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A South Beach Diet Success Story

Don’t You Love That Smile?
I’ll be back with a recipe later today, but here’s something I thought people might find interesting. No, this is not me, but if you’re reading this blog, you probably already know about how I lost 42 pounds and became a food blogger. You might have even seen my list of Ten Reasons I Love the South Beach Diet. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a split personality in my blogging life, because although I’m pretty much committed to the South Beach Diet way of eating, I’m just as committed to having Kalyn’s Kitchen be more than a “diet” blog. More than anything, this blog is about great-tasting food.

Still, since the South Beach Diet truly changed my life, sometimes I just want to talk about it. Here’s a picture that really makes me smile. What you’re seeing is the adorable Pastaqueen who has now officially lost half of her body weight on the South Beach Diet. Whether or not you’re a South Beach Dieter, this has to get your attention. Pastaqueen writes a wonderful blog called Half of Me, where she’s been documenting her weight-loss journey, and she’s writing a book too! I’ve been reading Half of Me for a while now, and am proud to say that I played a little part in getting her a book deal. She’s a fantastic writer: funny, human, and very inspiring. If you’re looking for a blog to help you on your weight loss journey, I recommend Half of Me. Go check it out.

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7 comments on “A South Beach Diet Success Story”

  1. Thanks for highlighting such a great success story and blog…You are right, her blog is extremely motivating, interesting and enjoyable!

  2. I find you inspiring in so many ways. I recognize that the SB is a diet but really appreciate that you blog really is about good good food.
    That’s a great photo and I’ll check out her blog.

  3. Asha and I were cross-posting our comments, so now I’m wondering if she thinks the picture is me too! (I do understand how people quickly scan things on the internet and don’t read carefully.) For anyone else who just glanced at the post, that young woman in the photo is not me. But she does look adorable, doesn’t she!

  4. Mimi, thanks. I’m glad you’re doing well on South Beach.

    Angela, I say whatever works is good! I think your own food preferences are the most important thing in choosing a diet. (BTW, I’m hoping you saw the photo of me under my profile and didn’t think this was me in the photo on that post. I only wish I was that young!)

  5. You look excellent Kalyn!!! Congratulations.Maintain this weight,I don’t think you need to lose anymore girl!:))

  6. I’m a die-hard Weight Watchers girl–59 pounds gone so far!–but South Beach has definitely done great things for you! You look great 🙂


  7. Juat what I needed this morning — some good news about a South Beach dieter. Five days into the diet, and I feel wonderful. After last night’s warm salmon and asparagus, I am sold on what you can eat on Phase One.

    Thanks, Kalyn. You are correct: This blog is about good food.

    Thanks for the intro to PastaQueen.

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