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South Beach Phase One Recipes:
Something Yummy for Breakfast

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, these egg muffins will be a familiar sight. However, for new readers who’re coming here for South Beach Diet ideas, I thought it would be fun to do a whole post about what I eat for breakfast. And since I’m doing phase one recipes for the month of January, I started thinking about what I’d eat for breakfast on phase one.

Eggs of course! I looked in the South Beach Diet book to see if I was just unimaginative, and they also had two weeks of egg dishes in their menu recommendations. Luckily I love eggs, and there are so many delicious ways to fix them. Let me say right up front, I no longer use egg substitute, even though South Beach does recommend it. I’ve used it and it’s not bad, but since I still was able to lose weight and keep my cholesterol low using real eggs, I made the switch a while ago. Please do not call the South Beach Diet police! If you feel strongly about it, any of these can be made with egg substitute.

Over a couple of years I’ve perfected the recipe for egg muffins so many times, the version above appear in a post titled Egg Muffins Revisited, Again. This is my main breakfast, something I cook on the weekends and then heat in the microwave and eat in the car on the way to school. Click on that link for a recipe with step-by-step instructions plus a few tips I’ve on things I’ve learned.

Here are five other great breakfast options I make when I have more time.

I love feta cheese, and this Greek Frittata is something I’d love to eat for breakfast any day. That post also has step-by-step instructions on how to make a frittata if you haven’t made one before.

When my brother and blog-designer Rand gave me a new omelet pan, I created this yummy looking Omelet with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese that was fantastic.

More feta cheese, and this dish of Sausage, Mushroom, and Feta with Eggs has just enough eggs to hold it together, so it’s mostly about the filling. I use turkey breakfast sausage to make this South Beach Diet friendly.

This Southwestern Egg Casserole is something I invented when I hadn’t gone grocery shopping and I got creative with canned tomatoes and green chiles. The results were fabulous.

This last one may make you smile, but when it’s summer I’ll often make stuffed eggs and eat them for a few days for breakfast, and these Curried Stuffed Eggs are unique and delicious.

You can find even more breakfast options in the Eggs and Breakfast Dishes section of my recipe archives, where most of the recipes are suitable for phase one. When you finish phase one, be sure to try Low Carb Protein Pancakes, Egg Burritos to Die For, or Alanna’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal, my phase two and three breakfast favorites.

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22 comments on “South Beach Phase One Recipes:
Something Yummy for Breakfast”

  1. Oh this post makes me hungry ! I love all these eggy variations.

    A Very Happy New Year and all the Very Best to You, Kalyn !

    Much love from Vienna,


  2. Those look like great breakfast treats!

  3. I like the convenience (and versatility) of the egg muffins…I’m alwasy so pressed for time in the morning it’s nice to have something already made.

  4. What an array of egg dishes! Loved them all Kalyn!Happy 2007!

  5. Missed the egg muffins before — what a great breakfast idea! Thanks for all of the egg variations.

  6. I’m an egg fan — these all look wonderful, Kalyn!

  7. Kalyn it all looks so good!

    I have to tighten my belt now.

  8. How I love eggs! Those long wonderful!

  9. you have inspired me Kalyn–the hubby and I will be attempting phase one starting Saturday, though he claims he can’t give up his morning yogurt. Too bad he won’t eat eggs b/c all of these look fab.

  10. Ooo, la, la! I want one of each!!!

  11. I love breakfast, and those all look so good!

  12. Thanks for posting stuff about the eggcups. I’m doing south beach (I’ve lost 24lb already, but still a long way to go!) I tried these out of the south beach cookbook but wasn’t that keen – probably the spinich put me off. You’ve given them a bit of a twist, and I think i’m going to try them again. Thanks 🙂

  13. Thanks so much for this post. I tried these with leftover cauliflower from a previous meal, some extra cheese and leftover beef bacon. I also added in a bit of green onion. I loved them. One of my kids loved them. The rest of my kids will soon love them because they are going to be a staple.

  14. Wonderful, Kalyn – I’ve been wondering what new dishes to make with eggs! Thanks for running some good ways to start off my January mornings!

  15. I don’t like eggs. Help! What else can I eat for breakfast during Phase 1?

  16. Anonymous, I don’t have a lot of good suggestions for phase one breakfasts without eggs, sorry. Sometimes I eat just a cheese stick in the car on the way to work! You could eat slices of turkey or ham, or any kind of raw vegetables (except carrots) with ranch dip, if that’s something that would appeal to you for breakfast. Sorry I’m not coming up with much of anything else.

  17. how many eggs would you say you eat a day while on phase one? do you limit yourself per week?

  18. Tin-tin, I’ve never limited myself on eggs at all. While eggs were once thought to be harmful, later research has disproved that. In the original SBD book, Dr. Agatston says this, ” We make liberal use of eggs for breakfast,which will alarm some people who have been taught to avoid them due to cholesterol concerns. It turns out that eggs contain minimal saturated fat and raise the good cholesterol along with the bad. The yolk is a good source of natural vitamin E and proteins too.”

  19. These look great, HOWEVER, I can’t stand Eggs .. never could. Do you have any suggestions for phase one alternatives ????

  20. Anonymous, truthfully I couldn’t imagine myself doing phase one without eating eggs. But if you really can’t eat them, I think the most important thing would be to have some protein foods for breakfast. Things like turkey breakfast sausage, cottage cheese, cheese, canned tuna, sliced ham, and tofu might make good alternatives to eggs.

  21. Just found your blog. Great job!! Love all your recipes…especially the looks of the egg muffins. I'm going to try them for sure.

  22. Thanks. Glad to hear you like the blog.

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