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Friday Night Photos: Harvest Time! (2010 Garden Update #10)

garden tomatoesIf you have a garden, you know the joy of going out to harvest and coming back loaded with veggies. People who haven’t grown vegetables may not realize just how much a few plants can produce. I thought for this Garden Update, it might be fun to show how many tomatoes, summer squash, and spaghetti squash I picked in 3-4 days time. Luckily I have sisters, friends, and even a few neighbors who don’t mind sharing in the harvest! The tomatoes you see here are grape tomatoes, Romas, Celebrity, and Green Zebras, and I have several other varieties that aren’t ripening yet. I also have Brandywine tomatoes but I’m eating those for tomato sandwiches as soon as one gets ripe, so they didn’t make it into the photos!

Spaghetti Squash will keep for a long time after it’s harvested, as long as you let it stay on the vine until the skin gets hard. I have two plants, and I’m getting 2-3 spaghetti squash per week!

These are the adorable Flying Saucer Squash I used to make the Marinated Summer Squash and Chickpea Salad. They’re also great for making “Creamed” Zucchini. I have four plants, and they’re producing about 6 squashes per week, not nearly as prolific as some types of summer squash.

I also have 4 plants of this 8-Ball Zucchini, which is producing like crazy (probably 10-12 per week, which I try to pick when they’re small, but a few get away from me.) Luckily I have a lot of ideas for Zucchini Recipes, so I haven’t had to leave too many on the neighbor’s porch!

I also have 4 plants of this yellow straightneck squash, which I also like to pick when they’re really small to make things like Roasted Baby Summer Squash with Feta and Thyme. Other things I picked this week that didn’t make it into the photo shoot were kale, cucumbers, green beans, and lots of herbs!

You can see all the updates about my garden this year by using the label 2010 Garden Update. If you have a garden, let us know in the comments what you’re harvesting this week.

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43 comments on “Friday Night Photos: Harvest Time! (2010 Garden Update #10)”

  1. What kind of spaghetti squash is that? I have some like that but a little more green.

  2. Melanie, thanks for the photo feedback, and I'm thinking that tomatoes are my favorite garden plant too, although I do love the herbs as well!

  3. Yummy and healthy is all I can say in your photos. I have many tomatoes in my garden and they are all different varieties. Cherry tomatoes, pumpkin tomatoes, chocolate cherry tomatoes, black tomatoes and I didn’t know the last one but it is yellow tomatoes. Tomato plants are my favorite in the garden.

  4. Melanie, sorry to hear about your tomato problems. I've heard about blossom end rot, but never had trouble with it here. Good luck with the new plants!

  5. Your bountiful harvest says that your garden is really doing well. I like all of your veggies and they really look healthy and delicious. Nothing to suggest because you’re already a great gardener! I am envy with all of your tomatoes and squash. I got problems with my tomatoes what they called blossom end rot. I wished that my tomatoes will be healthy like yours when I replant it.

  6. Rose, thanks! I had a garden in this space for about 20 years now, and I've been improving it a bit every year. My next project is drip irrigation for the raised beds (less weeds!) Right now I have that for the tomato beds, but I have sprinklers in the garden.

    It is a lot of work at times, but so worth it.

  7. You really did a good job in your garden as I can see on your harvested veggies. All the hard work has an exchange! The tomatoes and the flying saucer squash are so healthy and awesome in the photos. I am envy with your garden. Lol.

  8. Thanks Jean. I just used some of the squash and tomatoes today!

  9. Incredible work, Kalyn! This will give you plenty of healthy supply of vegetables.


  10. Indie.Tea, I'm completely with you on the Green Zebra tomatoes. Just had some for dinner last night!

  11. Wow, your caprese salad looks delicious. I love the green zebra tomatoes…they're so delicious.

  12. Karina, I agree, love having a garden (well, except for the weeding, which I'm not doing to well at lately.)

    The round zucchini are great for stuffed zucchini. My favorite the last few years!

  13. I love all your beautiful produce Kalyn especially those cute little round zucchini!

  14. So amazing- that color! Simply gorgeous, garden fresh. This is what summer is all about. Glorious.

  15. Giri, be patient!

    Dana, I haven't grown tomatoes inside so I'm not sure what might be wrong. Hope you have it in the sunniest possible place though.

  16. I am so jealous of your garden! My little apartment doesn't even have a terrace, so no gardening for me. I do have a potted cherry tomato plant inside, but it just keeps growing taller without producing any tomatoes… I'm hoping this changes soon!

  17. Lovely..I am still waiting for my first tomato of the season to ripen. I have tons of green ones for now 🙂

  18. CindyK, I did like the Red Russian Kale, and I love, love, love, the Green Zebra tomatoes.

  19. I will have to give your recipes a try. I noticed you grow Red Russian kale. I have Winterbor (bought the plants from a local store) and I just harvested a whole stalk and it is tough tough tough. I think most of it is going right in the compost bin. Finally harvested a few Green Zebra tomatoes – they are so cute. I am going to try searching sources for the kale seeds. Maybe I can sneak in a crop before the nasty weather arrives!

  20. PJ, if you grow your own spaghetti squash, they ripe starting about mid-July. I also like to pick the small spaghetti squash when they aren't ripe and cook them as a summer squash. That's part of the fun of growing your own!

  21. wow, what a harvest! Everything looks so fresh and inviting. I didn't know spaghetti squash can be harvested so early, I always thought of it as a late fall squash.

  22. Bonnie, so glad they liked it! (Now come get some more garden stuff!)

  23. Kalyn I made Basil, Parmesan. and Pine Nuts Rice (your recipe) using the fresh bail you gave me yesterday, and it was absolutely fantastic! My kids couldsn't say enough about how much they loved it; thank you so much!

  24. Christine, there's always next year. And farmer's markets are the next best thing to homegrown!

    Dara, both are easy to grow. The Spaghetti squash does spread out a bit though, so you need some space for it.

  25. Wow, Kalyn! What a bounty. I am incredibly envious of those flying saucer and spaghetti squashes.

  26. I'm loving these photos, Kalyn. As an avid vegetable gardener, who didn't plant much this year, let me just say that I'm rather green (with envy) over your beautiful garden produce. 😉 Most thankfullly, the farmers market is in full swing. I'm headed there right now…

  27. Scuttleboose, don't give up on the herbs! Most herbs will grow well in containers, although they need a lot more watering.

  28. Oh, I am so jealous! I would love to grow my own veggies but alas, living in a townhouse with no yard, I am restricted to a herb garden (which died after producing one bunch of chives!)

  29. Inanoyster, thanks! I had fun photographing them!

    Beth, I've never had trouble with squash borers here. I LOVE Zinnas, need to remember to plant them next year.

    Melissa, I'm loving the Flying Saucer Squash. Glad the blog is helping you with South Beach!

    Cindy, I'm going to be posting a raw kale salad next week that I loved. In the meantime, have you tried Kale and Onion Breakfast Squares or Cannellini Bean and Kale Soup? Those are two of my favorites with kale. Sorry about the tomatoes, that would be so sad.

    Shirley, how sad to lose your supply of garden veggies!

    Carla, can't imagine not having a garden when you're used to having one, sorry! Maybe the farmer's market would be a good place to find cucumbers.

  30. Beautiful! I miss my vegetable garden so much. I haven't had one for 3 years now and I have serious garden envy. Do you know how hard it is to find enough pickling cucumbers to buy to make enough pickles to get you through the winter? I never appreciated my good fortune in having a garden before. Enjoy those slow roasted tomatoes! I really want to try that recipe.

  31. Beautiful, Kalyn! There are really few things prettier than veggies right from the garden. I love the variety you have. Sadly, my garden supply has ended. A friend was giving me a wonderful bounty of zucchini, squashchinni, cucumbers, and Romas there for a while, but the heat finally got them all before the rain came to save the day. Back to the store or the farmer's market (if those growers were luckier). 🙂


  32. I am harvesting way too much kale – anyone have any good ideas of what to do with it? (I have yet to find something I like.) But a pesky groundhog is harvesting all my tomatoes!!!!

  33. Those are so beautiful. I've never seen the flying saucer squash before. Very cute! I'm sooooo happy I found your blog. Today is my 10th day on South Beach and I've lost 10 lbs. I've made two of your recipes and loved them!!! Thanks!!!

  34. I never thought to grow spaghetti squash. Yours look wonderful. Next year. All my zuchinni and yellow squash has been ravaged by squash borers so they are done for the season. Do you have them where you are and what do you do to prevent them? Still getting lots of tomatoes, tons of basil (thanks for the tips on freezing, have already done 2 big batches) cucumbers and lots of zinnias for color throughout the house. They make a nice arrangement with basil, parsley and dill thrown in.
    Happy gardening!

  35. what gorgeous vegetables!

  36. Pam, thanks! I'm not doing well keeping up on the weeds this year, but the vegetables don't seem to mind!

  37. Wow! What a great harvest! I am in serious envy! Especially those spaghetti squash and cute zucchini.

  38. Lydia, I do feel lucky to have such a good space for a garden. Looking forward to making the tomatoes tomorrow (in the new oven!)

    Debbie, yes if you have green ones, you'll soon have tomatoes galore. (I have lots that are still green too, some of my plants haven't even had one ripe one yet.)

  39. I am so jealous of your tomatoes. Mine have been coming a little at a time. It was just too hot for them. I still have a lot of green ones, so maybe soon.

  40. I have garden envy! What a fabulous harvest, and what delicious slow-roasted tomatoes you'll have.

  41. Thanks Nicole. I'm going to be making some slow roasted tomatoes tomorrow too, can't wait to have them again.

  42. Beautiful! I was just thinking about your slow-roasted tomatoes today thinking I would try it with romas if I can get some from my Dad's garden soon.

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