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Friday Night Photos: A Love Letter to Toyota

On Friday nights I share random photos of whatever has happened to come in front of my camera, and this week I’ve been thinking about cars. Thirteen years ago I bought this 1996 Toyota Camry, which turned out to be the best car I’d ever owned; all I did was change the oil on a semi-regular basis and buy tires once in a while, and I was good to go.

I’m not someone who cares a lot about cars, and I might have happily driven that car for another thirteen years. However, for about a year now this oil spot in front of my house had been telling me that it was time for the Camry to be replaced. I had a hard time saying goodbye, but finally I realized that even the best car you’ve ever owned isn’t perfect and won’t last forever.

When I started looking around for another car, there was no doubt I’d get a Toyota. I would have loved to get a Prius, but a lot of the money I’d saved for a car ended up being used for something else. As much as I’d enjoyed my Camry, when I looked at the newer models I liked the looks of the Corolla, and I ended up with this gently used 2009 Toyota Corolla.

I’ve only had it for two days, but I’m loving this car! I just wish I didn’t have to park it where the big oil spot is, but hopefully the car won’t take it as a sign of disrespect.

And since I have a wonderful brother named Rand (who does the design work on my blog, and also helps me in numerous other ways) it seemed extra fun that the place where I got the car was named Rand’s Auto Sales. I look forward to driving this car for many years to come, but when it’s time for my next new car, chances are good I’ll be sticking with Toyota!

So how do you feel about car loyalty? Are you sold on one make of car, or do you like to switch it up when you get a new car? And what’s the best car you’ve ever owned?

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    41 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: A Love Letter to Toyota”

  1. Kalyn Congratulations!!
    We are prouds owners of 3 Toyota cars so far.
    1.Corolla 91 – Preowned -Rahul's first car as a student
    – used it till it had 198k miles 🙂
    The clutch broke and it would have cost us about $1500 to fix .We had to let go 🙁
    2.Celica 92- Preowned – My first car as a student
    – Cool sports car. I loved like a star 🙂 Broke last year at 190K miles.
    3. Rav4 – new -07 model
    We bought this baby in 07 and love it. lOts of space, style , comfort and economical. Love it.

  2. Nice new wheels!I have a '93 Camry that has been the best car EVER. I MAY have to break down and get a new one next spring…looked at Corollas, but I'm thinking about the 4-door hatchback Yaris. It has a lotta room for a little guy, and great gas mileage.(I wish the prius was cheaper too) Whatever I end up with it will be Toyota, I'm a loyal customer 🙂

  3. Beautiful car! I'm another loyal Toyota customer. I had an 89 Camry that I passed to teenage daughters in 95 and bought another Camry then (96 model). I drove that one for 11 years and then bought a Hybrid (07) Camry – also silver. I love the reliability and performance! In 10 years or so I may get a Prius next time… no reason not to downsize.

  4. Congrats, Kalyn! I love the new car! I'm a Toyota person, too. I loved my '97 Corolla, but it was stolen in Detroit a couple of years ago. I knew that I had to get another Corolla, and I've been even happier with the new one. I'm sure I'll be driving this one into the ground (assuming I can avoid another tragic incident).

  5. I drive a 2005 Prius – a lot! Already have 75,000 miles on her. But she is so good and so faithful, not to mention very economic at 50 mpg. So when the time comes, I will do everything possible to replace her with another Prius. I'm sold on them. Oh yes, she is silver, even though we are both being "green."

  6. Kalyn, just proves what the lady was talking about on the radio the other day that a customer for Toyota is always a customer with a 80% customer loyalty. Of course they are good.

  7. We have a 1996 Toyota as well. She's an Avalon, and like you we have only had to do regular oil changes and new tires. She has all the bells and whistles so we see no need for a change, and besides, we don't want car payments again in our senior yrs. :):)

  8. I loved my dark green '94 Camry and planned to drive it for 5 more years. 140,000 young miles on it. Alas, it was totaled by a young woman running a stop sign. Luckily no one was hurt (no one apologized either). I bought a Toyota Rav4 and love it too.

  9. We are about to get a big home equity loan paid off, and then possibly a new car!

  10. Just yesterday I said that my 2000 silver Camry is a great car. I perform the necessary maintenance and the car continues to perform with excellence. Plan on driving it until……….

  11. I love your beautiful new car! Congrats Kalyn! My mom has driven her Corolla for over ten years and it's still going strong. My car loyalty is for Honda, however. I've had two Accords, one Civic (a stick shift that was very fun to drive) and now a CRV to accomodate me and the kids. I am completely loyal to Honda. 🙂

  12. Since I live in Western New York, I have needed an all wheel drive in the winter. Subarus have saved the day for me over the last 20 years! I currently drive a 2002 Forester and absolutely love it. Congrats on your new Toyota!!

  13. I have a 2003 Toyota Rav4 and just love it to death. I have no plans to replace it – in spite of the fact that the dealer keeps hounding me to trade it in!

    When I mentioned that to the tech when I took it in for routine service last week, he told me about another Rav4 owner who has over 500,000 miles on her Rav4. Drives it for business and loves it.

    Congrats on your new car. Wear it in good health!

  14. WoooT! I hear you on Toyota! Currently driving a Starlet, bought when very much pregnant with son #1,(who celebrated his 16th birthday in September!!) all I had to do since was tyres, battery once and regular check-ups. Sadly enough it's stalling every now and then… So I'm ready for a new one, going toyota again I guess!

  15. She's a beauty, Kalyn! So glad you are happy with the new car! Both our cars are Hondas and are 8 and 9 years old. I am pretty sure we'd stay with Honda except if someone gave me the $$ to buy a Prius. 😉

    • Even now, I still have to use the old Toyota. It's a little bit bad, but I loved it. Now only a new poscher get me away from it, haha. Pardon me for my English, as I'm not a native speaker.

  16. So…you did get a car! It looks great. I've always had silver cars too until the last one. It looks great, and Toyota is such a good car. Jack just bought a Toyota truck, silver too. Enjoy!!


  17. I love my Toyota. I have an 09 Rav4 and it's my favorite car ever. My father also has a Toyota truck that has about 250,000 miles on it and still runs fine.

  18. Believe it or not our Pontiac Grand Am is the best, most trouble free car we have owned! It is now ready to be traded in!!
    Love your new one….thanks for the ride in it!

  19. Congratulations, Kalyn! We have had our current car for 11 years and very appreciative of its loyalty to us. We're hoping to drive it until the wheels fall off. After that …who knows?

  20. I love your new wheels! Silver is my favorite car color. I have a Subaru legacy and I love it. I feel safe with the all wheel drive in the winter:)