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Kalyn’s Kitchen is my personal blog, where I share recipes I’m cooking in my own kitchen. I hope my blog is a resource for anyone who likes the kind of creative carb-conscious recipes this blog is known for.

How to Contact Kalyn:
To contact me, send your e-mail to kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net. (This address needs to be converted to normal e-mail format.)

Answering Questions from Readers:
I love to hear from people who are readers of Kalyn’s Kitchen and will do my best to answer simple questions, although I don’t have the training or the time to give full-fledged dieting advice. If your question is about a specific recipe, please consider leaving it as a comment on that post so others can benefit from the answer.

How to Leave a Comment:
To leave a comment, just click where it says “Leave a Reply” at the end of the post. Some comments will come to me in an e-mail and won’t show up on the blog until I publish them, and I’m not sitting by the computer waiting for comments 100% of the time, so thanks for your patience!

Reach me Through Social Media:
I try to check in with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest a few times each day, and try to respond to people who reach me there, but I can’t always keep up with comments on social media so if you really need to reach me, leaving a comment on the blog or sending e-mail is better.

About Advertising on Kalyn’s Kitchen
If you are promoting a food-related product and would be interested in advertising on a network of food blogs, please contact She Media. I only accept advertising through this network, and  don’t sell text links or do sponsored posts of any type.

My Thoughts About Reviewing Cookbooks or Products
This blog is about what I’m cooking in my own kitchen, so I’m only interested in talking about cookbooks or products I’m personally using and would happily buy again. Because I have limited time to try new products or cookbooks, I have decided to no longer accept books or other products for review. I do love to mention cookbooks I’m using and talk about my favorite products on the blog, but when I do that I enjoy being able to tell my readers that I bought them myself. (If you’re a food blogger who has written a book, feel free to drop me a line to let me know about it and if it interests me I’ll be happy to buy your book.)

Working with Other Bloggers:
I don’t use guest posts of any kind, and don’t participate in any kind of sponsored campaigns. I am happy to have my work included in blogger recipe round-ups (as long as it doesn’t include the actual recipe and uses a format that features a photo plus a link to get the recipe from my site.) 

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    379 Comments on “How to Contact Kalyn”

  1. I want to thank you for your site. I’m in my third week of menu planning in my pursuit to take the stress out of “what’s for dinner” and to be more organized. Even though I’m no longer working, (job as a media specialist cut due to budget) I was still in the old habit of waiting till the last minute to figure out dinner. Your site has been a blessing! I see what recipes look good and what recipes you suggest to pair, type it in my menu spreadsheet and insert a hyperlink. This makes having the recipe on hand when I’m ready to cook a snap. I do my planning a week at a time. I’m using a template I found at http://penniesnpounds.blogspot.com/2008/08/numbers-template-for-meal-planning.html.
    The fact that you have “South Beach” recipes has also prompted me to start back on the diet. I love how you organize your site with the different sections.
    Thank you Kalyn!

  2. Anna, since this comment is right under the comment about del.icio.us, first I want to make sure that all the recipes I’ve saved on del.icio.us are not South Beach diet recipes. Hopefully you’re just talking about the blog.

    Not sure why you would have gained three pounds on phase one? You might want to check the food lists in the South Beach book again to be sure you’re doing it right. Good luck.

  3. Kalyn, I love your web cookbook. It has helped me immensely with dinner ideas. Been on Phase One for 10 days now. First week I gained 3 pounds, now I back to square one, hopefully next week I’ll start seeing some results.

  4. Rob, it’s not software, but I use an online bookmarking site called del.icio.us to store links to the recipes I want to save. You can use tags to create categories and give the recipe any title you’d like.

    It’s here if you want to check it out.

  5. I’m looking for an easy, simple yet usable software program in which to keep my recipes from this site so that I can recall them at any time. Does anyone know of, or use, something that they are please with and wouldn’t mind recommending?


  6. Anonymous, thanks so much for the comment about the photos. I do have a lot to learn (and there are plenty of food bloggers that take better pictures!) but I’m working hard on it. Comments like this really make my day.

  7. Dear Kalyn,
    I really appreciate the wonderful pictures you take and use in your recipes. There are a lot of recipes I might not have tried, but after looking at the pictures, I was tempted – and haven’t been sorry once! Thanks!

  8. Kalyn, I love your website and the recipe that we tried was great!

  9. Anonymous, the Dixie Cups are a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Jenn, If you do try South Beach I hope you find the the blog helpful. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you like it.

  10. Hi Kalyn
    I wandered over here from Homesick Texan. This blog is wonderful. I have forever been recommended to try SB from my doctor. I read the book and really felt … well, blah. Your blog offers so many ideas and suggestions. It is like striking gold!

    Thank you for being here!

  11. Hi Kalyn! I just wanted to comment on your phase one snack colum! I did SBD a few years ago, and it works Great! I wanted to let you know about a cool trick i figured out for measureing out nuts. Your supposed to have 1 oz right??? DIXIE CUPS! theyre easy to dip into the jars, and are perfect measurement. Plus, it makes it easy to transport in your car.

  12. Stephanie, haven’t seen that recipe before, but from the ingredients you’ve described it sounds like it should be okay for South Beach. (This is only my opinion, I’m not an expert!) I’m not a big sweets eater, so I haven’t used the sugar free syrup that much. Lots of times it has sugar alcohol, which can cause gas, so be aware of that if you try it. If you do make it, let us know how it turns out.

  13. Kalyn,
    I found a couple of recipes on another blog for “fake french toast” where they are sweetening eggs with splenda and cinnamon and some add ricotta cheese and make a batter out of it. Someone thought to top it with SF syrup. Have you ever tried this? I’m anxious to see a more professional testing of this.

  14. Kalyn, I’m just starting up my own blog and though it seems many people all over the world are doing it with such ease, I’m still a tad nervous. Mine is also a food blog but way more simple and basic, just what I call cheat-cheat recipes. I am very interested in your blog for several reasons, though. One, it’s about healthy food. Two, I’m also a teacher! Three, I’m very interested in weight loss and healthy eating, especially the SBD. If you check out my blog, keep in mind that it is in the infancy stages, perhaps even the pre-natal stage! Maybe one day mine will look half as great as yours. Keep blogging, Janie Guetzow 🙂

  15. Anonymous, there’s no way for me to know what foods you like and I’m afraid I just don’t have time to make menu suggestions for people’s specific needs. I suggest you look through the recipe archives (left sidebar) and see what looks good to you. Maybe start with Easy South Beach Recipes if you don’t have much time.

    My own favorite lunch is definitely Taco salad, you could start with that recipe.

  16. I am new to the SBD and am thankful that I found your blog. I am a teacher too, and I don’t have long to eat lunch; what quick lunches do you suggest so that I don’t get tired of salads everyday?

  17. Laura, nearly every company that makes chicken and beef stock or bouillon cubes also makes vegetable stock. Any supermarket should have it by the canned stock, or vegetable bouillon cubes by the beef and chicken cubes. You could also get it online, I would just google “vegetable bouillon cubes.”

  18. I need HELP! I can’t find vegetable stock any where! I’m not a cook. Need a solution without having to cook a vegetable stock soup. Thank You.

  19. Kalyn — Thank you so much for doing this web site… what a wonderful gift it is! My husband and I have each lost 15 lbs in the last 5-6 weeks. By the end of week one I was SOOOO tired of eggs. But now we’re having fun trying new things and are being very successful at creating healthy, flavorful meals. Keep up the great work!

  20. Thank you for your web site. I am in the process of reading South Beach Diet Supercharged. I am in need of recipes for breakfast for phase I. I found several. The Egg Muffins Revisited Again sounds good. If there is anyone that would like to recommend breakfast recipes that are low sodium .. please do…thanks