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Planning an Online Memorial for a Wonderful Blogger and Friend

There are bloggers who share lots of personal details of their lives, but I’m not one of them. I try very hard to keep my blog focused on the recipes, with a tiny glimpse of my life once in a while. Today I’ve literally been sitting in front of the computer for at an hour, trying to start the hardest post I’ve had to write since I started blogging. By now, many of you have heard that the lovely and wonderful Sher from What Did You Eat died from a heart attack on Sunday morning. My heart is simply aching at this news.

I had been trying to meet Sher in person for two summers now. Last year she had planned to drive down to San Francisco when I was there, but her personal life got turned upside down, and she just didn’t feel up to it. We made plans to meet again this past weekend when I was in San Francisco for the BlogHer conference. Sher was going to come to town on Saturday, share my room that night, and spend the next day with me and Christine from Christine Cooks. About a week ago Sher let me know she was having health problems and might not make it, and on Friday she confirmed that she wouldn’t be coming. It was that phone conversation which left my number on her phone, which led to her husband calling on Sunday morning to tell me that she had died.


Anyone reading this who has experienced the deep connections you can make online with people you’ve never met will understand why so many bloggers are feeling a huge loss today with this tragic news about Sher. Her best online friend, Glenna, has written a moving tribute to Sher at A Fridge Full of Food. As the news spreads, I have heard from more and more people who are deeply saddened and wondering how to honor her memory.


I first became acquainted with Sher through Weekend Herb Blogging, and as the night went on last evening, I kept thinking it would simply not feel right to go ahead with that event as usual this week. As a tribute to Sher, I have decided to suspend Weekend Herb Blogging for the week of July 21 – July 27.


Then I heard from Mary that Bread Baking Babes will be making one of Sher’s recipes and posting it on Sunday, July 27, and would be honored to have other people join in the tributes to Sher. I promised I would help get news of the plans to people who knew Sher through Weekend Herb blogging. If you are one of Sher’s fans and want to participate, Glenna also suggested that posting one of the recipes from her blog or writing about her on that day would be a wonderful way to honor her memory. Please feel free to participate in this in any way that feels right to you. (Edit: I’ve just learned that Glenna has offered to link the tribute posts to her tribute to Sher in order that Sher’s family and friends can find them. Bloggers who would like their tribute linked can send it to marie9949 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.)

(Edit) Below is the obituary and information about the memorial service I received from Sher’s husband Bob.)
Sherry Cermak
December 2, 1948 to July 20, 2008

Sherry was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, grew up in Illinois, and made Davis, California her home for the past 28 years. She died of a sudden heart attack on July 20, 2008.

Sherry graduated with High Honors from UC Davis in 1985, and from UCD’s School of Law in 1988. After a brief career as an Attorney, Sherry found her true calling as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and blogger. Her blog “What Did You Eat?” is a popular site with wonderful recipes and photographs of food she has creatively prepared. The weekend postings are updates on the life of her cats and rescued wildlife.

Sherry was cherished and loved by her family and many friends. She will be greatly missed.

Sherry is survived by her husband of 37 years, Bob Cermak; brother Frank Cunningham III, and several loving cousins, aunts and uncles, and her mother-in-law Margaret (Bunty) Cermak.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, July 26 at 10 a.m. at Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Rd., with a reception to follow at the church.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in Sherry’s name to the Wildlife Care Association. Those who wish to sign a guestbook online may do so at Wiscombe Funeral.

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    39 Comments on “Planning an Online Memorial for a Wonderful Blogger and Friend”

  1. I am so sorry you didn’t get the chance to meet her in person, Kalyn. The internet is a wonderful place, connecting us to people all over the country but it is hard to get people together someitmes. I, myself, only got to share a week in real time with Sher but, like all of us, I felt like I knew as well as any of her real time friends. Thank you for such a loving post. We will all miss her so much I can hardly bear it.

  2. Sher participated in the last WHB I hosted. I remembered that she sent a very friendly note along with her entry. My heart goes out to her family & friends.

  3. I am so sorry to hear the news! Thank you for sharing with us all. Please take care of yourself in this sad time.

  4. I'm very sad & sorry to hear this news. Take care Kalyn.

  5. Kalyn- My heart aches from this sad news. Condolences to all who loved her, and her many fans.

    I’ve been thinking about her ever since I learned of her untimely death and one thought that keeps haunting me is- carpe diem.

    Sher was so close to moving into new territory and enjoying the next phase of what life had to offer- but she never got the chance. I imagine her gently urging each one of us to not take today for granted- to reach for what you dream, today- don’t put it off.

    And yes, she would ask, What did you eat?

    much love and condolences,


  6. We’ve hugged and cried and now that we’re home I wish I could hug you again. Sher touched so many lives through her work and her blog. I too was hoping that this year I would finally get to meet her. Many of us had either talked to her or exchanged emails as recently as 4 days ago. This just doesn’t seem possible. I think the idea of a July 27th tribute is wonderful and I will be honored to be a part of it.

  7. This is my first visit here. I completely understand the close connections we as Bloggers make with one another, I would be devastated by the loss of a close blog friend. My heart goes out to you, her family and all the others that will miss her.

  8. Kalyn, it wasn’t until today (just before reading this post) that I knew you two had actually not had the opportunity to meet in person. I’m so very sorry about that, and am extending my condolences — I know all too well how supportive and wonderful these friendships can be that start with blogging, whether those friendships involve paths crossing or not, and I think your tribute idea is perfect. I will find a recipe on What Did You Eat? to prepare in Sher’s memory and honor.

  9. Kayln, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and Sher’s family and friends.

  10. I am so sad and shocked to hear this. MY heart goes out to her family, friends and the food blogging community that she was such an active part of. She will be deeply missed.

  11. So sorry to hear about Sher. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  12. We are all still in shock. I think cooking one of our favorites is a great way to celebrate her life and her love of cooking.

  13. It’s very shocking, and beyond sad.
    To think I was set to meet her yesterday afternoon!
    My condolences to you, Kalyn, and all Sher’s friends who will be affected by this news.

  14. It’s so strange, and rather wonderful, how connected we can get to people we know only through their writing and blogging. I feel like I’ve known her (and Upsie, and the rest) longer than the actual 2 years… And it’s a sad day for food (and cat and other) bloggers.
    I’m so very sorry you weren’t able to get together….

  15. Kalyn,
    I am so sad by this news. Thanks for getting the word out though. You and all of Sher’s friends, family, etc. are in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Kalyn, thanks for being a center of info, be it good or bad. I heard from you about Sher’s death as a a regular reader of her blog…I’m deeply saddened.

  17. Kalyn, although I did not have the pleasure to know Sher, I am devastated by the news. It’s the first time I come across the loss of a fellow blogger and I can understand how all of you who knew her feel. I cannot imagine losing one of my dear friends I have made through blogging. May she rest in peace.

  18. Kalyn,

    I was looking at your WHB Who’s Hosting when I saw the news. I am in shock. Sher was a fabulous writer who contributed many fantastic posts to Fit Fare for more than a year, until she had to step away for personal reasons.

    I’ve missed her ever since. I had just thought of her this morning and wondered how she was faring . . . Funny how things like that work.

    She was a wonderful person with great wit and a lot of creativity and kindness to share. I am so sorry that you’ve lost this wonderful friend . . .

  19. Mary, I love the idea of letting Sher’s creative recipes live on in this way. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

  20. Kayln,

    First, I am so very sorry that you lost such a good friend as Sher. She was a very special person who touched so many of us food bloggers lives. She was super lady and her loss is felt deeply.

    Thank you so much for helping The Babes get word out about our Sunday, July 27th posting in tribute to our sister and fellow Babe, Sher.

    We were to post that day about our bread of the month, instead, we will all be making a recipe this week from Sher’s blog and posting about it on Sunday.

    We would be pleased to welcome any Weekend Herb Blogger as an “honorary Babe” that day.

    Thank you so much.

    Breadchick Mary and The Bread Baking Babes.