This is the last of the reports on a restaurant where I ate in June when I visited Rand and Bradley in California. These photos were taken with my old camera, but I still think you can tell how great this food was. Saladang Song is so incredible, there’s a sister restaurant, Saladang, located right next door. The food is only slightly different at each, and both do a booming business.

The setting is quite lovely.

Courtyard at Saladang Song.

Thai Iced Tea (Cha-yen) and Thai Iced Coffee (Ga-fey-yen.)

We ordered lunch specials. Kalyn and Rand both had Beef with Thai Basil, which came with fried squid with a spicy sauce. Very delicious.

Bradley had Pad Thai noodles and the same fried squid.

The complimentary dessert was some kind of mango-flavored ice cream.

Really a great place to have Thai food.



Saladang Song
383 South Fair Oaks
Pasadena, California
(626) 793-5200


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