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Lots of Herb Blogging Going On All Over the World

It’s been another busy week of herb blogging around the world, as entries have been pouring into my e-mail box this week for Weekend Herb Blogging #85. I keep repeating myself, but once again I’ve been feeling like a proud parent with all the wonderful recipes people are creating. As my friend Alanna reminded me with this post, the best thing about food blogging is what you’re learning along the way. I hope everyone else is learning as much as I am, but since school is out for the year, there will *not* be a test on this.

Mill Valley, California, U.S.A.
At Anna’s Cool Finds, the delightful Anna blogs about restaurants and home-cooked meals. For her entry this week she created a refreshing appertif made of cucumbers and served in cucumber cups which sounds perfect for summer.

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Green onions may be the unofficial ingredient of the week, starting with Confections of a Foodie Bride, who brings us Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion Scones. If you haven’t thought of the idea of savory scones, check out this winning recipe.

Outside Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
At Mele Cotte, Chris has been buying cherries and eating them while she admired cherry recipes on other food blogs. Luckily for us she finally managed to keep some cherries around long enough to cook something and created Cherry Stuffed Grilled Chicken with Cherry Pepper Salsa.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada
The oregano vs. marjoram debate continues, as Katerina from Daily Unadventures in Cooking uses marjoram in place of oregano in her Lemon Oregano Salmon Skewers. Katerina is fairly new to cooking fish on the grill, but check out her photo and you’ll see that this turned out looking fantastic.

San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A.
Next up is a charming ex-pat blogger from Italy who writes an interesting blog called Briciole. Simona serendipitiously answered my ponderings by writing all about marjoram, and even more serendipity was the fact that her entry arrived right after Katerina’s recipe using this herb.

Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.
The talented Mandira from Ahaar brings us lots of interesting Indian recipes, but this time she ventures into Thai cooking with a delightful looking recipe for Tofu Panang Curry. I love everything Thai, but this dish also has cilantro, which makes it a sure winner for me.

Davis, California, U.S.A.
Sher from What Did You Eat has been suffering an attack of the stomach bug, and last week she missed Weekend Herb Blogging for the first time in a long time. I’m so glad she’s back, and hopefully doing better every day. Her recipe for Shrimp Salad Rolls with Tarragon Dressing sounds quite amazing; don’t miss it.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Another recipe that looks just superb is the Broccolini, Cheese, and Rosemary Tart created by Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen. Patricia used puff pastry for her crust, which sounds like a great idea to me.

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

At Nook and Pantry, Amy ponders the difference between stir-frying and sauteeing, and after she figures it out she creates a fabulous Shrimp and Edamame Stir-Fry with Basil. Not only does it look delicious, but you might learn something!

California, U.S.A.
Green onions appear again in an entirely different form in the Green Onion and Minced Ginger Condiment created by Tigerfish of Tezcape. I think this is a combination that would taste good on so many different things, especially grilled fish or chicken.

New York City, New York, U.S.A.
From a woman who knows a lot about herbs, a brand new herb for Weekend Herb Blogging. If you’ve never heard of Fumitory (and I bet you haven’t) visit the Chocolate Lady at In Mol Araan and read about how she uses it to make Fumitory Water.

Kronshagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
The oregano vs. marjoram debate rages on as Ulrike from Kuchenlatein confesses she isn’t sure which plant survivied in her garden. That means her delicious looking Mediterranean Meatballs with Tomato Sauce are seasoned with either oregano or marjoram. I’m voting for oregano, based on her photo. What do you think? (For those who like to plan ahead, Ulrike is next week’s host for Weekend Herb Blogging.)

Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada
A regular contributor signing in from a new location is Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, who recently moved to Halifax for a very good reason. She made a tasty looking Mushroom Surprise Meatloaf with lots of fresh herbs; great job since her kitchen is still not quite all back together yet.

Mississippi, U.S.A.
The next recipe from Claire at Cooking is Medicine went right into my del.icio.us cookbook. I love the sound of Claire’s recipe for Herbed Pork Roast with Thyme; it’s going on my huge list of things to try. I have fresh thyme in my garden, but I bet dried thyme would work here too.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
From Kevin at Closet Cooking came some nice words about Weekend Herb Blogging, plus an exciting recipe with two ingredients that were new to me. Check out Shimeji and Aburage Miso Soup with Dill and see if it doesn’t look delicious. Kevin mentioned Shimeji was a type of mushroom, then I used Google to see what Aburage was, so I learned two new things here!

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
You know it’s spring when you start seeing garlic scapes on the food blogs, and Christa from Calendula and Concrete has used this interesting plant part to create a yummy sounding Garlic Scape Pesto. (I’m feeling proud of myself for knowing what garlic scapes are, but Christa will explain if you’re not sure, go and see.)

New York Metro Area, New York, U.S.A.
You have simply got to see the Mutant Ninja Baby Cauliflower Susan has photographed at The Well Seasoned Cook. Susan debates the names and origins of green cauliflower, and ends up making a lovely looking Ragu of Cauliflower.

Melbourne, Australia
The long recipe name for Buttermilk and Lemon Myrtle Damper with Tomato Sauce and Bush Mushroom and Sausage Gravy is only the first clue that this next entry from new herb blogger Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe is going to be one of the most interesting Weekend Herb Blogging Entries I’ve ever seen. In honor of Reconciliation Week, an Australian holiday to honor the aboriginal people of her country, Johanna has created a dish not only using the native lemon myrtle of Australia, but also with the colors and shapes of the aboriginal flag. This is not to be missed!

Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Another unique dish is the Polenta Lasagna with Mushrooms, Spinach and Leeks, up next from Miriam of Hungry Hungry Hippo Girl. Miriam served this as part of a veggie-centric Shabbat lunch, which all sounded delicious.

Sarina from Trini Gourmet has really gotten my attention with her entry of Gub Gub “Navy Bean” Salad with Feta Cheese. Quite seriously, everything about this sounds good to me, including the combination of ingredients in the cumin vinaigrette. Now you’ll have to visit Trini Gourmet to see what the Gub Gub part of the recipe name means.

Trinidad, California, U.S.A.
What are the odds that two lovely dark-haired women who both live in a place called Trinidad would both blog about white beans and send them to WHB the same weekend AND they would arrive in my inbox, one after the other? Anyway, whatever it means, Christine’s Marrow Beans in Garlic, Olive Oil, Lemon and Oregano from Christine Cooks also knocked my socks off. She’s making them with the famous beans that so many San Francisco bloggers are raving about too; I must have those beans!

Heart of the Vendee, France

First Katie of Thyme for Cooking starts off teasing us by saying she wonders if cabbage is too boring and mundane for Weekend Herb Blogging, which of course, it isn’t at all! And there is nothing at all boring and mundane about the Asian Chicken and Cabbage Salad she ended up with. This salad sounds fantastic!

Outskirts of the Triangle, North Carolina, U.S.A.
I’ve cooked a lot of zucchini in my time, but I’ve never made Zucchini Fritters and the ones created by Pookah at What’s Cooking in Carolina look delicious. If you have a garden, save this recipe; you’ll need it in August.

Andalucia, Spain
I love to marinate meat before cooking it on the grill, and so does Zorra from Kochtopf, who agrees with me that marinating really makes grilled meats taste special. She’s sharing a recipe for her Favorite Barbecue/Grill Marinade with Rosemary, which sounds great, and the pork chops she grilled look fantastic.

Forest Falls, California, U.S.A.
Next up are Tips for Using Jalapenos sent by Cyndi of Ruminations (formerly Cookin’ with Cyndi.) Next time Cyndi will be wearing gloves, that’s one thing I’m sure of. Visit Cyndi to see how to get rid of the sting from hot peppers.

Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A.
Genie the Inadvertent Gardener has planted some Texas Tarragon and now she’s waiting for it to take over her garden. In the meantime, she’s looking for tarragon recipes; if anyone has a good one send it her way.

Zurich, Switzerland
Gorgeous photos and a very interesting salad recipe come next from Myriam of Once Upon a Tart. If you’re a fan of beets at all, you’ll want to make her lovely looking Beetroot Salad with Apples. This can be made with cooked or raw beets, whichever you prefer.

Southern California, U.S.A.
Emily from Superspark has a salad equation. She says salad = greens+fruit+cheese+nuts. That sounds like a good recipe for salad success to me, and her Roasted Pear Salad with Walnuts and Parmesan looks and sounds delicious.

Country Victoria, Australia
Sometimes all you want is pure comfort food; nothing else will do. If you’re feeling that way, check out this next recipe for Cauliflower Au Gratin from Pam at The Backyard Pizzeria.

Melbourne, Australia
There is always something special for Weekend Herb Blogging from Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once, and this week is no exception. Haalo is using mastic, an ingredient I bet you haven’t heard of, and with it she created an amazing dessert called Chois Mastic Panna Cotta. If you want to know what mastic is, hurry and visit Haalo’s blog to find out.

Vienna, Austria
The next entry is a two-for-one, with two simple but herbalicious recipes from Astrid at Paulchen’s FoodBlog. Astrid reports that the combination of Rosemary-Cheddar Sweet Potatoes and Mushrooms with Basil and Cilantro made a great lunch.

Sydney, Australia
A woman after my own heart is Y from LemonPi.net, who is blogging about the simple radish. I’ve been on a bit of a radish kick around here too. Don’t miss the Simpsonesque description of the radish flavor, or Y’s sandwich with radishes, anchovies, mache, and butter.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Another authentic Australian ingredient that’s new to me! Anh from Food Lover’s Journey has used wattle seeds to make Wattle Seed, Apple and Almond Cake. Of course you realize how excited I am to be learning about another new ingredient. Visit Anh to learn more about this seed that’s used by the aboriginal Australian peoples.

Tallinn, Estonia
More great photos, and another new ingredient from Pille of Nami Nami! Seems that Pille and her boyfriend have been out foraging for wild plants and picked some Ground Elder. They have turned it into a wonderfully delicious looking Hortapita or Greek Pie with Wild Greens. Pille gives some other names for Ground Elder, one of which I did recognize; read her post to see if this grows where you are. (Check out Pille’s great new blog header while you’re there.)

Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.
This time it’s not an ingredient, but a dish that’s new to me from Burcu at Almost Turkish Recipes. If you’ve had the middle eastern salad made from bulgar called Tabbouleh, you must see the version of Turkish Tabbouleh or Kisir that Burcu has made. The Kisir has plenty of fresh parsley, and lots of other interesting ingredients that make it sound very special to me.

San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.A.
More green onions, this time in a lovely-sounding Chinese dish prepared by the mother of Yich from Sim Cooks. Lucky Yich gets to watch her mother cook Minced Pork with Tofu and Mushrooms and take notes as she does it; what could be better than that, except eating it?

Dublin, Ohio, U.S.A.
An improvised recipe that turned out to be a success is the next offering of Pork Loin with Mustard Caper Sauce from Charise of More Bread and Cheese Please. I love capers, so this sounds like a great combination to me.

That’s it for Week #85 of blogging about herbs, plants, veggies, and flowers. Did you learn something? (That was a rhetorical question!) See you next week over at Ulrike’s place.

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  1. Peter, you need to go to the blog of the host for that week. This was for the previous week when I was hosting. You sent your link to Ulrike of Kuchenlatein.

  2. Hi Kalyn, I submitted a recipe for this past week’s blog but I don’t see it…did I miss the boat?

  3. Thanks Kalyn! As usual, your round up is wonderful and encourages me to read each and every one of this week’s entries. I’m gonna find the time to do that if I have to stay up way into the night. I know my del.icio.us file will be bursting at the seams after saving all the recipes!

  4. Look how wonderful this event has become! Thank you for the Roundup–we have so many talented bloggers out there!

  5. Thanks for putting these together! I know it is a lot of work but we sure do appreciate it! You are wonderful!

  6. I’m so honored to be among such wonderful cooks, Kalyn!

    What a wonderful round up!

  7. Wonderful round-up, as usual, Kalyn.

    We were just talking about the wonders of the internet and how amazing it is to be able to easily go into so many global kitchens – sure it’s virtual reality but still! Like you, I’ve learned a tremendous amount and can’t thank you enough for coming up with “Weekend Herb Blogging” AND for keeping it going!


    P.S. I had so hoped to make it with my post in time. I’ll send the info to Ulrike as soon as I can get into my blog.

  8. Wow! As usual, awesome lineup! Thanks, Kalyn!


  9. What a wonderful lot of great-sound recipes!
    Everyone seemed especially creative this week…or I’m especially hungry…
    Back to reading…

  10. Wow awesome round up! It’s so awesome to see so many great dishes from all around the world.

  11. wow that was an incredibly massive roundup 🙂 you must feel so thrilled! so bizarre that you got to ‘Trini’ responses back to back 😀 weeeeird 🙂

  12. Genie, thanks. I made garlic scape pesto last year and really liked it.

    TCL, you *do* know about herbs! This is not the biggest ever, but it’s one of the bigger ones. I think the most I’ve ever had was 41 entries, but it seems like someone had more, don’t remember who it was.

    Chris, no you didn’t zone out. The banners are done by my talented brother and he just changed it yesterday.

    Johanna, your entry was amazing, so I wasn’t being kind, just truthful. I agree, too much good food and not enough time to make it all.

  13. thanks for hosting the event Kalyn and for your kind works – so much good food and so little time

  14. Wow…great week! And I love the new banner…new? Or did I just zome out for a lil’ bit?

  15. Wow, beautifully done, Kalyn,

    And thanks so much for your lovely compliment–if Kalyn says you know about herbs that is really something!

    Is this the biggest turnout for whb ever? If not, which week holds the record?

    The first recipe I clicked on this week was the aboriginal buttermilk dampers. Masterful!

  16. Kalyn, fabulous round-up — this event just keeps growing and growing! I was glad, in particular, to see Christa’s recipe for garlic scape pesto this week — my garlic scapes, too, are just ready for cutting, and I can’t wait to use them.

    Have a terrific week, and again, thanks for all you do to keep this fabulous event running — it’s so much fun to see what everyone is doing with their herbs and other edible plants!