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Kalyn’s Kitchen Turns Three Today: Thanks for Reading!

Three years ago I started this blog, a spontaneous decision that changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Last birthday I shared how Kalyn’s Kitchen got started so I won’t repeat it, except to say I didn’t know what a food blog was at the time, and I’d never owned or used a digital camera. Who would have predicted that three years later I’d be happily and passionately blogging about my kitchen experiments?

As the anniversary approached, I’ve been thinking about what was new this year. I tried agave nectar, Greek Yogurt, sweet potato fries, escarole, roasted radishes, roasted chickpeas and made bread by hand for the first time. I also got more friendly with brussels sprouts, swiss chard, and grilled eggplant, and tarragon joined my herb garden. I fine-tuned how things were organized on the blog, got hooked on del.icio.us and added new recipe archives pages. Weekend Herb Blogging continued to travel, Kalyn’s Kitchen got a Facebook page, and Elise’s fabulous Food Blog Search made it easier to feature recipes from other blogs.

What didn’t change was the continual support I’ve gotten from this very first post to what you see on Kalyn’s Kitchen today. I couldn’t begin to thank everyone who’s helped me, but I do need to thank my brother (the fabulous Rand) and his partner Bradley, who have given me so much creative and technical assistance. I can cook, write up a recipe, and sometimes even take a fairly decent photo, but Kalyn’s Kitchen wouldn’t be what it is without their help.

And finally, I am constantly grateful for my blogging friends and faithful readers who continue to teach me new things and inspire and encourage me in so many ways. Blogging is an interactive process, and the nice comments and e-mails I get from readers and fellow bloggers mean a lot to me. Thanks for continuing to read Kalyn’s Kitchen, and here’s hoping the future will bring us all many more years of new friends, new adventures, and always new flavors to try.

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    68 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Turns Three Today: Thanks for Reading!”

  1. Jeanne, I remember finding your blog when I barely started blogging and trying to figure out what EoMEoTE was!

  2. Hey – happy blogiversary to you! It’s only a couple of weeks till my fourth (!!), can you believe. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you via your blog and I hope to spend many more happy hours browing at Kalyn’s Kitchen 🙂

  3. Happy belated blog birthday! I’ve read the links in this post so now I know a little more about your blog history. Congratulations on your success! 🙂

  4. Happy Blog Birthday! I just found your site this last week in a random search for something, and now it keeps coming up in all my recent recipe searches. You have been busy these last 3 years! I look forward to reading through more of your recipes.

  5. Sorry I’m late. Happy blog birthday Kalyn.

  6. Many, many, MANY congratulations Kalyn. What an achievement – three years of excellent blogging. Thank you for all your hard work and generous recipe sharing.

  7. Thanks again to all of you for all the nice comments. It’s been a great birthday celebration. (I even took cupcakes to school for the kids, since everyone knows you have to take a treat on your birthday!)

  8. Very Happy Blog Birthday!