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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Sabatinos Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Artichokes and Garlic

Sabatinos Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Artochokes and Garlic
These delicious chicken sausages are low-sugar, gluten-free, nitrite-free and relatively low in fat.

Sometime in December I bought my first package of these Sabatinos Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Artichokes and Garlic at Costco, and frankly I was amazed that a sausage product that’s relatively low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free, and nitrite-free could be so drop dead delicious.  Right away I started to think of recipe ideas using these tasty sausages, and I couldn’t wait until January’s Month of Daily Phase One Recipes was over so I could feature them for Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks, the blog feature where I rave about products I love so much I buy them over and over.  I could not find a website for Sabatinos, but  I did find the nutritional information and they do have a Facebook page if you’re looking for a store near you that carries them. 

I’m sure this list is going to increase, but below are the recipes where I’ve used these sausages so far.  As you see, I’m using them in dishes where there are other lower-fat ingredients (although the total fat per sausage is only 8 grams of fat.)

Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Chicken-Garlic Sausage

Lucky Black-Eyed Pea Soup with Chicken-Garlic Sausage and Bell Peppers

Chicken-Garlic Sausage, Kale, and Mozzarella Egg Bake

Slow Cooker Cabbage Soup with Tomatoes, Chicken-Garlic Sausage, and Parmesan

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If you have a great recipe idea using this sausage, please share your recipe link or idea in the comments for this post! 

Blogger Disclosures:

Sabatinos probably doesn’t know I’m alive and they have never paid me or given me samples to write about their products.   All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I will happily buy over and over, and because I want readers to know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I no longer accept sample products of any kind.


You can see the list of other Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks if you’d like to know what other products I’ve liked well enough to feature them on the blog.
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25 comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Sabatinos Smoked Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Artichokes and Garlic”

  1. Do they have a pork casing?

  2. Hey you guys…I HATE artichokes but LOVE these sausages so that should tell you something about how good they are. I use them for BBQ but would love to try them in the above recipes! We've been getting them at Costco this year. I'm going today to get a package so hopefully they are still there….

  3. I haven't been able to find these in a while, are you having any luck?

  4. We love those sausages! Thanks for these recipes, going to definitely try them out. My kids like them plain, & I've used them in Lentil Potato Stew as well as Colcanon but was looking for some new ideas.

  5. Kalyn, I bought some at Costco yesterday and I can't wait to try them. I'll be on the lookout for those meatballs, too.

  6. I hope my Costco has these. Maybe you should send this to Costco so they will get them all over. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Dara, the same company makes ground chicken meatballs with basil that are also fabulous!

    Thanks Marty, so glad you enjoyed that recipe.

    John, glad you liked it. I try to make these posts as useful as I can.

  8. I have to say, I really like the format of this post, and how you talked about the product but then gave concrete examples of how you used it in preexisting recipes.

  9. We picked up some of these from Costco and they are fabulous… really delicious. We used them in the Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe and it was a great combination. Thanks!

  10. I haven't spotted these at Costco yet. I'll have to keep a look out because I would love to have this on hand for quick meals.

  11. They are near the other sausage and cheese in my Costco. You could post on the FB page, asking if there is a store in your area, or fill out a request card at your Costco. Good luck!

  12. I've looked several times for these sausages at my local Costco with no luck. Am I looking in the wrong section of the store (where they sell other sausages near the cheeses)? Also, I checked out their Facebook page, but could not find anything about a "store near you." Am I just out of luck?

  13. March 2008 is when I created the archives page for my picks, but it's been updated many, many, many times since then!

  14. Kalyn, hi! When I 'clicked' on your link to your Kitchen Picks, the date of the list shown was March 1, 2008 — Is that date correct, or has your list been updated since 3/1/08?

    Love your blog and thank you for your posts — Especially now when you're posting with a severe handicap.

  15. I didn't say no nitrates, I said no nitrites. I believe that is a different thing.

  16. These sound really tasty albeit quite high in sodium. It is interesting that people find no nitrates to be a good thing. Nitrates prevent nasties like botulism in processed meats and the old concerns about cancer have been pretty much refuted.

  17. This will definitely get me to renew my Costco membership, even though it means driving to Massachusetts to shop!

  18. Thank you! That's my broken-arm typing messing me up!

  19. ArtOchokes? Really? JD 😉

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