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I Am Thankful For My Blog (and the winner is . . . )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As I write this I’m reflecting on how truly blessed I am, as is anyone who’s reading this, since you’re prosperous enough to afford the luxury of the internet.

I know I’m lucky to be able to enjoy an interesting, comfortable life where all my basic needs are met. I’ve got a wonderful loving family, great friends, a good job, and enough money to buy pretty much everything I need. Please don’t think I’m taking any of that for granted when I tell you that today as I prepare to celebrate the holiday, I’m reflecting on how thankful I am for my blog.

Writing a blog has expanded my world in ways I never imagined. The blog has helped me pursue my life-long passions for travel, cooking, writing, photography, and gardening so I’m always continuing to learn and grow. It’s connected me to a wonderful network of people worldwide. My life is enriched by communications from readers who let me know I’m helping them lose weight or create more interesting meals. I’ve learned so much from the creative, talented people whose virtual kitchens I enjoy visiting. I’ve been lucky enough to make wonderful online friends, and even luckier to meet a few of those people in person. And a wonderful plus to all of this is the way blogging has strengthened the bond I have with my brother Rand, who is a constant source of help and encouragement to me. You can see the blog gives me back much more than I put into it, and why I’m thankful for all the ways it makes my life a little better.

Before I start cooking Thanksgiving goodies, I have a winner to announce. Thanks to everyone who left a comment for a chance to win the cookbook. Every day I wrote down names and numbered them. This morning I cut the strips apart and drew one out. These are skills I’ve learned from being a teacher! And, here’s the winning slip:

It’s Christine from Christine Cooks! As soon as she sends me her address I’ll be mailing her the book. Since she’s also interested in cooking with less sugar and carbs, I know she’ll enjoy using it. It’ll be fun to check out her blog and see what she cooks from it.

Now I’m off to the kitchen to make Twice Baked Cauliflower, Double Berry Jello Salad, and Reduced Sugar Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake to take to Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Whether or not it’s a holiday where you are, I hope you have a wonderful day.

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12 comments on “I Am Thankful For My Blog (and the winner is . . . )”

  1. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all thankful for your blog, and you, too! 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  3. Kalyn, your blog inspires all of us! We are thankful for you, for your energy, and for the encouragement you so generously spread throughout the food blog world. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Kalyn!

  5. I am also thankful for my blog in ways I never imagined. I very glad you’re here.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Kalyn!

  7. Congratulations, Christine!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kalyn! I’m thankful for you!


  8. It’s late and I just got home from a very food-filled day to find all these nice comments. Thanks everyone. I hope you’ve all been having as nice of a day as I was.

  9. Happy thanksgiving its good to hear you will be keeping up on your great blog through 2007 as you have inspired me with all your wonderful recipes.

  10. Kalyn,
    Yesterday we had Thanksgiving with friends and as is the tradition in our home, we went around the table to share all the things for which we were thankful this year. My blog was on my list, too! I am still quite new to blogging but I do feel that it offers so much. And I so appreciate your supportive visits online.

  11. Even though it’s the day after Thanksgiving, I want to put in my thoughts to you Kalyn and all of you bloggers who responded here. I hope your Thanksgiving was spent with good friends, family and food. I’m so very thankful for this far-reaching, supportive and loving blogger community.
    And I am so happy to have won your drawing Kalyn! I’m the person who never wins anything! This cookbook will arrive just in time to inspire me to new low-carb heights for the Christmas season.

  12. It is very helpful!

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