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Index of South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen

Recipes on these pages are South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes I’ve cooked and featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen. (All Phase One recipes are Low-Carb and/or Low-Glycemic and some are Keto.  These recipes are Grain-Free, which makes them Gluten-Free, and many can be Paleo or Whole 30 approved.)There’s now a South Beach Diet Phase One Photo Index!

You can find Phase One Recipes from other blogs in the South Beach Diet Phase One Monthly Recipe Round-ups.

Use the Recipes-by-Diet-Type Photo Index Pages to find more recipes for a particular diet.)

Phase One Recipes for Appetizers, Dips, Lettuce Wraps, Salsa, Sauces, and Snacks

Phase One Breakfast Recipes

Phase One Recipes with Beef, Pork, or Lamb

Phase One Recipes with Chicken, Turkey, or Turkey/Chicken Sausage

Phase One Dessert Recipes

Phase One Recipes with Fish and Shellfish

Phase One Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes

Phase One Soup, Stew, or Chili Recipes

Phase One Vegetable and Side Dish Recipes

Phase One Recipes for Vegetarian Main Dishes, Main Dish Salads, Side Dishes, Soups, and Side Salads

(I can make mistakes, so if anyone finds a recipe on these pages that doesn’t seem to be phase one, I’d appreciate you letting me know in a comment.)

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    79 Comments on “Index of South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Featured on Kalyn’s Kitchen”

  1. This is a great collection of recipes, thank you very much!

    I find it really difficult sometimes finding recipes online, having so many in the same place really helps a lot. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for that nice feedback, and good for you! I'm glad my blog is helpful.

  3. I have struggled for years and just couldnt really lose until SBD. First week almost killed me until I found your recipes. Even my boyfriend is loving them and he needs SBD more than me to bring down his triglicerides. You have been our saviour. 27 down 1/3 to the goal.

  4. I highly recommend buying the book to help you understand what foods to eat and why. The newest book, SBD Supercharged has expanded lists of allowable foods. If you're talking about breakfast for phase one, there are some ideas in the comments on the recipe archives page for Eggs.

  5. Hi Kalyn

    I'm a SBD newbie and just started Phase 1. I found your website very helpful. I haven't bought the book yet, not sure if I should. The only thing I found difficult to keep up is breakfast – is there something else I can eat besides eggs?

  6. Leslie, the photo at the top of this page is Baked Pesto Chicken. You can use that link to find the recipe.

  7. Kalyn, that photo looks delicious! Where can I go to get the recipe or see what it is?

  8. Donna, there are recipes for all phases on the blog. First, remember that every phase one recipe can be used for all phases. Second, check the recipe archives on the right hand side where recipes are categorized by ingredient, by category, and by cooking method. There is even a page for crockpot recipes.

    You can also use the search bar to enter the ingredients you have and you'll get a list of the recipes on the blog that have those ingredients. Every recipe tells what phase I feel it is okay for right after the recipe.

  9. It's nice to find a source of recipes that follow the South Beach Diet. However, I'm a very busy mom, and make ready use of my crock pot at least twice a week and am having trouble finding good South Beach ok recipes. Am in phase 1 right now. But would love ideas for all phases. Can you help?

  10. I don't know whether you have access to a microwave for lunch, but I always used to take soup, stew, or chili dishes for lunch and reheat at school. My favorite phase lunch ever was <a href="Taco Salad</a>, This might be a good idea for a post; I will give it some more thought.

  11. Kalyn,

    Your site was a refreshing find. We are almost complete with our phase 1 and were in food rut. Your breakfast ideas are great. Breakfast muffins are great. Any suggestions for easy to take along lunches for phase 1? Salads are getting old.

    Thank you!

  12. I don't have any recipes for phase one desserts except the one a reader sent me which does contain ricotta. It's in the category for desserts.

  13. Your recipes are so helpful! They've really gave me some great ideas 🙂

    I have a huge sweet tooth thats starting to get the best of me on phase one. I noticed that there isn't any desserts posted. Do you know of some delicious phase one desserts that don't involve ricotta? (ricotta really is disgusting. bleck!) My sweet tooth would be ever so greatful!

  14. Lisa, thanks! Have fun trying the recipes.

  15. so… excited to have found your website! i have bookmarked it on my computer and can't wait to begin making your dishes. thanks, lisanj

  16. Stacelings, what a nice comment. Truly glad you are enjoying the blog!

  17. Can I just say…I bought some cookbooks but would rather have given you my $14.95 instead! hat a great site! Thank you. I am on the SBD and not the best cook so I like that there are photos so I can see if I'm on track…and the flexibility with what's in the fridge. Thanks again…mingl

  18. Katie if you look at the recipe index page for Eggs there are some breakfast ideas in the comments from people who don't like eggs. I haven't seen any pumpkin bread recipes made with ground flax seed, sorry. Good luck this time around. I know it will work if you stick with it; hope the blog is helpful.

  19. I am new to the south beach diet. I have done it before and lost a little weight but it was hard for me to stick to. I am giving it another try, and so far so good (only on day 3). I dont like eggs, they make my stomach turn, so what else is an option for me to have on phase one for breakfast? For the last two days I have had some v-8 tomato juice, pistachio nuts, and some coffee. I was wondering if there are any recipes you know of for any type of pumpkin bread made with ground flax seed. Let me know, Thanks

  20. Good luck with your re-commitment to South Beach. This is just a recipe site, with no forum here. I know there are some online forums, but I don't know where they are. I would try googling "South Beach Forum." Also check the official South Beach Diet site. I'm sure they would have a forum there.