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Hot Tea and Chicken Broth on the Menu (and this is not an April Fools Joke!)

Nothing but hot tea and chicken broth has been on the menu at my house!

It’s April 1, and if I wasn’t incredibly sick with a terrible cough, body aches, a fever, and chest congestion, I’d be posting the Phase One Recipes Round-Up for March 2012 today.  I actually worked on it yesterday for a couple of hours before I gave up, called my gorgeous niece Alyson to bring me cough medicine, and then retired to the chair.  And last night I finally gave in and went to First Med, so hopefully I will soon be on the mend.  I’ll be back as soon as I can!
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31 comments on “Hot Tea and Chicken Broth on the Menu (and this is not an April Fools Joke!)”

  1. Thanks again everyone for the get-well wishes. Feeling better again this morning, although still coughing. Every day I feel a little better so I think the meds are working.

  2. So glad to see your update in comments that you're feeling a bit better now. BTW, my mom asked me to make your roasted green beans and red pepper dish for Easter. 🙂

    Healing hugs to you, Kalyn,

  3. Take care and feel better soon!

  4. Oh,sorry to hear this. I'm just getting over a nasty bronchitis myself…hope you recover quickly. Meanwhile, wish I could make you some lovely chicken soup with fresh dill!

  5. I hope that you get feeling better soon. We've got it going around at our house too! Hang in there!

  6. Glad you are feeling better!

  7. Hi Kalyn – throw a little cooked rice in that broth and cook it to death – you'll have "jook" – what Chinese people eat when they are sick. It is a miracle soup! Hope you get better soon!

  8. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I just woke up after sleeping 9+ hours and am finally starting to feel a little better today.

  9. Sending you love and get well wishes, Kalyn.

  10. Oh, I hope you get to feeling better soon and aren't too miserable! We miss you.

  11. Bummer. I hope this finds you on the mend, sending healing energy and best wishes your way!

  12. Feel better soon Kaylyn! We need you 🙂

  13. Hope you feel better soon love! Drink lots of tea with honey and lemon!

  14. I hope you are feeling better today. It takes a few for the meds to kick in but until then, rest.

  15. Sending well wishes your way.

  16. Australia wants you to get better quickly!!
    Chicken soup will achieve that for sure


  17. So sorry you're under the weather — All good thoughts coming your way!

    This gives me the perfect opportunity to go back and review some of your past posts.

    Pleased don't come back too soon — You've given us so much to learn and enjoy!

  18. Take it easy. A nasty bug is going around…it kept me down for almost a solid month!

  19. Hope you feel better real soon. A lot of it is going round and round. Good luck.

  20. Oh no, get better soon!

  21. Rest up & feel better soon Kalyn! So many good recipes on your blog & searching around is a great way to pass the time while we're waiting =)

  22. Hope you continue to get better and please rest. I have so many of your recipes waiting for me to make.

  23. Sending get well wishes your way!

  24. Get well soon! There is plenty on your blog for us to enjoy until you are well. Many thanks for all your hard work, wonderful recipes and appetizing photos.

  25. Thanks for the good thoughts everyone! I think I am a little better today, but still feel pretty crummy.

  26. Just take it easy – we fans will be here, even if you take a few days off! Hugs to you!

  27. Sending you good healing energy!

  28. Feel better! I was woken up by kid 1 telling me kid 2 was by the toilet, waiting to vomit. And this was not an April Fools joke. I was planning on making a kitty litter cake today–now I am unsure.

  29. Feel better Kalyn!!!

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