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South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-Up for June 2009 (Low-Glycemic Recipes)

Tomato, Olive, and Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Basil VinaigretteKalyn’s favorite phase one recipe for June 2009 was
Tomato, Olive, and Fresh Mozzarella Salad
with Basil Vinaigrette.

I’m not sure which is harder to believe, that it’s the end of June already, or that I’m retired! I can tell you, I definitely don’t feel retired with all the work I’ve done this month getting ready for the house to be painted, and other chores related to house renovations. I’m thinking the reality of retirement will hit me in August when I don’t have to go back to school. Meanwhile, it feels like summer, and it’s time for another monthly round-up of phase one recipes I’ve made this month or spotted on other blogs. 

As always, I sometimes see recipes that could easily be made phase one with minor changes, so those things are noted. And of course, I’ll never find all the phase one recipes that have been posted in a month, so if you’re a blogger who posted a recipe in June you think would be approved for phase one, check after the recipes to see how to submit it.

Phase One Appetizers and Condiments
Socca (chickpea flatbread) from David Lebovitz
Farinata or Socca (chickpea flatbread) from Blog From Our Kitchen
Baba Ghanouj (eggplant dip) from One Hot Stove (Serve with crudites for phase one)
Marinated Fresh Mozzarella with Herbs from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Tuna and White Bean Dip from A Veggie Venture (serve with celery dippers for phase one)
White Bean Garlic Dip from The Perfect Pantry (serve with celery dippers for phase one)

Phase One Salads and Salad Dressings
Tomato, Olive, and Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Basil Vinaigrette from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Quick and Easy White Bean Salad from Simply Recipes
Cannellini Bean Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette from Andrea’s Recipes
Summer Salad from Dutch Girl Cooking (bacon isn’t really approved for South Beach, but you could use turkey bacon)
Mint and Dill Romaine Salad from Dani Spies (Agave nectar isn’t phase one, but there’s only 1 tsp. in this dressing. You could substitute Splenda or just leave it out.)
Summer Black Bean Salad from The Pink Peppercorn
White Bean Salad with Mint and Red Onion from Sidewalk Shoes
Buttermilk Dressing, Extra Spicy from Homesick Texan
A Silver Lining Salad from Married with Dinner

Phase One Soups, Stews, or Chilis
Gazpacho – The Official Soup of Summer from Cora Cooks

Phase One Vegetables or Side Dishes
Simple Cauliflower from Foodie Reflections
Roasted Green Beans with Shallot Vinaigrette from Cooking in Color (Agave nectar isn’t phase one, but there’s only 1/2 tsp. in this dressing. You could substitute Splenda or just leave it out.)
Onion Gratin with Rosemary and Thyme from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Fried Green Beans from Thyme for Cooking
Tatsoi with Garam Masala from Andrea’s Recipes
Grilled Lemon Curry Cauliflower from Cara’s Cravings
Fire-Charred Tomatoes from A Veggie Venture
Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic, Thyme, and Balsamic Vinegar from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Phase One Meat, Chicken, or Fish Entrees
Grilled Flank Steak with Kimchi-Style Coleslaw from Bitten
Grilled Jumbo Prawns from Sea Salt with Food (don’t serve with fruit salsa for phase one)
Soy-Ginger Marinated Flank Steak from Cookin’ Canuck
Summer Shrimp Kabobs from The Pink Peppercorn
Cod with Salsa and Feta from What Geeks Eat
Grilled Cilantro Lime Shrimp Skewers from Two Peas and Their Pod
Tasty Tilapia from Dine and Dish (don’t use butter for South Beach)
Codfish with Cheddar and Tomatoes from Dutch Girl Cooking
Greek-Seasoned Grilled Pork Chops with Lemon and Oregano from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Phase One Vegetarian or Meat-Free Entrees
Imam Baildi (Stuffed Eggplants) from Kalofagas
Grilled Eggplant and Heirloom Tomato Sandwich with Basil and Tomato Coulis from TasteFood

Phase One Breakfasts
Asparagus with Fried Eggs from Italian Cooking Recipes
Egg Drop from Dutch Girl Cooking
Basil and Veggie Mini Quiches from Cookin’ Canuck
Feta Cheese and Avocado Mini-Frittata for Two from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Asparagus and Fresh Mozzarella Frittata with Parmesan and Chives from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Roasted Asparagus with Poached Egg from Closet Cooking

Did I Miss Your Phase One Recipe?

Phase one menus for the South Beach Diet focus on lean meats, seafood, eggs, dried beans, soy products, low-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, and most vegetables. Phase one doesn’t permit fruit, alcohol, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, or any foods high in saturated fat. Obviously I miss lots of phase one recipes, so if you’re a food blogger who posted a recipe this month that you think would be approved for phase one, please feel free to e-mail me the link at kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. I’ll take a look, and if the recipe is phase-one friendly, I’ll add it to next months roundup. (Please don’t leave recipe links in the comments. They will not be published.)
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17 comments on “South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-Up for June 2009 (Low-Glycemic Recipes)”

  1. Naomi, I wouldn't use the Splenda/Brown Sugar blend for phase one, and since it does contain sugar, I only use it in small amounts for the other phases too.

  2. Congrats!!!

    Quick question…would anyone happen to know if the Splenda brown sugar blend is ok for Phase 1? I almost purchased a bag but saw that it was a blend of sugar & splenda…

    Btw…great site!!!

  3. Thanks for the amazing collection, Kalyn! You're an inspiration 🙂 Happy retirement!!

  4. Sarah and Jackie, thanks. (That's me, getting behind on comments again!)

    Anonymous, so glad to hear it. Inspiring people to cook is my goal!

  5. Thank you so much for collecting and posting all these recipes! I just started the south beach diet and I LOVE vegetables but I get so bored. I use a lot of the same flavors and entree combinations. Your site is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for renewing my desire to cook!

  6. Kalyn,
    Thanks for including my post on cauliflower in your recipe round-up. It's a great collection with a lot of interesting tips and information.

  7. I love these posts that you do each month, Kalyn! Even though I am not on the diet, the recipes all always sound so delish and fresh.

  8. Retirement is great, even if I'm not sure I feel retired! Thanks everyone for stopping by. Glad this type of post is helpful (it helps ME stay on track to be focused on finding these recipes, that's for sure!)

  9. Awesome round-up, as usual! I haven't had dinner yet and my stomach was grumbling as I was reading the list. Thanks so much for including my flank steak and mini quiche recipes.

  10. Happy Retirement Kalyn, I am sure you will have lots of fun but your students are going to miss you

  11. we just made this for dinner, oh my goodness, my new fave recipe from u. We used a BV dressing from Emeril, wow…soo good. thanks for helping me keep to the SB plan!

  12. Great list of recipes!

  13. I see soooo many healthful must-try recipes here, especially the salads- perfect for summer.

    Thank you for including my eggplant dip, Kalyn 🙂

  14. This salad sounds so delicious! Perfect salad for summer!

  15. Sara, I don't know what's wrong, but thanks for checking. Maybe try re-subscribing to see if that fixes it. (I subscribe to my own blog, and I've been getting it okay.)

  16. I subscribe on my bloglines and wondered why you hadn't posted in a while, so I clicked on to your site and see I've missed TONS of posts! I seem to be getting all my other feeds ok, so maybe something is wrong with your feed? If not, any suggestions for me?

  17. Sounds like retirement is off to a roaring start! Congratulations!

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