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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Penzey’s Dried and Minced Lemon Peel

Penzeys Dried and Minced Lemon PeelSome people may be aghast to see that I’m picking dried lemon peel for Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, because I’m a well documented fan of fresh lemon zest. I’ve used it in recipes like Pan Fried Asparagus Tips, Stir-Fried Green Beans with Lemon, Parmesan, and Pine Nuts, and Chopped Tomato and Cucumber Salad. I’d never substitute this dried lemon peel in one of those recipes where the fresh lemon zest is an essential part of the recipe. However, there are times when you want just a tiny pinch of lemon zest flavor, and that’s where this dried lemon peel is great to have in the pantry.

Most recently I used it for Artichokes Cooked in the Pressure Cooker. Dried lemon peel is especially great for a dish like that where you’re not even eating the lemon zest, and the tiny bit I added to the water produced lots of lemony flavor in the artichokes. You could use it for anything where you just need a tiny pinch of lemon zest and there’s plenty of liquid in the dish.Of course I’ve been a huge fan of Penzeys for ages, and could probably add their entire product line to my list of picks. This dried lemon peel has the excellent quality I consistently notice with their dried herbs and spices. I’m also loving the new glass jars, a new feature for the small sizes. I’m really looking forward to visiting my first Penzey’s store when I go to Chicago this summer. I do want to warn you though, because if you visit their website to buy this dried lemon peel, you’ll probably end up buying a lot of other Penzey’s products too!

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    16 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Penzey’s Dried and Minced Lemon Peel”

  1. Have you tried their variety of cinnamon? They are fantastic! I am lucky to have a Penzeys about 20 minutes from me.

  2. Haley Suzanne, I’m figuring I better start saving up right now! And now that they have the small glass bottles, I want one of every single thing they have!

  3. Kalyn, watch out when you go to a Penzey’s store. I moved less than a month ago, and now there is one 30 miles away. I have already been twice and bought over a dozen items. The staff already recognizes me. 🙂 Have fun! Make sure you take an extra carry-on bag to Chicago with you for all of your loot.

  4. Penzeys ships to Canada. Give them a call at 1-800-741-7787.

    Jeff from Wisconsin

  5. Pearl, I’m so excited to go to one this summer.

    Dianne, lucky you to live by them.

    Berries01, have not heard about the dried lime peel or this dish, but I love the sound of it. I’ll see if I can find out more. Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  6. Have you ever tried to cook with dried lime? There is an iranian stew in which they use them and it tastes oh so darn nice! Lots of greens and lime in it.Just have forgotten the name of it, sorry.

    I always get so inspired and get in a cooking/experimenting mood by your blog. Thankyou!:)

  7. I’m a HUGE fan of Penzeys. There is a store in Falls Church VA that I’m a frequent visitor to. I also talk about them often on my blog. Most of their products are gluten free. I’ve not tried their Lemon Peel but will pick it up on my next trip there. Thanks for sharing!

  8. kalyn – ahh. i’d like to visit a penzey’s spice store!

  9. Valerie Anne, I think the dried lemon peel is not to be used 1:1 in a recipe calling for fresh lemon peel. It’s much more potent. For dried herbs in general, the ratio is 1 tsp. dried = 1 T fresh, so I’d say use about 1/3 the amount if you substitute this for fresh lemon zest, and even then it’s not suitable for some recipes.

  10. Penzey’s has a fabulous catalog. Each spice/herb is described. There are stories and recipes. The website has the same content but it’s nice to get the catalog. I’ve been to their store in Oak Park. They have each spice in a jar that you can smell. When I remodeled my kitchen I treated myself to all new spices and I bought one of their large collections. I’m confused by their lemon peel. I’m not sure it works in recipes for baking. I’ve made the mistake of putting way too much in because I followed the recipe.

  11. Helene, you’re going to love the Penzey’s products. I love their curry powders and paprikas, those would be some of the first ones I’d get.

    Helen, I’m beyond jealous if you live within minutes of Penzey’s. I can’t wait to go there. So glad the blog is helping you.

    Mrs. Dayna, I’ve been ordering from them from before there was online ordering, and I think the prices are reasonable enough that it offsets the shipping cost. Thanks for the nice feedback on the blog too.

    Penny, you’ll love their products. I like getting the catalog that comes in the mail too, easier to refer to when you’re seeing what they have.

    Cookin’ Canuck, aren’t they great!

  12. I love Penzey’s spices. They have such an amazing selection. I have never tried the dried lemon peel. I’ll have to add it to my next order.

  13. Thanks Kalyn, I’m heading right over to the Penzey’s website. Also going to take a look at your Greek Chicken.

  14. I WISH we could get them here in Michigan but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe someday I will break down and see if I can get them mailed to me- order online….

    thanks Kalyn- I love your site

  15. Hi Kalyn,
    I love Penzey spices too! There is a Penzey Spice store just minutes from my house. What an adventure it is to walk up and down the aisles looking at all the products.
    Herbs are over here and spices are over there, still can’t quite get the hang of where everything is. I’ve gotten to know the staff because I always have to ask where something is. After reading your post I will have to get some lemon peel. Have been reading your blog for sometime now as I have been doing the South Beach Diet. So far, I’m down 30+ pounds. Thanks for all the delicious recipes.
    Helen from Ohio

  16. My husband will soon work in the States and I will be ordering Penzey’s spices and will ship to his place of work. Can’t wait. They don’t ship in Canada. So many to choose from, I don’t know what to order first.