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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Costo extra virgin organic olive oil.
My favorite olive oil for just about everything.

There’s no question that this Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Costco is long overdue for being chosen as one of my picks for ingredients I buy over and over and happily recommend to the readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen.  Olive oil snobs may turn up their nose at the idea of buying olive oil from a big-box store like Costco, (and I can appreciate an expensive imported olive oil as much as the next food obsessed person), but for nearly everything I cook that uses olive oil, I’m thrilled with the flavor of this oil.  And at a little over $10.00 for one-and-a-half liters of olive oil this is definitely a bargain.  Even if you use olive oil often like I do, this bottle will last for a long time.

Normally when I write about my picks, I like to show recipes where I’ve used that ingredient, but if you enter “olive oil” into the search box in the upper right sidebar, I’ved used this olive oil in every recipes that comes up unless (very rarely) another specific brand is mentioned.

Other people who recommend this oil:
–CBS Money Watch includes this olive oil in 5 Things You Should Be Buying at Costco.

–A member on Milepoint calls Costco’s olive oil The Best Kept Secret in the Store (with links to a study comparing olive oil where this was the only inexpensive oil that got a nod.)

–Author Tom Mueller wrote a book about why many imported olive oils don’t make the grade, but he gave Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil a thumbs up.

–LA Weekly Blogs picks this brand as The Best Bargain Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

–Addicted to Costco also gives this oil a big thumbs up.

Have you tried this olive oil from Costco?  
If so, we’d love to hear in the comments about how you like it.  (I’m sorry I can’t permit recommendations for other brands of olive oil, because I know allowing that will generate spam links “advertising” other products.)
Blogger Disclosure:
Costco actually does know about my blog because I was interviewed once for their magazine, but they have certainly never paid me or given me samples to write about their products.   All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I will happily buy over and over, and because I want readers to know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I no longer accept sample products of any kind.

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24 comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

  1. Is this year Kirkland buying from Greek instead of Italy. So whats the difference between Kirkland EVOO and Kirkland Organic EVOO? They both from Greece right? Same supplier so do they farmed differently with their Olive trees??

    Pls advise!

    • Since I wrote this in 2013, I have no idea what other options for olive oil they might have at Costco now. (In those days they only had regular and organic olive oil.) So I'm afraid you'd have to ask Costco employees for your question.

  2. BJ, I think the organic tastes better, at least to my taste. And I assume the difference in cost is because the organic comes from trees grown with organic methods, but not sure.

  3. What is the difference between Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive oil which comes from Italian Olives and Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil that is a blend of olive oils from the Mediterranean countries other than the later is pricier.

  4. Dave, I'm curious as to whether you had the organic or just the extra virgin, as I think there's quite a difference.

  5. I just bought this EVOO for the first time and I have to say I am not a fan. What I got had a very bitter taste, not at all fruity or grassy. Compared to other bulk inexpensive EVOO's (like Whole Foods or Bertolli's), this one came up way short.

  6. I use Kirkland Organic EVOO for all of my general cooking and baking and LOVE IT. And the bottle is dark, not black, but dark. I, too, keep it in my pantry. But, if you are looking for a special olive oil for dressings or dipping, yes, this olive oil may not have as much flavor as other high end olive oils. I keep a slew of olive oils on hand in my pantry for different uses.

  7. Ken, I'm surprised to hear that. I wouldn't consider this the highest quality olive oil (for drizzling over food or dipping bread) but for the price I think it's quite good.

  8. I bought a bottle, tasted it and returned it immediately. Not fresh tasting, compared to what really good, fresh Organic Olive Oil I've had.

    Thanks, but no thanks.


  9. Amen! This is the olive oil we use for everything at our house. It's great! We store it in a dark cool place under the stairs and pour off smaller amounts into a small metal olive oil can to use in the kitchen.

  10. Elizabeth, ditto!

    Abbe, I like them both, but the organic one has a little better flavor to me.

  11. OK. I got up and checked my pantry and I have been using there other olive oil that is not organic. I like it but I am curious about the taste difference between the two. I know about the organic stuff but there is a price difference and I'd like to know if it is worth it to switch. I've been using the regular extra virgin forever.

  12. LOVE their olive oil– pretty much everything costco 🙂

  13. Mahdji, I love Costco that much too!

  14. I love this olive oil and am thrilled to see that, once again, my choices, especially from Costco, are vindicated by others who know more than I do about good food choices. I have to admit, when my daughter moved out of state and I knew I'd be spending a lot of time there, one of the first questions I asked was, "Is there a Costco there?" LOL…

  15. I always have this in my house. I put it into a prettier bottle though. Love this stuff!

  16. I have olive oil I bring back from Italy for special things…But it is Costco oil for everything else.
    It is the best!

  17. I have been buying this olive oil from Costco for the past couple of years. I works well with whatever I am making. And I love the price.

  18. Fun hearing from a lot of other fans of this product.

    Rich, if that concerns you, then maybe this product is not for you. However, I keep my olive oil in a dark pantry, so I'm not worried about it.

    Cristin, my condolences!

  19. One more reason to keeping wishing for a Costco in my state!

  20. I was told that light coming through a clear bottle is a negative for oil. That oils should be in dark bottles or cans.

  21. Kalyn, this is the only olive oil I purchase and use. Great choice!! So, it is in all of my recipes, too.

  22. Thanks for posting this, I've wondered if this was any good for my general all purpose olive oil.

  23. Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best! It is a true bargain and tasty as well.

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