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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat Flour

White Whole Wheat flourRecently I became obsessed with the idea of creating South Beach Diet friendly whole grain bread that could be made in the bread machine. After seven tries and a lot of suggestions I came up with 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax Seed that I’m very proud of. I’m sure I’ll be making that bread for years in my Oster Bread Machine (affiliate link), and probably try some more South Beach Diet friendly bread variations. Since that bread recipe wouldn’t have been possible without White Whole Wheat flour, I decided this was a product that deserves to be added to Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, the list of ingredients and kitchen items that I recommend.

White Whole Wheat Flour (affiliate link) is a whole-grain flour made from a white variety of wheat that’s milder in flavor than traditional red wheat. It can often be substituted in recipes calling for refined white flour. White whole wheat is comparable to red or golden wheat in nutrients, although it’s lower in gluten and slightly lower in protein. It can be more perishable than other flour, so keep it in the freezer if you don’t use it very quickly.

Information on the web about White Whole Wheat flour:

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More Info and Recipes with White Whole Wheat Flour:

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    18 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat Flour”

  1. Very nice article! Thank you for sharing!

  2. JoLayna, I buy it at Smiths, but I’ve also seen it at Whole Foods and I’m pretty sure Albertson’s carries it as well. Smiths has it on sale right now; just bought two of them yesterday.

  3. Where have you purchased this flour locally? I’ve checked Harmon’s and WalMart with no success.

  4. Thank you for the link! I love this flour. I tend to sub it for AP flour, so any change is expected, but a little added gluten definitely helps in yeast breads, I think. I have your bread recipe on my to-do list–it sounds great.

  5. I like using this flour. It’s weird in yeast bread sometimes, though. The Traditional Whole Wheat consistently rises better than this.

  6. Thank you for all the great links. ;o}

  7. I love white whole wheat flour, and I too add some gluten when I use it to make bread, whether in the breadmaker or not.

  8. I love this flour too!

  9. Thanks people for weighing in on this. I can tell there are a lot of fans of this flour. I don’t use white flour, so I don’t have personal experience to add to the comments about substituting it for white flour. It sounds like results may vary depending on the brand of flour you’re using.

    However in my bread recipe for the bread machine, I used all white whole wheat flour (no white flour.) I added extra gluten and also a product called “dough enhancer” to get a good rise without any white flour.

    I have used the white whole wheat flour for other non-baking uses with good results too.

  10. Thanks for collecting more information on this flour! I love using it, and discovered it through your blog. We use it mostly in pizza dough and, now, tortillas, and it’s fabulous.

    And thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! I was so tickled.

  11. thank you for the review!

  12. I mistakenly picked up a bag of this flour once and was amazed with it. Now I try to buy one every time I see them. It seems to be very popular around here because most of the time there are none left at the store.

    Thanks for all the information about this flour.

  13. I’ve been using white whole wheat for a year or so now- not King Arthur, I buy mine in bulk from the Mennonite store nearby. Being an old hippy granola head, I have always felt mildly ashamed that I didn’t like the bitter taste of hard red wheat. I love the white wheat, though, and use it in almost everything. Like Alanna, I haven’t been successful with a 1:1 substitution, though- it’s just a little too heavy. I usually use a combination approximating 1/2 white whole wheat, 1/4 unbleached white, and 1/4 rolled oats.

  14. I started off a fan of King Arthur flour — it’s certainly easy to find. One thing, however, is that it is NOT interchangeable with other white whole wheats. With those, I have been very successful substituting 1:1 for all-purpose flour. With the King Arthur flour, I can only use a 1:3 or 1:2 ratio. The BAD part about this is that the difference in performance will turn people off white whole wheat entirely, without an understanding that they are different.

  15. Wonderful references there Kalyn! KA flours are my go to flours. The WWW (white whole wheat) is a marvel.

  16. I have used this wonderful flour in pizza dough and muffins with great success. It makes a nice soft dough with a mildly nutty flavor.

  17. Good to know lots of people are discovering this wonderful flour! I blogged a couple times about it and created banana bread and pancake recipes that utilize it too.

  18. I just bought some of the King Arthur white whole wheat this weekend and used in pita, a batard and pizza dough – tasted great. I didn’t know about the perishability, so I’ll be sure to move it to the freezer – thanks for the tip!