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CrockPot Rice with Dried Mushrooms, Herbs, and Parmesan

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Delicious Rice with Dried Mushrooms, Parmesan, and Herbs made in the slow cooker!

Did you know you could put rice, seasonings, dried mushrooms, and stock into your slow cooker and a few hours later you’ll have a delicious rice side dish without heating up the house or watching it at all?  I’m thinking this is the perfect rice dish for a hot summer day when you’re preparing for a party, or even for Sunday when you’re gone to church but want dinner ready when you get home.  This way of cooking rice was completely new to me, and I was so pleased with the results that I’m already imagining lots of other rice dishes made in the slow cooker.

I always like to give credit for any recipe adapted from a cookbook, even when I’ve changed nearly everything in the recipe like I did this one.  But the cookbook where I found this idea is out of stock on Amazon.com, the reviews there are mostly negative, and I’ve had the book for 15 years and this is the first thing I’ve made from it.  I guess even bad cookbooks have at least a few good recipes, but I don’t think I’m going to encourage anyone to buy this book, even though I did like how the rice turned out!

I confess, it was partly this huge jar of assorted dried mushrooms that attracted me to a recipe that used rice and dried mushrooms (from Costco, but transferred into jar for storage!)

I broke the mushrooms apart with my fingers into smallish pieces, but this was nearly 2 cups of dried mushrooms before they were broken apart.  Of course if you don’t have that huge jar, just use less!

The recipe called for 3 cups chicken stock and 3/4 cup white wine.   I used 2 cans of low sodium chicken stock, which was just right.

Put the broken mushroom pieces, finely chopped onions, rice, dried thyme, dried parsley, Spike Seasoning (if using), and chicken stock into the slow cooker.  Cooking time is about 3 hours on low, but if you’re home I’d start to check it after 2 1/2 hours.
I cooked this rice for 2 hours 45 minutes, and I thought it was perfectly done, although on low it probably could have gone a bit longer with no problems.

When the rice is done stir in a generous amount of Parmesan cheese.  Freshly-grated Parmesan like this is best, but if you don’t have it any Parmesan with a good flavor will work.  Serve hot, garnished with chopped parsley if desired.

CrockPot Rice with Dried Mushrooms, Herbs, and Parmesan
(Makes about 6 servings; recipe inspired by a very old cookbook which Kalyn has reluctantly decided not to name.)

(I used a 3.5 quart CrockPot for this recipe, but it could have been a little smaller.)

1 oz. dried mushrooms, broken apart (about 2 cups before breaking apart but could use less)
1/4 cup very finely chopped onion (it must be finely chopped to cook in that much time)
1 1/2 cups Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice
1 tsp. dried thyme
2 tsp. dried parsley
1 tsp. Spike Seasoning (optional, but good)
2 cans low-sodium chicken stock (14.5 oz. can, about 3 3/4 cups total)
4-6 T finely grated fresh Parmesan
chopped fresh parsley for garnish (optional)

Break the mushrooms apart with your fingers into smallish pieces.  Finely chop enough onion to make 1/4 cup chopped onion. 

Put the broken mushroom pieces, finely chopped onions, rice, dried thyme, dried parsley, Spike Seasoning (if using), and chicken stock into the slow cooker.  Cook on low for about 3 hours.  (Cooking time can vary with slow cookers, so I’d start to check it after 2 1/2 hours.  I cooked the rice in these photos for 2 hours and 45 minutes and it was perfectly done.)

Stir in Parmesan cheese and serve hot, with chopped fresh parsley for garnish if desired.

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South Beach Suggestions:

I use Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice in this recipe partly because it’s the most low-glycemic type of white rice (and is even lower on the glycemic index than some types of brown rice due to the converting process which removes some of the start.  Made with Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice or another type of low-glycemic rice, this would be a good side dish for phase 2 or 3 of the South Beach Diet.

CrockPot Rice with Dried Mushrooms, Herbs, and Parmesan

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44 comments on “CrockPot Rice with Dried Mushrooms, Herbs, and Parmesan”

  1. Looks great. I especially liked the last step when you added in the cheese!

  2. I've always wanted to try rice in the slow cooker. I usually make it in my rice cooker, but it's nice to have this alternate method. (And I like the last minute addition of cheese, too — much like risotto.)

  3. This is going to change my life! I had no idea you could make rice in the slow-cooker. I think I need to make some tomorrow. Today mine was busy cooking Brazilian black beans. 🙂

  4. Barbara, me too. Isn't everything better with Parmesan.

    Lydia, not as creamy as risotto, but very tasty. I do love the rice cooker, but this is more like a pilaf.

    Lindsey, so glad! I had no idea either, but I was happy with how it turned out.

  5. I wonder if orzo would work in a slow cooker?

  6. Never really thought do do a rice dish in my crockpot as a side. What a great way to complement something I've made on the grill w.o heating up the kitchen!

  7. Have you made this without mushrooms? I don't eat those and want to try this, though, and am not sure how much less chicken stock to use for what would have been absorbed by the dehydrated mushrooms. If you know or have a guess, I'd appreciate it!

  8. I think I'm going to modify this use my rice cooker. I didn't know Costco had dried mushrooms!

  9. Huh. I never thought of adding dried mushrooms (my fav) to the slow cooker. Genious. This is a brilliant simple summer dish. Thanks so much and very kind of you to give credit to your inspiration.

  10. I doubt this will work with orzo, because when you cook pasta it doesn't absorb the water the way rice does.

    Mary, I was impressed with how well it turned out and love the idea of doing it in the summer!

    Hippychick, I haven't made it without mushrooms. I think they added a lot of flavor, so you might need more spices if you left them out. As for how much less liquid you'd need I would guess only about 1/4 cup or so less, but that is *only* a guess.

    Pam you could definitely do this in the rice cooker, and it would be faster.

    Healthy Mama, loved the dried mushrooms in this dish!

  11. wow I definitely would not have thought that this was possible! I never think to use my slow cooker much anymore, but that's about to change!

  12. Love he idea of such a delicious dish and not having to turn on the oven!

  13. Joanne, this was so amazingly easy.

    Maris, agreed! And it would be great for a side dish when you're really busy preparing a big meal.

  14. This is a great idea. I'm always struggling to time the rice to finish with the rest of the meal. Great waynto use tasty dried mushrooms too.

  15. TW, I think this could stay warm in the CrockPot for at least an hour; one more thing I like about it!

  16. I have only made stews in my slow cooker so far, so I am really pleased to see this recipe. I think I will try it today and take it to work for lunch. I usually leave my slow cooker on overnight, but that wouldn't be a good idea with a rice dish. Still I have plenty of time to make it tonight. Thank you Kalyn.

  17. Jacqueline, hope you like it.

    I'm thinking you could even make something like "fried rice" with this method, putting the meat and veggies in after the rice was mostly cooked.

  18. This looks like a great veggie dish! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Kalyn,
    I have a pot of this on the stove right now. I also added a couple of hefty squirts of fresh lemon to it. I use a lot of lemon on things because I love it and it also helps me be less generous with the salt shaker. It brightens things up. I can hardly wait til I can sample this dish. It sounds delish!Thanks for posting it. –Libby

  20. Miri, thanks. Hope you try it.

    Libby, since you said "on the stove" hope you realize that cooking time will be much shorter for stovetop, since this is a CrockPot recipe.

  21. Love the idea of a crockpot making my side dish for me. I never think to use dried mushrooms… not sure why- they go so well in things like this!

  22. Thanks Anh. So easy and good.

    Lori, I loved the dried mushrooms in this. I'm glad to have an easy way to use up that big jar!

  23. I love using the crockpot for these kinds of meals! And I have notoriously bad luck with cooking rice (burns to the bottom of the pan because I get distracted by something else most often) so this seems like a great method to ensure that doesn't happen!

  24. I highly recommend it for any time when you don't want to have to watch the rice very carefully!

  25. What a great idea! I have some dried cepes I've been wanting to use, this is perfect for our LA summer weather. Do you know if I can substitute Basmati rice for Uncle B's? And I'm another one who didn't know Costco carried dried mushrooms!

  26. I haven't tried it with Basmati but I'm guessing it will work. I don't know if the rice/liquid ratio would be exactly the same though. You might look them both up online and compare.

  27. WOW this is great!I bought the same gaint jar of dried mushrooms from costco and I too have been trying to use them up but had no idea what to do with them. I made wild mushroom raviolo last night which was awesome.Thanks for the post it looks great I will definitly be making this tomorrow!

  28. Once again, you have broadened my culinary horizons ~ A whole new way of making rice – and without the danger of it sticking on the bottom of the pot! — Donna

  29. Glad I am helping other people use their big jars of mushrooms too! And Donna, this was new to me too, but I'm seeing a lot more possibilities!

  30. Mmm, that looks really delicious 🙂 I wonder how this will work with regular brown rice? How does the cooking time for the converted rice you used compare to regular brown rice? I find I don't like white rice at all anymore and use brown rice for everything. I usually bake my brown rice but I'd love to try it in the crockpot. Love the mushrooms and cheese in this 😀

  31. I'd love to hear how it works with brown rice if you try it. I checked the package for Uncle Ben's Converted Rice and it says bring to a boil, then simmer on medium-medium low for 20 minutes, then cover and let stand for 5 minutes. So the cooking time for brown rice would definitely be longer. I'd guess you don't need much more liquid for brown rice though, just a longer cooking time. (That is ONLY a guess though!)

  32. amazing, love it, I like the addition of cheese as I have never tried adding cheese to my rice, must have tasted heavenly.

  33. Priya, the cheese was a nice addition.

  34. Kalyn, I've never tried cooking rice in a slow cooker, but what an neat alternative to stovetop cooking or a rice cooker. I love dried mushrooms, especially porcini and shitake mushrooms.

  35. Jeanette, it was such a revelation to me too. The mushrooms from Costco have a blend of mushrooms, although there seem to be a lot of plain white mushrooms in the mix! They were good in this though.

  36. Instead of dried mushrooms, I would use a dried vegetable mix, like red and green peeppers.

  37. Cleodolinda, that sounds good for a variation.

  38. Im new to buying good cheese what is a good Parmesan cheese you would reccomend. Thanks Latisha

  39. Latisha, the best cheese are the ones that say Parmigiano Reggiano on the rind. I buy my Parmesan at Costco, so I'm not an expert on brand names. It is fairly pricey, but I seal it in plastic with the FoodSaver, and a little goes a long ways.

  40. I am going to try this with brown rice. Normally, when I make brown rice in my rice cooker I pre-soak the rice for one hour and then cook as normal. I think that with the soak added, your recipe should work with brown rice just fine.

    I was eyeing that canister of mushrooms at Costco yesterday. I might go back for it!

  41. I'd love to hear how it works with the soaked brown rice. I noticed they still have the mushrooms at my Costco too; what a bargain.

  42. I’m surprised to see how few reviewers actually tried this recipe, but I did make it tonight, although not in the crockpot, just on top of the stove and simmered it for 20 minutes–it is truly delicious! I used a little bunch of herbs from the garden (thyme, marjoram, Greek oregano) that I tied with string so it could be removed easily. I soaked the dry mushrooms for 2-3 hours and used the soaking liquid to cook the rice, lots of umami flavor! Next time I will use a different, more creamy cheese than Parmesan, maybe Gruyere would be better. Parm goes well on risotto because it’s more soupy than this recipe, I guess I could add more chicken broth too!

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