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My Very Favorite Food: Sushi (Tsunami Restaurant and Sushi Bar)

Let me start by saying that if you came to this blog looking for low carb recipes, please forgive me and come back another day, or go to the sidebar and check out my improved recipe index, with categories! Sushi is definitely not a low carb food. Since I went on the South Beach diet nearly 18 months ago, I’ve been remarkably dedicated to avoiding refined carbs like sugar, white rice, potatoes, and white flour. I truly haven’t found it hard to give up eating these things. In fact, the longer I go without them, the more I don’t really want to eat them at all.

There is, however, one consistent, persistant, exception. I have not, can not, will not stop eating sushi. If I am allowed only one high carb splurge food for special exceptions, for me it must be sushi. I love, love, love sushi. In fact, it would be number one on my top ten list of favorite foods.
Last week was my birthday. My friend, Robin, took me to my very favorite sushi restaurant in Salt Lake, Tsunami. It’s located in what can only be called an upscale strip mall, in the trendy part of Salt Lake where I live which is called Sugarhouse. This area has been revived in the last ten years with a huge shopping and restaurant complex called the Sugarhouse Center. Tsunami is like a breath of fresh air in a development full of chain restaurants and fast food havens. It’s a small place, and regulars know to call ahead or show up early because this place gets packed. The location is great, but truth be told, it’s packed simply because the food here is just superb.


We started out dinner with Sushi Poppers, tempura fried morsels of smoked salmon, green onions, and decidedly not low carb rice, served with a spicy sweet sauce. The sauce is visually similar to Utah Fry Sauce, but sweeter and with just a touch of what I’m guessing is cayenne pepper.

Of all the specialty rolls at Tsunami, the Don Juan Roll is my favorite. This roll has tuna, crab, smoked salmon, and cream cheese, then it’s tempura fried and served with a little eel sauce. The taste is amazing.

If I had to pick my favorite sushi roll it would be spicy tuna roll. I’ve eaten this in more cities or restaurants than I could keep track of. The spicy tuna roll at Tsunami is excellent. Someone told me what makes this spicy is a little mayo with cayenne pepper spread as a layer on the rice before it is rolled around the tuna. I wish I had thought to ask. Guess I’ll have to go back to check!

Tsunami Restaurant / Sushi Bar
2233 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah

Blogger Disclosure:
I paid for the food at Tsuanami and they have no idea I’m writing this post about the restaurant. I don’t really write restaurant “reviews” but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I’ve had great meals.

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    9 Comments on “My Very Favorite Food: Sushi (Tsunami Restaurant and Sushi Bar)”

  1. Hey in Jersey City, NJ right on the border of NY theres a good sushi place called Komegashi really good but little bit on the expensive side.

  2. Actually, the Blue you’re referring to is the Blue Boutique, and yes, it’s a store of “adult interes”. Also, I juat ate at Tsunami for the first time this week, and it was out of this world. The Sunshine roll has a Tempura shrimp rolled in the middle, along with spicy tuna and asparagus…yummmmmmm.
    Also, I love Sushi, and fish. Sushi usually is MUCH milder than cooked fish.

  3. I love sushi, too! We have some excellent sushi restaurants here in San Diego but none as good as my fave back in San Francisco that my husband & I frequented regularly! Strangely enough, hardly any of my friends in San Diego like sushi (for example, Lisa!)!

  4. Crazy thing: would you believe we live on an island that lacks a sushi restaurant? I mean… we’re surrounded by water. One would think…

    Anyway, the market here has taken to selling sashimi grade tuna so we’ve taken to making our own. I haven’t done a top ten list yet, but believe me, sushi will be up there near the top.

  5. Happy Birthday and congratulations for being able to stay on your new lifestyle eating habits!


  6. LisaSD, CC is right, Sushi is completely different than fish. First, I’d want to know if you like horseradish. If you do, try some non-fish sushi like California Rolls with soy-wasabi dipping sauce. It tastes like heaven. Heaven with lots of horseradish though.

  7. OK, all right, already! Happy Birthday!
    Lisa: Totally different. Did you eat raw oysters in FL?

  8. Kalyn–Sugarhouse sounds like the perfect neighborhood for a Trader Joe’s!

    The Wikipedia says the town council has mostly shunned big-box stores, and that there’s an “adult interest” store called Blue. Surely it’s not “adult interest” in the manner that that term is usually used–in SLC???!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner! Add me to your list of those who’ve never tried sushi. If I don’t like fish, there’s no sense in trying it, right? Or is it totally different than eating, say, a fillet of fish?

  9. I love sushi too but unfortunately, there’s no great sushi restaurant here in Jersey. There’s no sushi restaurant here at all for that matter. Love the sound of that sushi roll fried in tempura. Yummmmmmmy.