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Ransom Note from Venice, California.

If you want Kalyn to return to Salt Lake and blog again, please send three fresh Ahi Tuna steaks, a lb of fresh asparagus spears, some very nice gorgonzola cheese, a bag of fresh baby spinach leaves, several crisp , but tart apples, 5 or 6 Persian cucumbers, an assortment of freshly cut herbs, a chilled bottle of spring water, and a biscuit for a certain black dog. (Only organic produce, please.) Oh, and also two pints of of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice-cream. Please don’t worry about Kalyn, she is being held safely in our kitchen, tied up in an apron. We promise to return her safely, but in the meantime she’s not leaving the kitchen. (Well OK, maybe a little beach time.) Thank you in advance. Rand and Bradley.

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7 comments on “Ransom Note from Venice, California.”

  1. sorry Kalyn – asparagus season is over. I don’t know what we can do to save you now 😉

  2. Well I only pay the ransom if you deliver her here, at my doorstep in Italy!

  3. Oh Gosh!
    I can send organic Gorgonzola right away, but I don’t know when and HOW it will arrive in the States!!! Probably walking by itself…

  4. Chocking sounds!!! Perform the Heimlich maneuver with a chair.ROFL

  5. Sorry did not review my spelling.

  6. Wow! What a long ransom list. But you’ve got taste! 😉


  7. Well, at least the kidnappers have good taste!

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