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Kalyn’s Kitchen is Sweet Sixteen!

Break out the birthday cake because today this blog is turning sweet sixteen! For my birthday I’d love to know about a recipe you’ve enjoyed enough that it’s become a favorite on your family’s menu rotation!

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I’m old-fashioned in the blogging world with these birthday celebration posts, but I love taking a moment each year to think about how happy I am I started this site back in April of 2005! And I say it every year, but I had absolutely no clue about how starting a blog would end up changing my life. 

The blog is a constant work in progress, and in January I celebrated completing the nutritional information for every recipe! In that post I mentioned that I was cutting back on my posting schedule. But (much to my surprise) I am finding I prefer the old schedule with recipes on M-W-F, and the weekly round-up post on Saturday, so starting next week I will be switching back to that schedule.

Those who follow the blog by e-mail will get the round-up in your inbox on Sunday morning. If you decide you prefer less e-mail, every e-mail from me has a link at the bottom that says “Too Many E-Mails? Try Weekly.” Just one click and you’ll be switched to a digest version that gives you one e-mail on Sunday with all the recipes from that week. 

One Question I’d Like to Ask My Readers:

This is the sweet sixteen question I’d like to ask my readers: Do you have a favorite recipe you’ve made from my site that you’ve enjoyed so much you make it over and over? (Knowing what recipes people have enjoyed most can help me develop more recipes like that, thanks!)

And Something Else I’d Like to Say to My Readers:

And more than anything, I’d like to say thanks for the support! I’m grateful for every person who comes here and tries my recipes, especially all the nice people who take time to give me feedback on what they’re making from the site!

Kalyn’s Kitchen Through the Years:

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    120 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen is Sweet Sixteen!”

  1. You taught me how to freeze herbs in oil! I think I’ve been following you since around 2006/2007 and in that time have come to respect everything you bring to this space — integrity, conscientiousness, and the incredible amount of hard work you put into developing recipes and sharing them with us. Thank you for 16 years of delicious healthy recipes and so much more. Congratulations Kalyn!

    • Aw, thank you so much for those thoughts! I do my best, and although blogging has only gotten harder (and more competitive) though the years I do mostly still enjoy it!

  2. I found this recipe… GEORGETTE’S LEMONY GREEK RICE … about 12 years ago and make it whenever we make chicken stuffed with feta and spinach. It is fabulous. I do make it with brown rice, as that is what we prefer to have. It is absolutely fabulous and I am so pleased that I found it all those years ago. Thank you for the deliciousness you have shared over the years. Warm regards to you!

  3. A couple favorites we love: Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana Soup and Completely Foolproof 100% Delicious Grilled Chicken. It’s hard to choose just a couple though because there are so many great recipes! Congratulations on sweet 16!

  4. Years ago, I wanted to try cooking Brussels sprouts for the first time. I found your recipe for ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH BALSAMIC, PARMESAN, AND PINE Nuts, and we were hooked! If I don’t have pine nuts on hand, I toast some chopped pecans instead. It has become an extended facility favourite that gets requested every time we get together for a potluck! Seriously delicious!

  5. Roasted radishes changed my life!  I hated radishes as a kid never gave them a second look until i saw the recipe for roasted radishes.  Delicious!  I absolutely love them.  I’ve also introduced family and friends to them who also had no idea how absolutely yummy they are.  With that discovery I’ve worked radishes into many other recipes and have not been disappointed.  Thank you for introducing to one of my favorite foods!

  6. I have 3 favorites: Southwestern Egg Casserole, Fried Cabbage with Bacon, and Sausage, Pepper and Mushroom Bake. I make all three frequently and my family displays much happiness whenever one of these recipes shows up on the dinner table. Of course, I make other recipes from your blog and I love them all. Thank you for being such a great source of nutritious and inventive recipes.

  7. I’ve loved every recipe of yours I’ve ever tried over the past 10 or so years! I found your blog sometime in my late 20’s, and I recently turned 40. The very first recipe I attempted is still my fave: Slow cooker Hungarian Pot Roast. And another family favorite/close second is the Ground Beef Stroganoff Casserole. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us.

    • How fun, I love that you grew up trying my recipes! That Slow Cooker Hungarian Pot Roast is something I used to take for a lunch when I taught school and still love it!

  8. I love the Sundried Tomato Tapenade and the Green Chili Stuffed Chicken. We use the Tapenade on fish but also as an appetizer with goat cheese on crackers. The Green Chili Stuffed Chicken I cook just like the recipe but I’ve also chopped up the chicken, mixed it with the stuffing and then used it to fill tortillas and top with either enchilada sauce or mole.

  9. Pesto chicken and Pecan Crusted Dijon Salmon

  10. So many of your recipes have made their way to our kitchen. But probably at this point our all-time favorite is still the GROUND BEEF AND SAUERKRAUT SOUP. Thank you for continuing this great website with detailed instructions.

  11. Happy birthday! So hard to pick just one or two recipes as we make so many so often at my house. I think the Very Greek Grilled Chicken takes the top place though especially now that Spring has sprung in New England. It will be on the menu most weeks if not for dinner to get thrown on a salad for lunch. We of course always serve it with either Grilled Zucchini or Chopped Greek Salad with Peppers.

  12. Congratulations!  It is so difficult to choose just one, we enjoy Alice Springs Chicken Casserole, Twice Cooked Cabbage with Sour Cream and Bacon, Kalyn’s Best Meatloaf, Cheesy Low Carb Taco Casserole, Cheesy Creamy Low carb Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake and of course Easy Cheesy Zucchini ……. and I could go on.  #KalynsKitchen #KalynsKitchenIsTheBest

  13. Happy birthday Kalyn’s Kitchen. I still remember Weekend Herb Blogging 😎

    So many blogs in my recaps don’t exist any more. Glad you are still there. In 2 months Kuechenlatein,com turns 16

    • Congratulations, glad you are still around! Weekend Herb Blogging was fun. I miss those kinder, gentler days of blogging.

  14. Happy Birthday Kalyn’s Kitchen!  How in the world can I pick just one recipe??  I think it’s a tie between the Low Carb Sausage & Kale Mock Lasagna, low Carb Spicy Cauliflower Dirty Rice, or the Low Carb Twice Baked Cauliflower. But we also seem to be constantly making the Instant Pot Low Carb Loaded Cauliflower Soup. What in the world would we eat without Kalyn’s Kitchen?  Thank you for all you do!!!  

    • Thanks so much Kimberly! I appreciate your nice comments and feedback more than you can imagine! Some Day we must meet in person!

  15. Wow! Happy 16th! We love your air fryer sweet potato fries with spicy dipping sauce, asian sheet pan meal with chicken and broccoli, spicy sausage red sauce over zucchini noodles, stuffed poblanos, easy cheesy zucchini, cheeseburger meatballs, rosemary mustard chicken, and soooo many more (really all of them). I love getting to try new recipes every week. Happy Blogday!

    • Thanks Kara! So glad your family is enjoying the recipes! And thank you so much for all your recipe testing help! The blog would not be the same without your input!

  16. There are so many recipes that I love! Kalyn’s Best Meatloaf is probably the family favorite. Judd requests this one all the time. Two of my favorite are Kalyn’s Rosemary Mustard Chicken and the Caprese Stacks with Basil Vinaigrette. So yummy!

    • Thanks Aly! So glad you are enjoying the recipes. And it makes me so happy to hear Judd is requesting one of my recipes!

  17. Happy Sweet 16! You showed me how to roast vegetables, I do your easy roasted asparagus all the time.

    • I love that, just one of the many things I learned from cookbooks and food magazines! So glad you have enjoyed it!

  18. Too easy, my favourite recipe is Al’s Famous Hungarian Salad, make it all the time. Just discovered recently that English cucumbers keep their crunch the best.

  19. My family loves the homey goodness of your soups and in the winter months we make them regularly. Thanks for so many years of healthy deliciousness!

  20. We have enjoyed lots of your recipes over the years. One of our very favorite go-to is the Warm Scallop Caesar Salad.  It’s so easy to prepare and so very delicious. The only change we made is that we deglaze the pan with white wine rather than water. 
    Congratulations on 16 delightful years 👏

    • Thanks. so much Rita! And fun that you mentioned that salad. My Costco recently started having scallops again so I have that recipe scheduled for new photos!