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Friday Night Photos: Dinner at The Paris Restaurant, Zinc Bar and Grill

Appetizer PlateI’m trying to take lots of different types of photos to improve my photography skills, and Friday Night is when I share some of them with blog readers; hopefully interesting even if the photos aren’t always that good. Earlier in July I went to dinner with some friends at a lovely restaurant in Salt Lake called The Paris, and these photos are from that meal. (I haven’t linked to their site due to the annoying music.) We shared this appetizer plate with tapenade, roasted red peppers, roasted zucchini, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes.

Georgette had this dish of Rotisserie Fresh All Natural Chicken, which she said was delicious. There was a lovely towering piece of rosemary which I had to cut off when I cropped the photo!

Trudy had this appetizing-looking plate of shrimp kabobs, served on a bed of baby arugula. This was a special that night, so it’s not on the menu and I can’t tell you how the restaurant described the dish.

I ordered this Grilled Australian Rack of Lamb, a bit of a splurge, but very worth it. All the food here was really well done.

And if you can’t finish your dinner, they will give you one of these charming boxes to take home the leftovers.

The Paris Restaurant – Zinc Bar and Grill
1500 S 1500 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
(801) 486-5585

Blogger Disclosure:
We paid for the our dinner at the Paris, and they have no idea I’m writing this post about the restaurant. I don’t really write restaurant “reviews” but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I’ve had great meals.

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    9 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Dinner at The Paris Restaurant, Zinc Bar and Grill”

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely night, and just look at that gorgeous lamb!

  2. I just got back from a week in Salt Lake and wish I’d checked your blog while there … I might have finagled a way to visit this restaurant! The food looks amazing!

  3. Arfi, for the longest time I used piles of books too, and in some ways I think it works as well as the tripod. I’m very surprised to hear you don’t use one though, because your photos are beautiful.

  4. I’ve never used tripod all along, indoor or outdoor. I don’t have it hehehe I sometimes only use one hand to hold a camera while the other hand is holding a reflector. A bit of work, but I am thinking that what I can find around me can be a handy tool to support my photography. Sometimes if I am desperate to have a steady camera, I am using piles of thick books hehehe… I think you’re doing a good job there, Kalyn 🙂

  5. Barry, the food really was outstanding the night we were there. Not inexpensive though; definitely one of the most expensive dinners out I’ve had for a while.

  6. Did the food taste as good as it looked.
    Great photo’s

  7. Pam, we were eating outside on a deck, so the light was pretty good! I do have a hard time keeping the camera steady when I’m taking photos like this without a tripod though, even with good light.

    Christie, it was really fantastic! Worth the splurge.

  8. Oooh, Aussie lamb, delicious! 😉

  9. How did you get such great pictures from inside the restaurant! I can’t get pictures that good in my house, when I set up everything just so!