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South Beach Recipes of the Week #5 (I’m Having Fun At Blogher!)

I’m having such fun at the Blogher Conference, but you didn’t think I’d miss sharing some South Beach recipes, did you? Every Saturday I spotlight South Beach Friendly recipes I find on other food blogs, since a lot of people don’t know much about the glycemic index, which is what the South Beach Diet is based on. It’s been interesting how every week I start out on Monday and Tuesday worrying that I won’t see that many South Beach recipes, and by the end of the week I have a whole group to choose from! Now, I realize that only some of my blog readers are South Beach fans, and rest assured, my goal is not to convert anyone to the South Beach diet. I’m pro-choice when it comes to eating! However, I’d be willing to bet plenty of non-South Beach eaters will think these recipes look good too.

Photo by Michelle of Je Mange la Ville

The first recipe I spotted this week that made me go “wow” was on a blog I recently discovered called Je Mange la Ville, where Michelle used chicken, blueberries, feta, and penne pasta to create a Blueberry Pasta Salad that sounds intriguing. This recipe calls for whole wheat pasta, or you can use Dreamfield’s Pasta, which even comes in penne, and either of those choices make this great for phase two or three of South Beach.

Photo by Rorie of Milk and Honey

I spotted this great sounding recipe for Pappa al Pomodora on the blog of my great friend Rorie at Milk and Honey, and when I saw that she used whole wheat bread, I thought, perfect for South Beach! I would be careful to get bread made from 100% whole wheat flour, and I might use a bit less bread, but with those tiny adaptations, this would be great for phase two or three, especially for those in the southern hemisphere where it’s getting cold.

Photo by Surfindaave of The Serendipitous Chef

I always see great looking food when I visit Surfindaave, The Serendipitous Chef, and this week I zeroed right in on this Cucumber and Radish Salad. You know how I’ve been having a thing for radishes this summer, and the cucumbers are just coming on in the garden. In the salad the cukes and radishes are slightly brined, then combined with parsley for a combination that looks like it would taste wonderfully fresh.

Photo by Helen of Beyond Salmon

This last recipe for Not Your Average Cole Slaw comes from talented cook Helen of Beyond Salmon. Cabbage is such a healthy food for any diet, and the tiny amount of sugar in this wouldn’t stop me from eating it. You could substitute Splenda for phase one, or if you just wanted to avoid sugar. I thought the combination of mustardy, limey, herby flavors in this salad sounded divine.

This morning at Blogher there’s an event called “birds of a feather” where like minded people get together, so I’ll report back on which other food bloggers were there. If you’re interested in what’s going on at Blogher, here’s a post about some women who will be doing live blogging from Blogher. Has the conference lost it’s heart now that there are so many more participants? Not according to my friend Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing Blog. By the way, have you done your homework assignment? While I’m off learning to be a better blogger, I’m asking readers to help me think of more interesting ways to say “This tasted really good.” On Monday I’ll be doing a random drawing of the people who have left comments and the winner will get a copy of The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Herbs, a wonderful book I discovered recently. If you’re at all interested in herbs, you’ll love this book, so leave a comment and help me get better at describing my cooking efforts.

I’ll be coming home on Sunday, hopefully in time to post the recap for Weekend Herb Blogging, but if there are lots of entries it might not get posted until Monday. Whichever, you have until 3:00 Sunday (Utah time) to send your entry to kalynskitchen@comcast.net if you want to participate. Check out the rules for Weekend Herb Blogging for more information if you need it.

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6 comments on “South Beach Recipes of the Week #5 (I’m Having Fun At Blogher!)”

  1. Kalyn, thanks for the mention! That Bluebarry pasta sounds good whether you’re going low carb or not!

  2. Grazie mille, Kalyn … you’re the best! And, oh what great recipes to be included with. Hope you’re having a swell time at Blogher – xoxo.

    And what, pray tell, were you and Erin talking about last night when my name came up, missy?

  3. Hi Kalyn,

    This is my first time to visit your blog. Wow! I’m impressed! When do you sleep, Girl?

    I’ve found some great recipes and would love to print (for market shopping and use in the kitchen). How do I do that? When I try, it only prints the list of recipe categories. Thanks for a great site and source of healthy recipes.

  4. Marita, since you left this comment on the page of South Beach Recipes of the week, I’m not sure if you’re trying to print a recipe from this post or just a recipe from the site. If it’s a recipe from this post, you’ll have to click on the link and print it at the site of the other blogger.

    For printing recipes on Kalyn’s Kitchen you have two choices. After you click on a recipe link in the recipe index, you can either highlight the recipe and print just the highlighted part, or print the entire post.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you still have questions.

  5. Glad you’re having fun! Beautiful photos!


  6. Kalyn, I think I will post a bunch of Yiddish expressions ofr abounding deliciousness today if I get a chance. A few that I love:

    It has a thousand flavors
    It brings you to life
    You could serve this to the Czar
    It suffuses every limb
    It tastes Jewish!

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