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Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps

Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps have all the flavors found in Gyros without the pita bread, and this is delicious with Tzatziki Sauce

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Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps with Tzatziki and Tomatoes found on KalynsKitchen.com

This recipe for Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps is for everyone who loves the complex flavors of Greek Gyros (pronounced yeer-ohs), but it’s especially for my brother Mark. When the idea first popped into my head to make a lettuce wrap with Gyro flavors, I immediately thought of Mark and his love of Greek food.

It might have been a good thing that I had that image of him enjoying this in my mind, because it took Jake and I five tries to get the seasoning for the Gyro meatballs just right. When I came back to the kitchen from taking photos and Jake sheepishly admitted he had eaten quite a few of the meatballs, I knew this final version was a keeper!

It’s impossible to completely duplicate the flavor of Gyro meat at home, since it’s cooked on a spit with a heating element behind the meat, and crisp pieces are shaved off to be made into Gyros. I found lots of recipes online for Gyro meat, but it was the Gyro Meat recipe from The Spice House that Jake and I thought had the best flavor.

We made our version of the Greek meatballs with slightly less Greek seasoning than the recipe called for, since it’s fairly salty, but the combination of flavors was fantastic. (And for the record, no one at The Spice House has given me any of this seasoning or knows I’m writing about it, although I have met the owner a few times and like her a lot!)

Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps process shots collage

How to Make Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps:

(Scroll down for complete printable recipe including nutritional information.)

  1. Coarsely chop 1/2 of an onion and then chop it in the food processor until it’s finely chopped. Add the Greek Seasoning (affiliate link), ground cumin (affiliate link), and garlic powder and buzz a couple more times so the seasonings are well combined.
  2. Mix the onion-spice mixture into the lean ground beef.
  3. We used a plastic tablespoon to scoop out the meat and rolled it into 20 smallish meatballs.
  4. We cooked the meatballs in a stove-top grill pan over medium-high heat.
  5. While meatballs cook, chop up some cherry tomatoes to go in the lettuce wraps. You’ll also need Tzatziki sauce, which you can buy (or use my recipe and make the Worlds Greatest Tzatziki Sauce.)
  6. We used iceberg lettuce, two leaves together for each wrap, and put three meatballs into each one. Then put a generous amount of Tzatziki sauce and some chopped tomatoes over the meatballs, fold over the lettuce and eat!

Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps with Tzatziki and Tomatoes found on KalynsKitchen.com

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Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps

Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps

Yield 7 lettuce wraps
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 37 minutes

Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps have all the amazing flavors found in Gyros, without the pita bread.


  • 1 lb. ground beef
  • 1/2 onion, finely chopped in food processor
  • 1 T Greek seasoning (see notes)
  • 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tsp. olive oil, for brushing grill pan
  • 1 large head iceberg lettuce
  • 3/4 cup Tzatziki Sauce (see notes)
  • 1/2 cup chopped cherry tomatoes


  1. Coarsely chop the onion; then put it in the food processor and pulse until onion is finely chopped.
  2. Add the Greek Seasoning (affiliate link), ground cumin (affiliate link), and garlic powder and pulse a few more times until the seasonings are well blended with the onion. (You can also do this by hand, but it’s easier in the food processor.)
  3. Put the ground beef into a bowl, add the onion-spice mixture, and use your clean hands to mix the spices into the meat.
  4. Then use a tablespoon-sized measuring spoon to scoop out the meat and form into meatballs. (I got 20 meatballs.)
  5. Brush a stove-top grill pan or frying pan with olive oil, then heat the pan over medium high heat and cook the meatballs, turning often, until they are well browned and completely cooked through (about 10-12 minutes.)
  6. Cut out the core of the lettuce and cut the lettuce head into two halves, then break the leaves apart, making each lettuce cup out of two leaves.
  7. Put three meatballs into each lettuce cup, top with Tzatziki sauce, and sprinkle over chopped tomatoes.
  8. The Gyro meatballs were great after they had been in the fridge overnight.
  9. I wouldn’t recommend microwaving them; I just heated them in a mini-frying pan on the stove.


Greek Seasoning Note: The Spice House Greektown Billygoat Seasoning contains “coarse flake salt, granulated garlic powder, Tellicherry black pepper, onion powder, Greek fancy oregano and powdered lemon peel.” I particularly love this blend, but I think most brands of Greek Seasoning (affiliate link) have similar ingredients.

I love my homemade Tzatziki but purchased Tzatziki Sauce is also fine.

This recipe for the meatballs adapted from the Gyro Meat recipe from The Spice House.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 220Total Fat: 14gSaturated Fat: 5gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 60mgSodium: 764mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 1gSugar: 3gProtein: 19g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated by the Recipe Plug-In I am using. I am not a nutritionist and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, since many variables affect those calculations.

If you make this recipe I'd love to hear how it turns out. Leave a star rating or share on social media with the hashtag #KALYNSKITCHEN, thanks!

Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
When the Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps are made with lean ground beef, this is suitable for any phase of the original South Beach Diet. It’s also suitable for other low-carb eating plans, which would prefer beef with more fat and maybe less tomatoes for this dish.

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    54 Comments on “Ground Beef Gyro Meatball Lettuce Wraps”

  1. being greek, there's nothing like a good gyro. i can't wait to try these! i don't care much about the charred edges, so i'm going to make the meat into a meatloaf for convenience. this way, i'll just have to slice a bit for each portion and EAT. there's nothing more arduous than rolling meatballs.

  2. I made this for dinner and it was just want I wanted. So delicious!

    I've been a big fan of your Greek meatball recipe for years, but I like this just as much, and it's a little bit less of a fuss to cook. ALSO, I was thinking about what gives it that gyro flavor, and I definitely think it's the addition of cumin and lemon!

    A few tips/changes:

    I do not have a grill pan, but I cooked the meatballs in my regular cast iron skillet, and still got a nice char. I made the meatballs more nugget-shaped for easy flipping.

    I didn't have a Greek seasoning mix, so I added salt, pepper, lemon zest, a bit of lemon juice, and a dried Italian herb mix that had a lot of oregano. Turned out great!

  3. I made the Greek meatballs with tzatziki the other night. So good!

  4. What a great healthy twist on the traditional gyro! I love it 🙂

  5. Lydia, I absolutely love this recipe; hope you enjoy!

  6. I'm definitely going to try these with turkey meatballs. I love that Greek seasoning from The Spice House, too. (I'm so glad we discovered it when we visited Chicago years ago.)

  7. These were great! I baked them at 350 and served them with a greek salad. My husband and son loved them! This will be a great easy and quick week night supper. Oh, I added a bit of cayenne pepper for some extra spice.

  8. Kalyn, these were so delicious! My husband I loved them, just made them for lunch. I had them in the lettuce cups and he had his in pita bread. It's a winner.

  9. These were delicious….I baked mine @ 400 degrees for about 20 min. Thanks for the wonderful recipe !

  10. You can definitely use lamb. I used beef to keep the saturated fat lower.

  11. I love the recipe but i was wondering why you didn't use minced lamb. Do you think it would be ok if I used minced lamb?

  12. This is a delicious meal! My and husband and I both loved it, and it was so filling!