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Roundup for Weekend Herb Blogging #6

Another weekend and more delightful herbs, plants, veggies, and flowers featured on wonderful food blogs. Every weekend I get a little more amazed, first, at how much I am learning from doing this, and second, at the creative and inventive posts my fellow bloggers come up with to celebrate Weekend Herb Blogging. If you don’t quite know what WHB is all about, here’s a link to my first ever weekend herb blogging post.

Since that first weekend what started as a joke between Sweetnicks and I has turned into a regular weekend event. This weekend once again bloggers from all over the world participated.

First to send an entry was Vijay from the great Indian food blog My Dhaba. Every week Vijay sends us something interesting and unusual, and this week he featured the date palm, lots of interesting information about dates, and a great recipe for Date Kheer (pudding). Best of all was a charming photo of Vijay’s son Adarsh, showing off a handfull of freshly-picked dates.

Next to send in a link was Cookiecrumb from I’m Mad and I Eat, one of my favorite blogs. Cookiecrumb sent a photo of her always adorable dog, Bean Sprout, nestled among some sage and a very interesting sounding recipe for Sage Pecan Cheese Wafers. (Cookiecrumb, what if I tried making them with whole wheat flour?)

Next was a new participant (seems like every week we get at least one or two new people!) Ruth from Once Upon a Feast sent some photos of impressive looking pots of basil and rosemary that she had on her porch in August and some lovely cut herbs as well. Since Ruth is in Toronto, her herbs that were growing madly back then are now feeling the effects of winter. (Ruth, I don’t think I have ever told you, but one of my best friends in Salt Lake is from Toronto.)

Next was another new participant, Mae Gabriel from the blog Rice and Noodles. Mae told me she was from Jersey in the Channel Islands, and I got out my Atlas to be sure I knew where it was. Turns out I am just another uninformed American when it comes to Geography, despite being a teacher. (If you didn’t know either, the Channel Islands are in the English Channel, and Jersey is quite close to the coast of France.) What a great place to live. Anyway, back to herb blogging, Mae shared a photo of her amazing garlic plant and some interesting information about garlic.

Next was another entry from the amazing photographer Ilva from the Italian blog, Lucullian Delights. Ilva came through on her promise to show us her flowering rosemary and also shared instructions and some lovely photos of how to make olive oil infused with rosemary. I’ve never seen rosemary flower, probably because where I live it either dies or goes completely dormant in the winter. It was really beautiful.

Indira was next to post with her beautiful photo of spinach (Palak, Pala Kura) as well as recipes for Spinach Dal and Palak Paneer. Indira writes the blog Mahanandi, where her photos of gorgeous Indian food always make me hungry. I don’t have much experience cooking Indian food, but there is a great store in Salt Lake called India Unlimited where I love to shop. (I confess Indira, I mostly buy jars of premixed curry paste or cilantro chutney.)

Next up, Farmgirl sends an amazingly sunlit photo of escarole with a lone stalk of dill shooting out. If you have not visited Farmgirl Fare to see the daily farm photo, you’re missing out on some great photos. I haven’t ever grown escarole, but it was also beautiful in this photo.

As for myself, this weekend it was time for Thyme (to round out Simon and Garfunkel’s famous four). I do have an intersting thyme recipe that I’ll be posting this week also, but I was too busy over the weekend celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday to post it.

Next weekend we will be back with more interesting and unusal posts about herbs, plants, veggies, or flowers, so if you’re a blogger, come and join in the fun.

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    9 Comments on “Roundup for Weekend Herb Blogging #6”

  1. Happy birthday to Kalyn’s dad—wow! That’s impressive. Can’t wait for the thyme recipe–it’s ALWAYS time for thyme at my place. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t wait to explore all these great sites and recipes! Thanks for summarizing it all..

  3. oh, and thanks again!

  4. Hi Kalyn,

    Wow, i can’t tell you how happy i am to be included in this great round-up! My first ever blog event…

    Did you know, that New Jersey is named after Jersey, Channel Islands? Every time we go away and people ask us where we live… there’s always a response either ah.. New Jersey, US? or Where’s that??? Funny huh… but quite frustrating sometimes. Your description is very good! Yes, this is a lovely island… must post some lovely photos soon.

  5. Kalyn, what a wonderful round up, especially for people like me, living where it’s gorgeous greens growing lavishly in the garden is not a common thing. I got that summer energy just looking!!

    I had the pleasure of visiting Salt Lake City just once about 5 years ago – they were doing a lot of construction for the Olympics at the time – and I loved the city and the people I met. I must come back for a visit soon.

    Again, thanks for hosting.

  6. Hi Kalyn,
    You really write wonderful roundups. I love WHB! (Can I get that on a tee shirt? : )

  7. And I know that there are more food bloggers out there preparing to join in! Thanks for the round up and your kind words Kalyn. I wanted to ask you, what type of thyme do you have? Lemon thyme? Mine looks a bit different but that is good because it means that it’s ok if I do some herb blogging with it!

  8. CC – Yes, I have been amazed. I’m not only happy that so many people have chosen to join in the fun, but also just thrilled with the quality of the things that people are sending every week. I love reading them.

  9. First!!
    Kalyn, thanks. Great roundup. Hasn’t it been amazing, the responses you’ve gotten?
    As for the sage pecan cheese wafers, I’d try making them with garbanzo flour!