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Kalyn’s Kitchen is Sweet Sixteen!

Break out the birthday cake because today this blog is turning sweet sixteen! For my birthday I’d love to know about a recipe you’ve enjoyed enough that it’s become a favorite on your family’s menu rotation!

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I’m old-fashioned in the blogging world with these birthday celebration posts, but I love taking a moment each year to think about how happy I am I started this site back in April of 2005! And I say it every year, but I had absolutely no clue about how starting a blog would end up changing my life. 

The blog is a constant work in progress, and in January I celebrated completing the nutritional information for every recipe! In that post I mentioned that I was cutting back on my posting schedule. But (much to my surprise) I am finding I prefer the old schedule with recipes on M-W-F, and the weekly round-up post on Saturday, so starting next week I will be switching back to that schedule.

Those who follow the blog by e-mail will get the round-up in your inbox on Sunday morning. If you decide you prefer less e-mail, every e-mail from me has a link at the bottom that says “Too Many E-Mails? Try Weekly.” Just one click and you’ll be switched to a digest version that gives you one e-mail on Sunday with all the recipes from that week. 

One Question I’d Like to Ask My Readers:

This is the sweet sixteen question I’d like to ask my readers: Do you have a favorite recipe you’ve made from my site that you’ve enjoyed so much you make it over and over? (Knowing what recipes people have enjoyed most can help me develop more recipes like that, thanks!)

And Something Else I’d Like to Say to My Readers:

And more than anything, I’d like to say thanks for the support! I’m grateful for every person who comes here and tries my recipes, especially all the nice people who take time to give me feedback on what they’re making from the site!

Kalyn’s Kitchen Through the Years:

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    120 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen is Sweet Sixteen!”

  1. All of your recipes are tasty and easy to make because of your pictures, directions, and ordinary ingredients.
    Most recently, however, I have enjoyed your recipes using the Casserole Crock Pot.
    My favorite is the Vegetarian Greek Lentil Casserole.
    Thank you, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Congratulations! I don’t remember how I stumbled across your blog. But I’m glad I did.

    Favorite? Baked Pesto Chicken. If you received a quarter for everytime I’ve suggested this recipe to someone you’d be richer than Mr. Bezos. 😉

    • Thanks Mark. Glad to hear you have enjoyed that so much; that’s my number one searched recipe in google!

  3. Happy sweet 16 Kalyn! I’ve been a subscriber to your recipes since 2005 when I stuck to the South Beach diet. I’ve followed your progress as you incorporated insta pot meals, but appreciated that I could still cook ‘old school’. I’m incorporating an air fryer into my meals. I love all your egg dishes. I enjoy your foray with spices. I discovered Penzey’s spices thanks to your recommendations. I save many of your recipes using my yummly account. Your website is super organized by diet types, so it’s always easy to find inspiration. I like your use of veggies – have tried many sheet pan recipes too. “love people, cook them tasty food.”

    • Hi Carol. So glad the site has had such an influence on your cooking. I went into mourning recently when the Penzey’s store in SLC shut down due to the pandemic.

  4. Happy Sweet Sixteen!!

    We have two super favorites: your kale, bacon, and cheese egg casserole is my husband’s favorite egg casserole, hands down. He even requested it for Easter morning this year.

    And I make your Greek whole wheat Orzo salad regularly, adding in chopped cooked chicken breast and serving on lettuce to make it a delicious summer dinner. That recipe disappeared from your blog and you kindly gave me a link to an archived copy so I’ll be able to make it for years to come.

  5. We have loved your recipes! Most especially the 
    EASY BROWN RICE CASSEROLE WITH ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND BELL PEPPER one. I make that constantly because it’s so easy and delicious! And the left overs are the best!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!  I am so glad I found you!  Our family’s favorite recipe is Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza-Stuffed Peppers!  Thank you!

  7. My favorite recipe (so far) is the Barely Cook Asparagus with Lemon Mustard sauce.  It’s delicious warm as well as cold the next day!   My husband asks for it once a week!

  8. My family has enjoyed your recipes for years. Just last night we had your meatloaf. A few others we love are the deconstructed pizza casserole, the italian sausage and kale mock lasagna, and the green chile and chicken enchilada casserole. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Pesto chicken is a family favorite.

  10. Easy Taco Soup from A Pinch of Salt Lake is my absolute favorite. I’ve made it so many times over the years that I usually don’t look at the recipe! It’s so flavorful and reheats perfectly for leftovers. I add extra tomatoes and small white beans after blending. Can’t wait to try some other fan favorites. Thank you for all the great recipes and happy blog-iversary!

  11. Happy anniversary! Your twice-baked cauliflower is a family favourite.

  12. Happy Blog Birthday!  Your sheet pan chicken and broccoli has been put into our meal rotation. Emmy family has enjoyed most all the recipes I’ve tried from here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 

  13. Your twice baked spaghetti squash with pesto is a family favorite.  I made it once on a whim, not sure how the kids would feel about it.  Turns out, they love it, and it has become a regular part of our meal rotations.  We love so many of your recipes, thank you for your blog, it’s the best, Happy Sweet Sixteen!

  14. We have been using your Fabulous Steak Marinade for many years. Everyone loves it. We’ve tried many recipes that we love. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  15. You have been my go-to source for South Beach/low carb and DELICIOUS recipes for so many years now, our menu is FULL of Kalyn goodies! Probably the biggest one is the Red Beans and Rice, which we make for family get togethers since my parents love it, too. The breakfast casseroles are regulars around here, and I can’t even tell how many times I’ve shared your recipe for soups with people, especially Cannelini Bean, Sausage & Pepper Stew (we call it Birthday Soup because my twin daughters used to ask for it for their birthday meal) and Black Bean Chicken Stew with Roasted Red Peppers. The Arugula and Sweet Pepper salad is another one we make a LOT. Thank you, Kalyn, for being a trusted source for truly yummy and healthy recipes for 16 years!

  16. We have so many favorites from your blog! Stuffed pepper soup, low sugar whole wheat pumpkin bread (we make it into mini-muffins), roasted zucchini and mushrooms with feta, sweet and sour broccoli salad, I could go on and on!!! Congrats on the Sweet 16!

  17. I have leveraged your blog and recipes for so long now, there are so many favorites.  I have also learned so much, purchased recommended products, and referred many friends here.   These are some of the recipes I make most often, Ham and Cauliflower Casserole Augratin, Slow cooker sour cream chicken enchiladas (purchased the casserole slow cooker), Crustless Three Cheese Tomato Basil Quiche, Stuffed Peppers (the Italian ones) and my new favorite is the No-Noodle Lasagna with Sausage and Basil, making two and freezing one today.  

  18. HAPPY 16th!!!!

    I have several recipes, but this one is a total regular in our kitchen


    here’s to many many more years!

  19. I make many of your recipes. They are always delicious. I make the sausage and kale fake lasagna frequently. 

  20. Your marinade for chicken using mustard and rosemary is my go to for grilling. Now that I’ve moved to an apartment with no outdoor area I do it in my air fryer and it comes out perfectly every time.