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South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-Up for November 2009 (Low-Glycemic Recipes)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and GorgonzolaKalyn’s favorite phase one recipe from November 2009 is
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Gorgonzola

Hard to believe that it’s December, but there it is on the calendar! I wonder how many people start the South Beach Diet in December? Nevertheless, I’m still doing a phase one round-up this month because I notice that all year people visit the archives page for phase one recipe round-ups, so I didn’t want to leave out the tasty recipes I’ve found this month. Of course no one can find all the phase one recipes food bloggers have posted in a month, so if you’re a blogger who’s posted a recipe in November that you think might be phase one approved, see after the recipes list for how to submit it.

Every month I find a few recipes that could easily be made South Beach Diet friendly with minor changes, so those kinds of substitutions are noted after the recipe links.

(You can use the label Low-Glycemic Recipe Round-Ups to see all the posts like this one.)

Phase One Appetizers and Condiments
Crunchy Roasted Garbanzos from AskGeorgie.com
Thick Yogurt Tahina Dip with Herbs from A Life (Time) of Cooking
Hummus with Roasted Garlic and Truffle Salt from Home With Mandy
Simple Tahini Sauce from Chocolate and Zucchini
Roasted Kale Chips from Eat Real
Kale Chips from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free

Phase One Salads and Salad Dressings
Caponata (Eggplant Salad) from Lime Green Kitchen
Tri-Color Pepper and Lentil Salad from The Creative Pot
Spinach, Feta, Sun-Dried Tomato, and Toasted Seed Salad from Cook Sister!
How to Make French Vinaigrette from David Lebovitz
Baby Spinach with Warm Olive Oil and Walnuts from In Good Taste
Japanese Aubergine Salad from Gourmet Traveler (replace sugar with Splenda)

Phase One Soups, Stews, or Chilis
Leftover Turkey (or ground turkey) and Pinto Bean Chili with Lime and Cilantro from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Escarole and White Bean Soup from Phoo-D
Tom Yum Kung (Thai Hot and Sour Soup) from Manali and Terry (use Splenda in place of sugar)
Black Bean and Ham Soup from Daily Unadventures in Cooking (leave our carrot for phase one)
Slow Roasted Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup from Two Peas and Their Pod
Spicy Prawn Tom Yam Soup from Gourmet Traveler
Turkey White Chili from Simply Recipes

Phase One Vegetables or Side Dishes
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Pecans (with or without Gorgonzola cheese) from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Shredded and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Almonds and Parmesan from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Green Beans with Caramelized Red Onions from Andrea Meyers (use Splenda in place of sugar)
Mushrooms with Bacon and Sage from The Purple Foodie (turkey bacon would be best for South Beach, but this recipe uses a very small amount of bacon even if you used the real thing)
Asparagus with Feta Cheese from Souvlaki for the Soul
Barlotti Beans with Asparagus from Italian Cooking Recipes
Super Simple Shredded Sauteed Brussels Sprouts from 5 Second Rule
Quick Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Parmesan from Farmgirl Fare
Marinated Eggplant with Tahini Sauce from The Purple Foodie
Stir-Fried Kale with Garlic (Chinese Style) from Teczcape – An Escape to Food
Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Daily Unadventures in Cooking
Parmesan Roasted Broccoli from The Purple Foodie
Brussels Sprouts Dijonaise from Seriously Good
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Olive Oil from The Naptime Chef

Phase One Meat, Chicken, or Fish Entrees
Salmon Confit from Nami Nami (replace sugar with Splenda)
Grilled Swordfish with Lentils from Stephen Cooks (omit carrots and corn for phase one)
Peppery Chicken Curry from Kayotic Kitchen
Slow Cooked Salmon from Sticky Chewy Creamy Gooey

Phase One Vegetarian or Meat-Free Entrees
Cannellini Beans with Garlic and Sage from Perry’s Plate
Mushroom Bhaji (Mushrooms in Tomato-Onion Sauce) from The Perfect Pantry
Slow Cooker Pinto Beans from Nourishing Days

Phase One Breakfasts
Scrambled Eggs with Tomatillos from Simply Recipes

Did I Miss Your Phase One Recipe?

Phase one menus for the South Beach Diet focus on lean meats, seafood, eggs, dried beans, soy products, low-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, and most vegetables. Phase one doesn’t permit fruit, alcohol, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, or any foods high in saturated fat. Obviously I miss lots of phase one recipes, so if you’re a food blogger who posted a recipe this month that you think would be approved for phase one, please feel free to e-mail me the link at kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. I’ll take a look, and if the recipe is phase-one friendly, I’ll add it to next months roundup. (Please don’t leave recipe links in the comments. They will not be published.)

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18 comments on “South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-Up for November 2009 (Low-Glycemic Recipes)”

  1. Colleen it sounds to me like you might need to read the South Beach Diet book so you'll know which foods are allowed and why. Having said that, all the recipes listed here are phase one as written, taking into consideration any substitutions I've added. If you make substitutions, make sure they are in keeping with the restrictions of the diet.

  2. I am starting the South Beach diet this week. I am very excited to have found your site. I do have a question though…do you need to follow the recipes exactly for the first phase? I see different recipes but would not know how to integrate them into the different meal plans. Any hints?

  3. Everything I love in one healthy bowl. Sounds delicious to me! Thanks.

  4. My husband and I started Phase 1 on Monday. There's always an excuse, and we decided just because it's the holidays, that doesn't mean we can't try to lose weight. THANK YOU for these recipe ideas – we'll take full use out of them this weekend!

  5. Thanks to everyone for letting me know that even in December you don't mind seeing this kind of round-up. (I'll be doing phase one in January too!)

  6. Thank you so much for including my soup in your wonderful round up! All of these recipes look fantastic, and will be very helpful as I try to lighten up our holidays.

  7. Thanks so much for the link, Ms Hot Kalyn! 😉 The salad is just so tasty – I can't get tnough of it. I've got my sights set on your shredded Brussels sprouts with Parmesan now!

  8. hello it is my first time visiting here, it’s a great site with a great recipes, thanks for share.

  9. great roundup… will save for January 2nd (my annual diet starts then)

  10. This monthly roundup is such a great service for folks who are looking for low-glycemic goodness.

    I look forward to it every month!

    Donna Kelly

  11. How sweet of you to include my salmon recipe, Kalyn! And as always -plenty of excellent recipe ideas for me to try!

  12. Oh my gosh. Few recipes make my heart pitter patter just from the name…but this is one. MUST MAKE! Thank you!

  13. Thanks for including a link to my blog! I agree, your brussels sprouts salad looks amazing. I had roasted brussels sprouts for the first time this Thanksgiving and it's totally changed my mind about them! (I thought they were nasty at the salad bar ;))

  14. What a great round-up! I was thrilled to find a link to my blog here…I am knee-deep in my monthly kitchen prep work but had to stop by and say THANK YOU!! I can't wait to spend some time going through these great recipes, especially the roasted veggies and vegetarian entrees. We've been eating a couple vegetarian dinners a week and have been loving it.

  15. Thanks Kalyn–I am one of the people who is going back on phase one this month! Trying to head off the usual holiday weight gain. Wish me luck!

  16. I am actually starting phase one this week… the clothes do not lie even if it's December..lol Thanks

  17. We made the roasted Brussels sprouts recipe for Thanksgiving, and it was one of our favorite new recipes for November, too!

  18. Thanks so much for inluding my salad! Your brusselsprouts dish looks gorgeous.

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