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Kalyn’s Kitchen is my personal blog, where I share recipes I’m cooking in my own kitchen. I hope my blog is a resource for anyone who likes the kind of creative carb-conscious recipes this blog is known for.

How to Contact Kalyn:
To contact me, send your e-mail to kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. (This address needs to be converted to normal e-mail format.)

Answering Questions from Readers:
I love to hear from people who are readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen and will do my best to answer simple questions, although I don’t have the training or the time to give full-fledged dieting advice. If your question is about a specific recipe, please consider leaving it as a comment on that post so others can benefit from the answer.

How to Leave a Comment:
To leave a comment, just click where it says “Leave a Reply” at the end of the post. Some comments will come to me in an e-mail and won’t show up on the blog until I publish them, and I’m not sitting by the computer waiting for comments 100% of the time, so thanks for your patience!

Reach me Through Social Media:
I try to check in with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest a few times each day, and try to respond to people who reach me there, but I can’t always keep up with comments on social media so if you really need to reach me, leaving a comment on the blog or sending e-mail is better.

About Advertising on Kalyn’s Kitchen
If you are promoting a food-related product and would be interested in advertising on a network of food blogs, please contact She Media. I only accept advertising through this network, and  don’t sell text links or do sponsored posts of any type.

My Thoughts About Reviewing Cookbooks or Products
This blog is about what I’m cooking in my own kitchen, so I’m only interested in talking about cookbooks or products I’m personally using and would happily buy again. Because I have limited time to try new products or cookbooks, I have decided to no longer accept books or other products for review. I do love to mention cookbooks I’m using and talk about my favorite products on the blog, but when I do that I enjoy being able to tell my readers that I bought them myself. (If you’re a food blogger who has written a book, feel free to drop me a line to let me know about it and if it interests me I’ll be happy to buy your book.)

Working with Other Bloggers:
I don’t use guest posts of any kind, and don’t participate in any kind of sponsored campaigns. I am happy to have my work included in blogger recipe round-ups (as long as it doesn’t include the actual recipe and uses a format that features a photo plus a link to get the recipe from my site.) 

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    371 Comments on “How to Contact Kalyn”

  1. Kalyn, I know that you hear this often, but I wanted to add my two cents – with any luck you won’t ever tire of hearing it.

    Your food blog is simply the best around! Not only do I love your recipes, but the site is friendly, accessible, and down to earth. You pepper your blog and recipes with great ideas, suggestions, tips, and most of all, support. It’s a pleasant place to visit and I rarely find a recipe that I can’t wait to try.

    My husband and I began South Beach a little over a month ago, primarily to control his trigylcerides (first test results due this Friday!)- I have lost ten pounds thus far and he’s lost fifteen so with any luck the blood chemistry is improving as well.

    I love to cook and we both enjoy eating so your site is a joy. If I ever stand in my kitchen with a knife in one hand and a pound of something in the other and can’t quite decide what to make for the evening, I just think, “I wonder what recipes Kalyn has to sugggest?” and I go to your search engine tool to come up with something new.

    My husband works a very high stress job and right now, he is very motiviated and driven to stay on this diet until his goals are met. I’m quite proud of him, but I also know that the food makes a big difference. If he bores of the meals, he’ll bore of the diet and when I start to stall, your site keeps my creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

    I have told others about your site and will continue to do so, many times over.
    Thanks for all your time and hard work – you’ve helped us greatly!

  2. Hello! Thank you for making this blog! I am just starting phase 1 and need recipes for it. I too am an elementary school teacher in IL. Thank you so much for all the quick recipes!


  3. I am so appreciative of your website. We’ve been on and off the South Beach for a few years. Your recipes help me to stay “on” as best we can.

  4. Janiam, glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for taking time to let me know.

  5. Hi, and good morning from the snowy environs of New York City.

    Kayln, to say I was thrilled to find your blog is an understatement. It’s my one stop for all the South Beach Diet recipes I could hope for. I’ve bought all the books, but you and your readers find so many interesting variations, that they open up a myriad of new ways to prepare and cook the healthful meals.

    My husband and I, both actors here in New York, are in the middle of the first week of Phase Two. It’s important for us to look good, as I’m sure you remember the old adage “the camera puts 10 lbs on you.” Followed by the update that is attributed to the Ross character on “Friends”: “Really? How many cameras did they shoot you with?”

    After coming home from visiting my step daughter and her family, down south, where everything is fried and salted, I stepped on the scale and saw something I hadn’t seen in six years…the needle went past 150!! I had been on the South Beach Diet starting in 2003 and had lost 26 lbs., and pretty much kept it off for three years. Then after a, once in a lifetime, vacation “down under”, the pounds started to creep back up. Like so many others, on January 1, we started the South Beach Diet, once again. This time I find that it’s somewhat easier. Also I don’t get discouraged easily as I’ve learned to step away from the scale. Once a week is plenty. I’ve also found another helpful hint, using really good non-stick cookware. It cuts down on the fat, and it soooo easy to clean.

    Well, as I wrote earlier, I love reading the recipes you post, and hopefully will be able to post some of my own variations.

    Wishing us all a happy, healthy 2009, and may we all win at losing.

  6. Jen, thanks and good luck to you and your friend. (You can do it, it’s really not that hard. You just need a bit more thought about what you’re eating!)

  7. Kalyn,
    I’m a fairly new 7th grade teacher and over the past few years the pounds have crept on – something quick while grading, etc, that’s usually not too healthy. I’m now almost 20lbs over my target weight. My New Year’s Resolution is to Get Fine in ’09! A coworker of mine went to see his doctor recently and was told that he needs to lose 20-30lbs immediately because he’s risking diabetes at this point. The doctor suggested South Beach.
    So I’ve been perusing the internet and checking to see if it’s something I can handle – now I’m pretty excited! I love to cook, but only get to do so on the weekends generally, but many of your recipes are pretty basic and I think I can do it. My co-worker and I are each taking responsibility for the lunch and snack portion of 2 days a week, leaving the fifth as a “fend for yourself” or leftover day. We’re pretty pumped. Thanks for the great site, and congrats on getting so healthy!

  8. Sarah, brilliant idea to use the Farinata as breadcrumbs! I will be trying that.

    I used to think quinoa was a seed and would be okay for phase 1, but I saw it on an official South Beach list somewhere listed as phase 2. I don’t remember where it was, sorry. So if you’re really trying to be strict, I’d say wait a couple weeks before adding it.

  9. Kalyn,
    Thank you so much for all of your creativity in recipes! I’ve probably read all of them! My question is, would you consider quinoa a grain and not allowed until phase 2 or is it allowed(in moderation, of course) for phase 1 since it is a complete protein and not technically a grain? Also, with the farinata, would it be okay to use it for “breadcrumbs” during phase 1? Thank you so much!

  10. I just came upon your blog Kalyn and I love it! I have saved it as a favorite. I was getting a little tired of the recipes from my South Beach cookbook and finding a hard time finding ingredients here in northern MN but yours are easy recipes and we have all that I need at our local grocery store! My husband LOVES the idea of having meatloaf again!

  11. Barbara, welcome, and glad you like the blog.

  12. Hi Kalyn,
    I googled a recipe for “Sun-Dried Tomato Spread” and found your website…so glad I did.
    I love your site and I got a great recipe too..now I’m signed up for emails from you…thanks Kalyn!
    Barbara from Toronto

  13. Anonymous, glad to know you are enjoying the recipes.

    I just saw Dreamfields pasta today at the Smiths on 400 South and 5th East. They only have spaghetti, linguini, penne, and macaroni though. I also find it at the Smiths on 2100 South and 9th East. I know you can order it from Amazon.com too. If Smiths stopped carrying it, I’d definitely buy it online, that’s how much I like it.

  14. Thanks for all the recipes and tips, I really enjoyed cooking a few of your recipes for thanksgiving. I live in Salt Lake as well and am having a hard time finding the dreamfields pasta, I’ve checked at the Smiths on 400 So and a few others. Where have you been able to find it lately? Thanks!

  15. Meg-a-bites, thanks! Glad to hear it’s helpful for you.

  16. Just wanted to say your blog is fantastic!! I just found it and am excited to peruse and see what all I can try. The South Beach items are especially helpful, since it can be difficult to find free recipes that stick to the rules by phase!


  17. Anonymous, I’m quite sure you can find it in Ogden. In Salt Lake I can get it at Smiths, Whole Foods, or Albertsons. It’s often by the health foods and not by the spices in some grocery stores. If you don’t find it in one of those places I’m pretty sure a health foods store would have it.

    Good luck finding it!

  18. I just found this wonderful site!! I have found Spike seasoning in several recipes. Somewhere in the site I saw that it could be purchased on Amazon. I was interested if this seasoning can be found locally — I live in Ogden. I want to cook some breakfast recipes this weekend.

  19. Anonymous, I’m not qualified (and don’t have time!) to answer specific questions about the diet, but I’m thinking you should check the book because in my book it says “milk fat free or 1%, buttermilk fat free or 1%, and yogurt fat free” are okay for phase one.

  20. I am so glad I found this site. I am just starting the South Beach diet with my 18 year old daughter. I get the basic concept of the plan, but I am a bit confused on phase one and dairy. In the “rules” it says no milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to put a little skim milk in my coffee. Will that cause any issues with the diet? Also, my daughter loves milk and would like to drink up to a glass per day in phase one. Will that affect her progress?