If you’re trying to eat whole grains but don’t always want whole wheat flour, you have to try White Whole Wheat Flour!

White Whole Wheat flour

Recently I became obsessed with creating South Beach Diet friendly whole grain bread that could be made in the bread machine. After seven tries and a lot of suggestions I came up with Bread Machine 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Oats, Bran, and Flax that I’m very proud of. I’m sure I’ll be making that bread for years in my Oster Bread Machine (affiliate link), and probably try some more South Beach Diet friendly bread variations.

Since that bread recipe wouldn’t have been possible without White Whole Wheat Flour, I decided this was a product that deserves to be added to Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, the list of ingredients and kitchen items that I recommend.

What is White Whole Wheat Flour?

White Whole Wheat Flour (affiliate link) is a whole-grain flour made from a white variety of wheat that’s milder in flavor than traditional red wheat. It can often be substituted in recipes calling for refined white flour. White whole wheat is comparable to red or golden wheat in nutrients, although it’s lower in gluten and slightly lower in protein. It can be more perishable than other flour, so keep it in the freezer if you don’t use it very quickly.

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Recipes using White Whole Wheat Flour:

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About Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:

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