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Friday Night Photos: Superbowl Party Food from Superbowl 2010

Superbowl Party FoodI come from a family of good cooks, and last year I shared photos of our Superbowl Party Food from the annual Superbowl party held every year at my brother Mark’s house. This year’s photos were taken with my old camera, and taking pictures at crowded parties when I’d rather be eating has never been my specialty, but as you can see, once again there was plenty of good food at the Denny family party. The photo above was Pork and Green Chile Stew made by my sister-in-law’s brother Nefi, an authentic New Mexico recipe that was really delicious.

Of course every family has people who like to make cupcakes, and this year we seemed to have more varieties than usual.

My sister Sandee made this delicious and healthful Chinese Cabbage salad.

This fresh veggie pizza was definitely a hit, kind of a riff on the fruit pizza we often have.

This shredded chicken cooked in the crockpot was great for tacos or sandwiches.

My niece Kara made several types of mini-pizzas, and these pepperoni ones disappeared pretty quickly.

More cupcakes, but I didn’t indulge in the cupcakes so I don’t even know what kind these were.

My brother-in-law Kelly always brings chocolate-dipped strawberries, and this year they were labeled C for Colts and S for Saints.
Again this year Dave and Amy brought these Spicy Sausage Wraps, and they were gone pretty quickly.

Finally, I heard raves about this roasted ham which was a favorite of baby Blake, but I didn’t get to try it either.

My own superbowl party contributions were Red Beans and Rice and some spicy New Orleans Style Shrimp that I didn’t manage to get a photo of. If your family has a Superbowl party every year, let us know in the comments what foods you’re always hoping to see on the table.

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    20 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Superbowl Party Food from Superbowl 2010”

  1. Hi Kalyn: I'm from N'awlins but have lived in San Diego 18 years now. When the Saints made it to Superbowl, it was SO EXCITING for those of us that waited so long! I served up "mini muffaletas", shrimp/sausage/chicken jambalaya, Tabasco spicy chicken wings and had "Hurricane Martini's". You can see my "Mardi Gras" buffet style set up and the "Saints" table at: http://homepartystyle.blogspot.com.I know so little about how to blog professionally, but at least you can check out the photos there. Love your blog!

  2. happy to hear that you'll soon be adding the recipes for the cabbage salad and pork & green chile stews.. they look terrific!

    thanks for all you do, Kalyn

  3. I ma drooling over the pork and chile stew! Think you could provide the recipe???

  4. New Mexican here. I love green chile stew. Unfortunately, I like it with potatoes and crackers crunched in. I'll make a lowcarb version soon 🙂

  5. Yowzah! What a feast.

    Happy to hear you'll share your sister's salad recipe.

    Thank you Kalyn's sister!

  6. I have the Asian Chicken and Cabbage Salad recipe from my sister Sandee and I'm going to do a post about it soon. Also have requested the New Mexico Pork and Green Chile Stew recipe, so I'll work on getting that one too. I'll link back here when I post them.

  7. Wow what a feast! Every thing looks great. I would like the Chinese cabbage salad recipe too, if you can talk your sister into sharing it. Thanks for the pics.


  8. No Superbowl parties for us, but I enjoyed reading about yours! THe Chinese cabbage salad would definitely be on my menu…. seems great!

  9. OMG…now I'm hungry…that looks and sounds wonderful. Perfect for any large group of hungry folks.

  10. I agree with anon, I was really hoping there would be a recipe for that Green Chile Stew- since visiting Santa Fe I've had a passion for Green Chile and that sounded fantastic!

  11. I would love the recipe for the cabbage salad, it looks wonderful!

  12. That Green Chili Stew looks great! I'd love to try that. We had the normal fare – pizza, chips, soda – but I did make "Pigs in a Blanket" which were devoured before the game started.

  13. Great feast, Kalyn! That cabbage salad looks really good.

  14. I'll check with my sister for the Asian Cabbage Salad recipe.

  15. Wow, that all looks so good! Any chance you might share the Cabbage salad recipe? I get at least one cabbage in my veg box each week and there is only so much I can stir fry…

  16. I always love Asian salads, I wish I made them more!?! The shredded chicken thing I am doing more… roasting chicken then using the leftovers for quesadillas—which the kiddos love when they come home from school (and I love that it is all so budget friendly!!)

    Sounds like a great party!

  17. I would have been all over those mini pizzas, the spicy sausage wraps and those strawberries. Looks like you had a great party.

  18. PJ, Kelly outdid himself with the strawberry monograms this year!

    Lydia, I think that can be arranged.

  19. I'd like to be adopted by your family. Any gathering that has multiple cupcakes sounds like great fun.

  20. wow, looks like you had a great party with all these delicious party snacks! Everything looks so yummy and delicious. Love the strawberry covered chocolates with coated letters 🙂