easier than this Completely Foolproof, 100% Delicious Grilled Chicken, which I’ve literally been making for years. Everyone I know who has tried this simple recipe has been thrilled with how easy but tasty it is.

Finally, this Southwestern Bean Salad with Black Beans, Black-Eyed Peas, Peppers, and Cilantro is another choice that would be great for outside eating because there’s no mayo or other ingredients that will wilt in the heat. This salad was flavorful and delightfully crunchy due to the “symmetry of cut” that makes sure every bite has some of each ingredient.

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If you’re going to be grilling or having a party for the holiday weekend, I’d love to hear in the comments about what’s going to be on the menu at your house.

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14 comments on “Ten Grilling and Salad Recipe Ideas for Labor Day Weekend 2009”

  1. Great salad combos. It's so hard to keep sald interesting and appealing and sometimes I get stuck in a rut so thanks for the super ideas

  2. woow it look amazing. I'm definitely going to try this recipes.

  3. You make my mouth water… note to self – do not read while at work! Must be in the kitchen with utensil's in hand!!

    Thank you!!!

  4. Nice selection! We started off with a beef tenderloin roast yesterday, 2 racks of St Louis style spare ribs smoked with apple wood today, and tomorrow I'm doing something with a pork loin.

  5. What a great list of foods. That steak is calling my name.


  6. Kalyn, I don't know how I missed the salmon packet recipe before, but I'm printing it out now!

  7. So many good food in one post, it's like a whole table of delicious dishes my mum would have cooked when I visited her, and I want to eat all of them, and wish my belly was twice bigger….;-)

  8. Thank you everyone for the nice thoughts; hope you're all having a good holiday weekend!

  9. Thank you for the great recipes…I use your rss feed and follow the posts.

  10. Kalyn,
    This looks yummy. I like the combination of garlic thyme and saffron. I'm going to have my husband make it because he's the griller in the family.

  11. Kalyn, that Salmon Packet recipe looks amaaazing 🙂 Have bookmarked to try!

  12. What a wonderful compilation of recipes, Kalyn! You are a wealth of great ideas.

  13. Holy moly, Kalyn – just seeing this amazing rainbow of food is driving me crazy! I think I'll just print it out and make everything:)

  14. This is absolutely perfect, my parents are coming into town and I'm making food for them and the neighbors woohoo!

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