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Friday Night Photos: Superbowl Party Food from a Family of Good Cooks

Superbowl Party FoodAlthough there are still house renovations going on, I thought I’d take a break from showing rocks and construction debris and show some of the food from the annual Superbowl Party hosted by my brother Mark and his wife Lisa. (South Beach Dieters may want to cover their eyes, or check the recipe archives for more diet-friendly choices!) One thing that disappeared quickly were the Spicy Sausage Wraps above, made by my sister-in-law Amy.

Some people call this Seven Layer Dip, but in my family this is always called Macho Nacho Dip. I’m not sure who made this or what all the layers were, but you can count on a version of this showing up at every Denny family party!


My beautiful niece Kara made this tangy spread for baguettes, which was really delicious. Kara is a blogger, so maybe I can get her to share the recipe.


Everyone in our family loves homemade chicken and noodles, just like our mom used to make. My sister Pam is a master at the dish that everyone in our family calls “Fat Noodles.”
Our hostess Lisa made two kinds of Parmesan Breadsticks, even a whole wheat version for those of us who prefer it. Be sure to notice the football plate! Lisa also had a special shirt for the party, equally favoring both teams.


The breadsticks were great for dipping into this Cheese Soup, also made by Lisa. My brother Mark warned me that the soup was not remotely South Beach Diet friendly, but I had to have a taste.


Finally, my brother-in-law Kelly has started a new tradition with chocolate-dipped strawberries, and they were a big hit again this year. Kelly makes them himself, and gets better at it every year.


These were less than a fourth of the tasty dishes we had at the party, but after the first little while I got too distracted with eating to take many photos! When my family has a party, you know there will be an abundance of good food. What are your favorite things to eat when you get together with your family?
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    24 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Superbowl Party Food from a Family of Good Cooks”

  1. Hi, Kalyn! Pretty good pics! All looks so tasteful!

  2. Here is the recipe for the Spicy Sausage Wraps from Amy (not South Beach Diet friendly, but tasty, especially with mustard!)

    1 pkg. Little Smokies sausages
    1 tube Popping Fresh refrigerator biscuits
    mustard, for serving

    Preheat oven to 400F.
    Cut biscuit in half. Wrap each sausage with half biscuit and place on cookie sheet sprayed with non-stick spray.

    Bake about 12 minutes, or until biscuit dough is starting to brown and sausage is hot.

    Serve with mustard.

    Amy used a crockpot to keep them warm at the party, although they disappeared so fast she probably didn’t need it!

  3. Anonymous, I’ll see if I can get the recipe from Amy.

  4. Any chance of getting the spicy sausage roll recipe? Everything sounds so good.