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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Bob’s Red Mill Extra-Thick Rolled Oats (Oatmeal)

Bob's Red Mill extra-thick rolled oats Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks is a blog feature where I spotlight products that really wow me. These are not to be confused with product reviews, where a PR person sends something in the mail and the blogger talks about how well he or she liked it. Although I do occasionally (but rarely) accept new products to sample, my picks are products I purchase myself, and happily buy over and over again. It’s been a while since I featured anything new, but I started thinking about these extra-thick rolled oats when Utah food bloggers Vanessa and Maria were both talking about oatmeal on Twitter recently. I’ve been eating this extra-thick oatmeal from Bob’s Red Mill for weekday breakfasts for the last few months, so I decided it really should be added to my list of picks.

Oatmeal is one of the world’s healthiest foods, and it’s a great South Beach Diet breakfast after phase one. My usual weekday breakfast is Alanna’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal, made in the microwave (and I confess, usually eaten in the car on the way to school.) I was introduced to this way of eating oatmeal with peanut butter stirred into it by Alanna. I liked eating oatmeal with peanut butter even before I discovered the extra-thick oatmeal, but now the extra-thick rolled oats are the only kind I buy.

Shown in the photo above is the 32 oz. size of these extra-thick rolled oats, which is the size I started buying when I realized how much I liked it. It also comes in a 16 oz. size if you’d like a smaller size to try. In Utah I can find this product at Smiths Marketplace or Whole Foods, and you can buy Bob’s Red Mill Extra Thick Rolled Oats at Amazon.com if you can’t find it where you live. (Full disclaimer: If you follow that link and buy it at Amazon, Kalyn’s Kitchen does earn a few cents on the dollar from your purchase. Thanks!)

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21 comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Bob’s Red Mill Extra-Thick Rolled Oats (Oatmeal)”

  1. They aren't anywhere close to $10 a bag in my store. I think they are about $4.00 a bag for this big size.

  2. I would love to be able to buy these Oats but at 10 dollars a bag I just cant spend that much. Living gluten free can be pricey.

  3. I love ALL the Bob’s Red Mill products! I do have to use the gluten-free oats myself, but close enough. I’m going to try the peanut butter tomorrow, in fact. (Using Sunbutter, but same basic idea.)

    Another thumbs-up on steel-cut in the slow cooker, too!

  4. First of all, thanks, Kalyn for your wonderful blog. I’ve really enjoyed trying your recipes! I made the peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and it was great. I wasn’t sure my kids would like it, so I didn’t make enough for them too, but let them taste some. They asked me later to make it for them tomorrow morning. Yum!

  5. Okay, so I finally tried Alanna’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal this morning, and it was delicious! My daughters asked me to make it for them for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks, Kalyn, for your wonderful blog. I’ve really enjoyed your recipes.

  6. I am not a huge oatmeal fan, but the way your describe it, it sure does sound delish. Especially with peanut butter. Mmm.

  7. Oooooo…..extra thick oatmeal sounds delicious, Kalyn – and a store nearby has a huge display of Bob’s Red Mill so I’m definitely going to look for them! Thanks for the review!

  8. I’m so grateful that our local super-dooper discount chain carries the full line of Bob’s Red Mill products. I don’t know why or how, but it’s great to be able to get all of their products at great prices, and so close to home!

  9. I like these oats too! I just started doing Weight Watchers and oatmeal is the most filling breakfast I have!

  10. We love BRM Oatmeal…just need the Gluten- free and our neighborhood Smiths has not had it in for over a month…will probably have to order it on line for now.

  11. I start phase 2 on Sunday. I can’t wait to try the peanut butter oatmeal (actually sunbutter for me, as I am allergic to peanuts) for my breakfast next week. Thanks for the oatmeal suggestion. I am loving everything that I am making of yours – turkey meatballs, egg muffins, baked chicken, pureed cauliflower, etc. All so yummy. Thanks!

  12. Hi Kalyn! I love your Blog, my husband and I just started South Beach to help control his blood sugar- he is in danger of developing diabetes- and it works really well for that. I have also been losing weight!
    I wanted to pass on an oatmeal tip that I bet would work great with these. I tried this with steel cut oats.
    The night before heat up a thermos large enough to hold your oatmeal, then cook the oats for just a couple of minutes in a pan, pour them in the empty thermos and screw the lid on tight. The next morning they are still hot and ready to eat! We can all use some help with extra time in the morning. This is a really easy way and makes yummy oats.

    I will have to go get some of these extra thick oats, I saw them in my store the other day.

    Thanks for all the yummy recipes and inspiration.

  13. I have never bought this oatmeal before. Now I will! I love the idea of the peanut butter oatmeal. My kids will be so excited by that!

  14. Tanna, it’s great isn’t it?

    Pearl and Roberta, this is more chewy than regular oatmeal but not as chewy as steel cut oats, kind of between the two. Roberta, I’m going to try steel cut oats cooked in the slow cooker. I bet I’ll like those too.

    Anonymous, glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. I think you should limit nuts to one option per day, especially for phase one. I find several types of low-fat cheese at my regular grocery store. Often they are the pre-grated cheese, but I can find low-fat cheddar and swiss in block, and maybe some others I’m not thinking about it. (I confess I’m not always that vigilant about getting the lowfat cheese, although there are a couple of low-fat ones I buy all the time. One that I use a lot is the four cheese Mexican blend.)

    Karen, I’ve seen the gluten-free oats, but haven’t tried them.

    Artymoi, love the description that these have less “oat dust.” Perfect!

    Brie, these are great, bet you will like them.

  15. I’ve been sampling different kinds of oats in my new obsession of no knead bread, and I’ll have to add these to the list. Thanks!

  16. I LOVE these oats. I combine oats and a big of granola as a snack all the time. I used to buy any kind of oats until one day these went on sale and since then no other oat will do – they are so yummy and chewy and dont’ have all that little “oat dust”.

  17. Kalyn: Do you find these oats to be any different that McCanns Steel Cut Oats? I love them, cooked in my slow cooker all night long.

  18. Thanks for the heads up, Kalyn! I’m in the process of switching my little boy and I over to a gluten-free diet and I noticed that BRM has gluten-free oats that I’ve been tempted to get. Hopefully when I do they’ll be as tasty as the extra thick!

  19. I can’t wait to try this with peanut butter! I am still in Phase 1 and have missed eating oatmeal.

    Thank you for the amazing blog! It really inspired me to try the SBD. So far it has been great.

    I have two SBD questions that I’m not clear on and was hoping you might answer: (1) do you choose just one of the nut options each day or can you have more? (2) Where do you find low-fat cheese? So far I have only found part-skim mozzarella, cottage cheese, and string. I can’t find any “fat free or low fat” of any of the others.

    Thank you so much!

  20. is there a big difference in texture?

  21. This has been my ONLY oatmeal (rolled oats) for years now. It just seems so much better in all ways to me.

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