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Friday Night Photos: Boston Food Experiences

Sign advertising lobsterLast Friday night I shared photos of food bloggers I met at BlogHer Boston, including the generous Lydia from The Perfect Pantry. I love meeting new people when I’m traveling, but second on my list of reasons to leave home is trying new foods. I had some great food in Boston, although I didn’t take photos of most of it. I actually didn’t eat any lobster, but this sign outside a restaurant in the North End seemed to capture the Boston food scene. Keep reading to see some things I did eat.

I think the restaurant where we had this fantastic clam chowder (pronounced chowdah) was Acme Oyster Company. (Edit – Lydia tells me it was Union Oyster House, a restaurant where JFK and Daniel Webster used to eat, and one of the oldest restaurants in the U.S.) It was pretty dark, so I didn’t notice at the time just how messy the bowl was. It wouldn’t have mattered though, this was delicious.

While Lydia and I were walking around Boston I saw a sign for Boston Cream Pie and realized I had no idea what it was. Of course I had to try some and ended up taking a photo, so Lydia snapped this picture of me trying to get the shot.

Here’s the Boston Cream Pie shot I ended up with, plastic plate and all. After a couple of bites I realized that Boston Cream Pie was definitely not my thing, and we took most of it home to Lydia’s husband Ted.

By far my best food memory of Boston was making Cioppino at Lydia’s amazing country house in Rhode Island where the actual perfect pantry is located. Her house and pantry both truly are pretty perfect, and I had great fun learning to beard mussels and scrub clams there.

If you want to see a much better photo of the finished dish, check out Lydia’s recipe for Cioppino at The Perfect Pantry. Was this ever delicious! I probably can’t get all these types of fish in Utah, but I’d love to try making a landlubber’s version sometime.

We saw some other interesting food when we visited a South End farmer’s market where there were lots of interesting varieties of squash on display.

At the farmers market we also discovered these interesting little fruits called Strawberry Tomatoes. They looked kind of like small tomatillos, but the flavor was much different. None of us had ever seen them before, so of course we had to buy some.

Finally, I loved the look of these small acorn squash so I had to get a shot of the name to see if I could find the seeds for next spring’s garden. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but they were about as big as a grapefruit and I loved the looks of them.
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    12 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Boston Food Experiences”

  1. Christine, someday I’ll be writing about visiting you! Can’t wait. (Probably next summer!)

    Julie, I had a great time.

    Adrienne, very interesting idea for using them; thanks for sharing!

    The Boston Cream Pie was not really my thing but Ted liked it.

    Barbara, someday I hope to get to your part of the world and hang out with you!

  2. How fun to spend time with another food blogger.

  3. That Boston Cream Pie looks delicious!

  4. Oh how funny! I bought strawberry tomatoes at the South End Farmer’s Market a couple of months ago. When I asked the proprietor of the stand what to do with them, she mentioned some people make pies, so I made little tarts. I blogged it here: http://tinyurl.com/658knf

    I hope you enjoyed yours!

  5. I’ve never tasted strawberry tomatoes (actually, I know them as ground cherries) and I live in hope of one day finding them for sale at my farmers’ market. Lucky you to have found them in Boston.

    Sounds like a fun visit. Boston is a wonderful city and Lydia sounds like the perfect guide.

  6. A friend of a friend of ours mailed her some of those “ground tomatoes”. None of us out here had seen them either. I think they’re en east coast marvel. We loved the taste and before I could figure out how to cook them into something wonderful, they’d all been eaten.
    Your trip sounds perfect. What a great friend is Lydia!

  7. Boston Travel Guide, you’re welcome to use the photos provided credit me and give a link to Kalyn’s Kitchen. Thanks for asking.

  8. Hey Kalyn, those are some nice pictures. I would love to put some of these on my Restaurants page at my site http://www.bostontravelguide.net/ ? Can I do that ? I will link to your website as the source and you retain all credits.

  9. What?!?! You didn’t eat any lobster?!?!?! Well, you kind of made up for it with that cioppino. I adore a good cioppino. Nice trip!

  10. Fun post! The cioppino looks great.

  11. Gosh — how did we forget to have lobster?! Well, they say you should always leave something to do for the next time!

  12. What a fabulous time. Wonderful photos, I feel like I got a good flavor of your visit!