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Friday Night Photos: Liberty Park in Salt Lake City

Liberty Park in Salt LakeFriday Night Photos is where I share pictures I’m taking just to practice using my camera, and this week I thought I’d share some shots of the park six blocks from my house where I sometimes walk. Even though I don’t like everything about Utah (with winter and local politics topping the list) it definitely is a beautiful place to live. In this shot you can see those famous Utah mountains peeking out above the trees.

Liberty Park has been there as long as I can remember, when when the nieces and nephews visit, it’s a place we love to go. The pond is quite large, and I had fun getting a lot of different views.

There’s a pretty good-sized flock of birds living in the park. Next time I’ll change the shutter speed for more clear shots of the moving ducks and geese. Other suggestions are welcome! (Edit: Thanks to commenters who have informed me that these are geese and ducks, not all ducks!)

The birds are definitely not shy, and when they all started coming towards me, I had visions of The Birds, and decided to go home.
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    17 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Liberty Park in Salt Lake City”

  1. Great photos – and a beautiful park! Somehow one always thinks of Utah as being quite a dry, bleak place but obviously it’s not 🙂 And I agree with you – those Canada geese do have a certain scary “The Birds”-ish quality abotu them – or at the very least something of The Far Side! Your Friday Night Photos has inspired me to post a non-food photo every Saturday – thanks!!

  2. Liberty park is a fun place to walk and run…or to relax! Great photos! I need your help perfecting mine!

  3. Keep your camera near, Kalyn, you have a gifted eye. So enjoy your site, linked to mine and visited often 😉

  4. Great photos. My husband is from Utah and we lived there three years when we got married. I grew up in Idaho and dearly miss the mountains living here in Kansas! Lucky you! You’re doing great with the photography, another area I seriously need help!

  5. Fantastic pictures! What a lovely place.

  6. I love those pictures, just beautiful.

  7. The birds are approaching you because they’re used to humans feeding them. Not a smart thing to do because they eventually stop feeding themselves.

    Geese, at least around here, usually won’t approach people. Typically, one of the males stands apart from the others while they’re on land, acting as a guard. Yes, they will chase you and, yes, it hurts when they pop you with those beaks.

  8. LOL! Geese, huh? I wouldn’t know the difference. Thanks to your post, now I do. 😉

    Around my block, I used to feed the birds and the pigeons in particular are really aggressive. They’d recognize me and would all flock towards me every time they’d see me. Once I didn’t have any food with me, they all followed me home. Kinda scary. Visions of The Birds also came to me. LOL!

    The geese do look nice and healthy. Wonderful shots of the park, Kalyn.


  9. How nice waking up to hear from so many fans of Liberty Park. Very fun hearing from people who used to live in Salt Lake or have been visiting here.

  10. Thanks for these pictures! I grew up around 11th South on 8th East. I have many many memories of this park. My family and I used to go to a shop and rent roller skates and skate the park. We watched many a firework show there too. The aviary is a cool place too. I haven’t lived in Utah for 15 years, but when I visit I always drive through Liberty Park and down memory lane. I truly enjoyed looking at these photos!

    And, for the record, I see ducks AND geese LOL

  11. I miss liberty park. I loved eating cherries right off the cherry trees there. I didn’t go there on my trip a few weeks back, but I still got to see the Wasatch mountains! 😀

  12. This is really a grand idea.
    Water has such a changing personality; always interesting.

  13. Lucky Kalyn! Liberty Park also has the very best children’s playground I have ever visited — and I’ve seen my share! We were at Liberty Park a couple of weeks ago when visiting Salt Lake.

    By the way, my daughter (almost 2) calls all water birds “quaqua,” so if you stick with that for ducks, geese, pelicans or seagulls you’re all good around here. Just a tip!

  14. A lovely place to live Kalyn.

  15. I don’t know anything about photography, but those pictures are beautiful. Anytime you can get a mirror reflection of trees in the water, you are in a special place. 🙂

  16. Kalyn those are pictures of geese not ducks. Still the photos are very nice.

  17. Thanks for posting these. I miss the mountainous west so much these days (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington…)