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In Which Kalyn Gives a Glimpse
of her Actual Kitchen

Now that I have a camera, although not much skill yet in using it, several of my friends have suggested that I should publish some photos of my kitchen. If not the entire kitchen, at least the stove, they insist. My friend Susan even went so far as to insist, “You are your stove”.

It’s true that I do have an amazing stove and an even more amazing kitchen. Not to brag, but I don’t know anyone I would trade kitchens with. Of course, most of my friends are teachers, which gives you an idea of the financial bracket we are in. Still, my kitchen is pretty great.

I have this amazing kitchen only because my talented brother-in-law Kelly completely remodeled my entire house about 8 years ago and designed a fabulous gourmet cook kitchen for me. Shortly after the remodeling was complete, I had a couple of my little nieces (age four) spending the night. One of them was my precocious niece Amanda. She sat at the kitchen table as I was making breakfast, looked around at the shining new kitchen, and said, “Well Aunt Kalyn, I will say one thing about your kitchen.” “What’s that Amanda?” I said, wondering what was coming. “You certainly didn’t remodel your stove,” she said.

It’s true that in the remodeling I kept my circa 1940 gas stove, with barely working oven but huge cooktop. It also has a broiler that swings out. Now that retro stoves are so in, I could probably sell it for some serious money, and I might do it some day.

Anyway, here’s a taste of Kalyn’s Kitchen.

There are brass rods to hang pans over the stove and over the sink both. (I’m in heaven.)

My amazing stove which I love, even though the oven is slightly screwed up (and it would cost me nearly $400 for a new thermostat.)

I have a HUGE refrigerator with water and ice in the door, and another upright freezer too.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my kitchen.  (I know I’m spoiled. But remember, I’ve been teaching school for many years to get a kitchen this good.)  The photos don’t really do it justice, due to my lack of skill with the camera, not the lack of great kitchen design by Kelly.

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12 comments on “In Which Kalyn Gives a Glimpse
of her Actual Kitchen”

  1. Is the spice cabinet over your stove built into the wall? I’d love one like that…

  2. Yes, Kelly designed the spice cabinet to match my other oak cabinets and put it right above the stove. (I know, they say you should not keep spices above the stove. Someone who does not actually cook makes up these rules. I love it.) I also have tons more spices in the cupboards by my stove. I’m a spice junkie.

  3. Kalyn,

    Way cool!

    My (preferred) solution to keeping spices and herbs handy and still avoid excessive heat is to keep them in drawers beside the stove.

    What kind of cookware is that? Le Crueset?

  4. Kevin, Actually my pans are an assortment of things I’ve gotten on close-out at places like TJ Maxx and Big Lots! I do have some good brands, but no Le Crueset yet. I do have some of my spices in drawers too. I also buy the small sizes of spices (mostly from Penzeys) so they will stay fresh.

  5. Hey, I’d take another look in to that thermostat. I had mine replaced semi-recently (a year ago or so) and it was 170 bux, that included the guy coming out.
    Sure, my stove is a little newer, 1952. Even so, it’s still a Robert Shaw, right? OH OH OH !!! Did you adjust your burners to Flame Throwers? There’s an adjustment under the hood where you can not only adjust the air/gas mixture, but ‘volume’ as well. Love the older rigs.


  6. Biggles, I do hope you are right. I had a repair man who looked at the stove about 2 years ago and he said it would be about $300 for a thermostat then, so I am guessing it is even more now. My stove is a Magic Chef, and it seems like it was pretty deluxe for it’s day. It has a dial which turns a card to create a display of various baked goods and the temperature setting recommended. I have not tried adjusting the burners, but I might get adventurous and try it. One of my burners is kind of low.

  7. I love the stove. And the glassed-in cabinets, too!

  8. I love your kitchen! It’s beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ah! So there it is. Nice. [Jealous.]
    I agree with Biggles, you should get the thermostat adjusted. And no way should it cost $300. When I had an ancient Wedgwood, I just called the antique stove people, and they’d come out for about the same price as a plumber… hourly charge. Ah, but, this is the Bay Area (right, Bigs?).
    Nice blue pots.

  10. Nice space. I love the blue pots. I finally got my pictures up, I had to clean first, so it took far too long. Thanks for the inspiration.

    you can get anything you want, excepting alice…

  11. Hi,
    Nice kitchen.
    I had great luck with this company.

  12. Anonymous, thanks for the tip. Someone else had e-mailed me that name. It’s nice to have it comfirmed. I will definitely check with them.

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