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Introducing Slow Cooker from Scratch

Slow Cooker from Scratch is my new website dedicated to sharing “from-scratch” slow cooker recipes!

For a couple of months now I’ve been hard at work on a new website, which is officially launching today!  Slow Cooker from Scratch is my new site dedicated to sharing recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen and other fantastic food blogs who use the slow cooker to make tasty “from-scratch” meals.  Every day, Slow Cooker from Scratch will introduce a slow cooker recipe with a photo, my description of the recipe, and a link to find the recipe on the original site if it looks like something you might want to try.

I’ve tried to make the site useful and user friendly.  So there are recipe categories like Vegan, Vegetarian, SBD Phase 1, SBD Phase 2 or 3, WW Points, Low-Carb, Low Glycemic, and Gluten Free to help you find the kind of recipes that will work for your way of eating.  Other categories like Cook All Day, Five Ingredients or Less, and Freezer Friendly should also help you find the type of recipe you’d like.  And of course there are ingredient categories like Chicken or Beans and Legumes as well as categories for the type of recipe like Breakfast, International Flavors and Soup or Stew.   You can see the whole list of categories in the left sidebar of the new site.
There’s also information on the site about How to Subscribe if you’d like to make sure you see the new slow cooker recipe each day.  And for food bloggers who have good slow-cooker recipes that use “from-scratch” ingredients, you’ll want to read about How to Submit Recipes.
I’m thrilled to be launching the new site featuring a recipe from my friend Lydia, who has generously encouraged and advised me through several months of experimenting.  And as always, I am grateful for the talents of my brother Rand (who designs my blog headers) and Jennette from Make My Blog Pretty, who does all the hard stuff that I have no idea how to do myself.

If you haven’t used your slow cooker as much as you could because the recipes you found were full of processed ingredients or didn’t sound all that great, I hope this site will inspire you towards healthier and tastier slow cooker meals!  And to help you whenever you want to find the new site, up in the row of tabs on the far right of Kalyn’s Kitchen there’s now a permanent link to Slow Cooker From Scratch.

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38 comments on “Introducing Slow Cooker from Scratch”

  1. Thanks SO MUCH for launching your 'Slow Cooker from Scratch' site. What a great blog! You've certainly made my life much easier, and it coincided with my return to the work force after taking a haitus of almost one year.

  2. The new site looks fantastic! I love the concept too! Great job 😀

  3. I'm excited to check out your new website! I'm always looking for new crockpot recipes and I know I'll find some here. I've made several of your regular recipes in the past. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Hi Kalyn~ I am so excited about your new Slow Cooker from scratch site….. I'm in the middle of an 8week cleanse, the most important point is getting rid of processed foods…… this site will help me continue this as a life long lifestyle rather than a fad way of eating. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  5. Yes, you are one busy lady, Kalyn. I'm tired thinking about it. I wish you success and daily energy to keep your great efforts going. Many will benefit.

  6. I'm so glad people are excited about the new site. Things will be the same on Kalyn's Kitchen, no worries about that. And yes, I am busier than ever in retirement (except now I take a break to read every day from 3:00 – 5:00, love it!)

  7. I will definitely sign up to receive the slow cooking blog! I hope you are not giving up on your Kalyn's Kitchen blog!!!! Will you continue to do both?

  8. Congratulations, Kalyn! I'm excited to see what recipes you'll share of yours and others. 🙂


  9. Love this! My slow cooker was a gift from my Mom and sat unused on the shelf for years at a time. Until I found yr site. Lately, I've been wondering if maybe I should buy another smaller one. (Mine is 7.5 qts.) Now I know I will need it. I may have em both fired up at once! I'd like to suggest the crock pot roasted chicken from "100 Days of Real Food" for the new site and then Lisa has another recipe for making chicken stock in the crock pot after roasting the chicken in it. You don't even need to wash it in between. The roast chicken is good but getting all that stock is incredible. I have high blood pressure and even the reduced sodium purchased stock is very salty. So I love this and just roast another chicken every time I run out of stock.

  10. I put it on my RSS feed as soon as I finished reading your post. Thanks Kalyn.

    Busier in retirement than ever, huh? 😉

  11. I'm so excited about this! I've always loved your recipes and I use my slow cooker all the time, so this is a perfect combo for me, Kalyn+Slow Cooker!

  12. Fantastic! I am so excited about this Kalyn!

  13. Congratulations on the new site. I can't wait to get out my slow cooker and try some recipes!

  14. So excited for this! I sure do love my crock pot 🙂

  15. Jennifer, the slow cooker recipes are not all South Beach Diet friendly so be sure to check the categories to get the ones that are.

  16. This is SO awesome! I was literally just standing in my kitchen thinking that I'd like to give the SBD another try but I really don't have time for all the prep work/cooking right now, so this is absolutely perfect timing! I know what I'll be exploring tonight!

  17. Thanks Francie. I'm lucky to have two talented people to help me, that's for sure!

  18. I don't use my slow cooker as often as I would like, this is so great to be able to get low-carb, healthy ingredients recipes from your new website, thank you!
    And, I started developing websites in the mid-90's and retired a few years ago as the webmaster for a large division of our state's environmental agency. Congratulations to your web team, they do a terrific job, I know first hand how much time and effort went into a site with this degree of functionality and excellent design, a job very well done!!

  19. Thanks everyone. Sorry I am not keeping up better on comments; busy day here!

  20. I tell everyone who will listen about Kalyn's Kitchen, I can't wait to spend time on your new site! Count me in!

  21. I have a great slow cooker/ricer and a very thin collection of recipes. My husband made many meals in it for the girls this summer while I was in Serbia taking care of my mom, but they were not that great.
    I am looking forward to your new site! Congrats:)

  22. Fabulous! I love my slow cooker and only do from-scratch cooking in it. And usually I just make stuff up. And it almost always turns out fine. Almost 😉

  23. Kalyn, first I have to say THANK YOU for what you do!! I'm new to the kitchen and new to SB. My husband likes SB but more importantly loves tasty food. His all time favorite ~curry! I had not had curry before I met him and did not particularly enjoy time in the kitchen but I must say your recipes have changed me. Making him healthy and tasty food makes both of us so happy! One of our favorites you'll have to share on the slow-cooker site is the Red Lentil Sweet Potato Curry Soup. I leave mine chunky and (not so SB friendly) add grated Manchego. I cook your recipes often and when in need of something new I always start with you. THANKS for helping me become a better cook and enjoy it!!!!

  24. Fabulous idea! I"m in the middle of Crock Pot Week over over at KatieVanCan! Best kitchen appliance I own!

  25. I love my slow cooker, too! I'm excited about your site!

  26. Thanks Dara, and I look forward to seeing more slow cooker recipes from you!

  27. I'm so excited for you, Kalyn! I love using my slow cooker, but simply don't do it often enough. I know your site is going to inspire me to pull it out more regularly. I'm heading over to the new site right now.

  28. Kam, since the recipes are collected from all different sources that's not something I can promise. But if you have one slow cooker that's a medium size (4.5 or 5 quart) I bet you could make 90% of the recipes with that.

  29. Hi Kalyn,
    Would you think about instructions for an oven equivalent for those of us who don't have the space to keep different sizes of slow cookers. Karen

  30. Thank you for all the support Lydia. You are a great friend! xoxo

    Janet, hope this site is helpful. And you MUST buy a slow cooker now!

    Karen, thanks so much. My talented brother does the blog headers. So blessed to have him for a brother!

    Ann, thanks so much!

    Helen, hope you enjoy the recipes.

    Julie, thank you so much. You must let me feature your recipes.

  31. Wow, you did it! Congratulations!

  32. I love your site and I'm so excited about your new slow cooking one! I look forward to trying many delicious recipes! YUM!

  33. That's exciting! I broke my slow cooker and just got a new one, so I'll make sure to subscribe to the new site as well as this one – thanks 🙂

  34. I have a link to your blog on my sidebar – love your recipes. I'll give you a shout out on my Penny Saved blog.

  35. I love using mine and have always enjoyed this site so am thrilled:) Your blog headers are great!

  36. Kalyn, what a great idea! I am borrowing a slow cooker right now so I am itching to use it to its fullest potential before I have to give it back.. but I am kind of clueless with it. 😉

  37. So exciting to see the site live! For slow cooker newbies like me, it's fantastic to be able to find a whole range of from-scratch recipes that don't include canned soup or packaged mixes. I know I'll be using my slow cooker a lot more frequently now that I have a resource for the kind of "real food" recipes I like to make.

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