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Gorgeous and Unusual Herbs
for Weekend Herb Blogging #5

I want to start off this roundup of the photos for Weekend Herb Blogging with wishes for a speedy recovery to Clare of Eat Stuff. Clare is the original instigator of Weekend Cat Blogging, which led to Weekend Dog blogging at Sweetnicks, which led to Weekend Herb Blogging on this blog. On Friday, Clare and Casey were leaving for the weekend to attend a wedding when their cat, Kiri, was startled by a threatening dog, causing Kiri to bite Clare rather severely on both arms. It was serious enough that Clare had to be in the hospital, and missed the wedding they were traveling to attend. I was so sad to hear about this, and hope everyone who sees this will head over to Eat Stuff and leave some good wishes for Clare. (Then come back to read about the herbs, ok?)

First up for this weekend’s Herb Blogging photos is CookieCrumb of I’m Mad and I Eat. Her post features her adorable dog Bean Sprout in the midst of a marjoram plant. (Did I really say that a dog was adorable? And I don’t even like dogs.) CC says she thinks marjoram is rather worthless, so if anyone knows a great use for it, leave a comment and let us know.

Our next photo and recipe comes from Indian food blogger Vijay from the great blog My Dhaba. After last week I was expecting another interesting find from Vijay and sure enough, Keerai was something I had never heard of. Vijay tells us it is an Indian version of spinach, only more nutritious, then presents a very interesting looking recipe for fried greens.

Next up is the great Italian blog Lucullian Delights, written by a Swedish woman who got married to an Italian and now lives in Italy. Ilva sends us a very interesting recipe and photo featuring thyme, shallots, chicken, and sundried tomatoes. She also entices us with promises of flowering rosemary another weekend if only it will stop raining where she is.

Cilantro, probably my all time favorite herb, comes next from Indira, writer of supreme Indian Food Blog Mahanandi. (When I sent the link to Mahanandi to Bradley, who loves Indian food, he told me he drooled on the keyboard.) As always, Indira’s photo makes the cilantro look spectacular.

Another interesting offering comes from Farmgirl Fare where farmgirl Susan gives us Chinese Greens, looking very healthy and ready to be made into something delicious. Be sure to visit Farmgirl every day to check out the Daily Farm Photo, recently featuring some interesting new animals not often found in Missouri.

My own herb of choice for this week was curly parsley, one of my favorites and an essential component of Tabbouli, my Weekend Herb Recipe the following day.  Now if you have been paying attention at all, you’ll realize that next weekend I absolutely must do thyme, to round out Simon and Garfunkel’s famous four. My thyme seems to be holding up pretty well, despite low nightime temperatures, so keep your fingers crossed. We seem to be adding at least one or two new Herb Bloggers every weekend, so it will be interesting to see what happens next weekend.

As always, if you’re a blogger and want to join the fun, just take a picture of an herb, veggie, plant, or flower, send me the link in an e-mail by Sunday afternoon, Utah time, and you’re in. We’re not picky about whether or not you grow the plants yourself, and you can tag the post Weekend Herb Blogging if you use Technorati, but that’s completely optional. Our only goal here is to have fun celebrating some interesting plants, and to have fun checking out each other’s blogs.
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    4 Comments on “Gorgeous and Unusual Herbs
    for Weekend Herb Blogging #5”

  1. Great round-up! I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised to find that WHB takes off in a huge way once the word gets out. It’s a super idea–fun and informative. And yummy, of course.

    And thanks for mentioning Clare. I happened to stop by here this morning before heading to Eat Stuff and was shocked to read the terrible news. I quickly put up a post on my blog asking everyone to send Clare healing thoughts and e-hugs. They really work. : )

  2. kalyn.. I am really flattered. Thanks for your kind words and featuring cilantro in your roundup.

    My internet connection was bad this weekend. I was not aware of Clare’s situation. Ahh. poor girl, going to visit her. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Kalyn for letting us know of this week’s simply gorgeous and unusual herbs, masterly presented. Well done!

    Also, thanks for featuring keerai.

    Wish Clare gets well soon.

  4. You are awesome.
    I can’t wait to visit all your entrants.
    (Poor Clare!!)