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PastaQueen’s Book Tour Starts Here!

Losing weight is not easy. Everyone who’s struggled to lose a few extra pounds knows that. But what’s really hard is losing a significant amount of weight, and making a lifestyle change that keeps it off. Jennette Fulda (aka PastaQueen) is a young woman who’s used the South Beach Diet and exercise to lose more than half her body weight, documenting her progress with the charmingly engaging blog Half of Me and inspiring readers who are struggling with their own weight loss efforts.

I first heard about Jennette’s blog when I featured her in a story about Blogging on a Diet for BlogHer.com. Now Jennette has written a fascinating memoir about her transformation from fat girl to very svelte half-marathon runner. If you’re a regular Kalyn’s Kitchen reader you might realize this is the first time I’ve ever written an entire post about a book. In fact, when PR people offer to send me books “to review,” I’m quick to tell them that I don’t do book reviews. But there’s a special story about why it’s so exciting and appropriate for me to be the first blogger to write about Jennette’s book.

It all started when I was attending the 2006 BlogHer conference, and an editor named Brooke Warner approached a group of us asking if we knew any bloggers who were good writers and might like to write a book. I was still reading Half of Me regularly and loved the writing, so I mentioned PastaQueen to Brooke. In September Brooke contacted Jennette and the exciting result is the book you see above with the irreverent title, celebrating the kind of spunk it takes to lose half your body weight.

Somewhere along the way I think I left a comment on the blog saying I’d mentioned Half of Me to a book editor and Jennette contacted me. We somehow missed each other at last summer’s BlogHer Conference, but this year Jennette is a speaker, and I’ll be in the front row beaming like a proud parent. I’ve just started reading the book, and already I’m completely drawn into the whimsical and poignant way Jennette tells the story of how she went from unhappy fat girl to PastaQueen, the blogger who has helped so many people with her inspiring story.

More bloggers will be talking about this book, as I’m kicking off a cyber book tour, so check Half of Me to see where the tour goes next. And I may be just a teeeny bit prejudiced, but of course, I think you should go to straight to Half of Me, click on Jennette’s Amazon.com link, and buy this book immediately.

(Then come back here tomorrow when we’ll get back to the food!)

(Edit!) See Jennette on the Today Show:
Jennette was on the weekend Today Show on May 11. Check it out by using the link at Half of Me!

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    7 Comments on “PastaQueen’s Book Tour Starts Here!”

  1. Thanks for this, Kalyn! I need to look into this more and read through her blog and book. I was thrilled when I lost weight, and with this gain over the last year, I feel so…ugh! I need this inspiration. 🙂

  2. Beverly, thanks for weighing in on the book. The part I’ve read so far is great.

    Thanks Elise, I am so excited for her!

    Susan, thanks, and I think Jennette is not only inspiring but amazingly talented.

    Oatmeal Cookie Guy, it’s generated a bit of controversy among fans of the blog, many of whom wanted the blog name (Half of Me) to be the book name too!

    Ms. Glaze, I agree, and I can’t wait to meet her!

  3. This beautiful woman lost 186 pounds, half of her total weight. That’s incredible!!! She is a dynamic writer and I’m sure her memoir will weigh nothing less than excellent. No need to be on a diet to truly appreciate her success story.

  4. Ha! I love the book’s title.

  5. Thank you for introducing Jennette to me, Kalyn. She does indeed sound inspirational. And kudos to you too!

  6. What an inspirational story. I’ve checked into her blog off and on over the last couple of years, it really is remarkable what she has been able to achieve. Congrats to you Kalyn on connecting her with the book deal. Brava!

  7. I’ve been a reader of Jennette’s blog for a year or more, and I just finished reading her book not two hours ago! Great stuff, and very motivational (though I know she says that’s not her intention, seriously, how could her story *not* be inspiring?!).