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Saladang Song In Pasadena

This is the last of the reports on a restaurant where I ate in June when I visited Rand and Bradley in California. These photos were taken with my old camera, but I still think you can tell how great this food was. Saladang Song is so incredible, there’s a sister restaurant, Saladang, located right next door. The food is only slightly different at each, and both do a booming business.

The setting is quite lovely.

Courtyard at Saladang Song.

Thai Iced Tea (Cha-yen) and Thai Iced Coffee (Ga-fey-yen.)

We ordered lunch specials. Kalyn and Rand both had Beef with Thai Basil, which came with fried squid with a spicy sauce. Very delicious.

Bradley had Pad Thai noodles and the same fried squid.

The complimentary dessert was some kind of mango-flavored ice cream.

Really a great place to have Thai food.



Saladang Song
383 South Fair Oaks
Pasadena, California
(626) 793-5200


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    7 Comments on “Saladang Song In Pasadena”

  1. Brandon, thanks.

    Christine, now I need to go to visit them again and go to more restaurants!

    Ellie, it was so delicious.

    Ed, I love Thai basil too. One of my favorite dishes at Thai Siam in salt Lake is minced chicken with peppers and Thai basil. Just awesome.

    Jennifer, very fun that you’ve been there. I loved it. If I lived there I’d eat there all the time.

    Sher, more proof that we have the same taste buds.

  2. Mmmm–I love Thai food and that looks great!

  3. This post brought back some great memories! My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have just moved from Pasadena after 5 years there, and Saladang was a favorite spot every time we visited them. My mouth is watering in remembrance of the yellow curry I had there…yum!

  4. Kalyn – Glad to hear you found a great Thai restaurant. I love Thai Basil! It’s so fragrant.

  5. Oh, I love thai food and the meals you had look positively scrumptious!

  6. Hi Kalyn,
    Your so cal trip just keeps on giving! Thanks for the post and for those photos – which are really great, by the way.
    See you for WHB soon!

  7. Hello! Just out blog surfing. Awesome blog!