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Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango LassiLast summer I added *drinks* to a category in the recipe archives for Kalyn’s Kitchen. Even though I mostly drink (far too much) Diet Coke with Lime and (not nearly enough) water, I figured that some day I’d want to post a drink recipe. Big drum roll for this Mango Lassi recipe, which came from The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook, and was so delicious and refreshing when I was hot and dirty after working in the garden. Lately there’s been a lot of gardening and not much cooking going on around here, which is another reason I’m posting a drink recipe! There should be a fun garden update coming this weekend.

Lassis are a traditional Punjabi beverage which blend yogurt with water, salt, and spices into a cooling summer drink. Wikipedia says the idea of making sweet lassis with fruit is a relatively recent variation, but the mango flavor was so delightful in this that I truly can’t imagine the drink without it. Mangoes are native to India, and more than 50% of the world’s mangoes are grown there. I shared a lot of information about mangoes when I posted Mango Salsa with Red Pepper and Mango Salsa with Black Beans, so you can read those posts if you’d like to learn more about this delicious fruit. This week’s host for Weekend Herb Blogging is Gay from A Scientist in the Kitchen, and I’m curious if she’s made other types of drinks using mango, since she lives in the Phillipines where I’d imagine there are lots of mangoes.

I cut up one rather large (and juicy!) mango to make this, which gave me 1 1/2 cups of mango cubes.

Using a food processor to puree the mango really made it easy, but you could use a blender too.

Mango Lassi
(Makes about 4 servings, recipe adapted slightly from The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook.)

1 large mango, peeled and cut into cubes (about 1 1/2 cups diced mango)
1 1/2 cups plain non-fat yogurt (I used Fage Total Greek Yogurt)
1/2 cup chilled water (or use skim milk for a creamier drink)
1 T Splenda, Agave Nectar, or sugar (use Splenda or Agave Nectar for South Beach Diet)
pinch of ground cardamom (optional, but it was a nice addition)
ice cubes (optional, I tried it both ways and preferred it without the ice cubes)


Peel mango and cut into cubes. (You might want to read How to Cut a Mango from Simply Recipes if you haven’t done it.) Put mango cubes in food processor and pulse until pureed. Add yogurt, water, sweetener of your choice and cardamom (if using) and pulse until ingredients are well blended. Serve over ice, or chill in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

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South Beach Diet and Low-Glycemic Suggestions:

Made with Splenda or Agave Nectar, and using non-fat yogurt, this would be phase two or three for the South Beach Diet.

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    30 Comments on “Mango Lassi Recipe”

  1. That’s a great recipe I must try, this morning I found a ripe mango!

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  2. I love lassi’s! And mango is the best flavour. Nice one Kalyn!

  3. Kalyn, mango and cardamom is a brilliant combo. I love them both. A touch of chilli will also give this duo added zing. thanks for the other lassi roundups, I’m going visiting. It is such an easy and healthy start to the day.

  4. yum. try this with veggies too – cucumber, zucchini, carrot, etc. peach is great too.

    i prefer the salty variety.

  5. I’m such a bag blogger lately when it comes to getting back to respond to comments, but I do appreciate them! Johanna, I love finding the other recipes on the same theme so it’s great to know that people like them.

  6. It is great to make special drinks – I too don’t make them often but have been inspired by the ones on blogs. I wanted to say to you that the list of related links is really useful – I am inspired by your post to try a lassi but I don’t really like mango much so appreciated the alternative ideas

  7. That mango lassi looks nice and cool and refreshing and good. I like the use of cardamom. I have been wanting to try using it more.

  8. This looks delicious. I make a lot of my smoothies with Kefir, which I love. Some fresh mangoes would be a great addition.

  9. I love mango lassis, and yours looks so lusciously creamy and thick. Yum!

  10. I’ve made this without water so far, equally delicious:) And thanks for providing lots of ideas for using agave nectar – I’ve just bought my second bottle!

  11. That makes me miss summer. I adore mango lassi. Any lassi in fact. Hmm, mihgt have to splurge on a tin of mango…

  12. Sounds really good… I have never made lassi yet, but I made before smoothies with yogurt…. I must try this recipe…
    Have a nice day Kalyn, Margot

  13. I think I found my first lassi in a cookbook years ago. Since my aunt Dort taught me to eat an ice cream cone and stay clean and taught me to love buttermilk, I was very quick to try the lassi made with buttermilk. Now I’ve come to find that I love them made with buttermilk or yogurt – which ever is in the fridge. Wonderful stuff. Mangoes just make it more wonderful.

  14. I LOVE lassis too. I had it in an Indian resturant and have craved it ever since. I turned it into a smoothie for breakfast. Very similar to yours but I use a whole small mango, a half cup of plain ff yogurt, 2-3 oz orange juice and a bunch of ice in the blender. If it isnt very sweet I add a tsp honey. Yummy! I am going to try yours as well. Thanks 🙂

  15. This looks yummy!! I’ll be trying this one. Thanks Kalyn!

  16. Oh hey! I was literally thinking yesterday how much I wanted to make a mango lassi at home and how I needed to find a good way to make one.

  17. LOVE lassis! I would always order the mango lassi at my favorite Indian place back in Pittsburgh – until one time when I ordered a rose iced tea and they thought I said rose lassi – the best mistake ever! If you have access to rose syrup, I highly reccomend it as a lassi flavor.

  18. It’s my husband’s drink of choice when he eats at an Indian restaurant. I feel a bit bad that I have never made it at home for him: thanks for the inspiration!

  19. mango lassi is an eternal favorite for indians! and with tha huge list at the end, you made my mouth water kalyn!:)

  20. Yum! This one looks good! I love mangoes!